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Slava Moskva - Matches archive Opponents archive
2019W: 10D: 2L: 4F: 289A: 242
2018W: 8D: 0L: 9F: 482A: 403
2017W: 6D: 0L: 10F: 335A: 513
2016W: 5D: 0L: 11F: 213A: 441
2015W: 13D: 0L: 5F: 418A: 291
2014W: 7D: 0L: 12F: 335A: 439
2013W: 10D: 0L: 10F: 450A: 461
2012W: 10D: 0L: 12F: 376A: 518
2011W: 8D: 1L: 12F: 379A: 481
2010W: 11D: 1L: 12F: 424A: 586
2009W: 8D: 1L: 15F: 432A: 697
2008W: 18D: 2L: 9F: 940A: 599
2007W: 20D: 3L: 10F: 1098A: 551
2006W: 10D: 3L: 10F: 458A: 452
2005W: 9D: 0L: 17F: 383A: 580
2004W: 7D: 3L: 16F: 349A: 563
2003W: 10D: 0L: 19F: 640A: 688
2002W: 6D: 0L: 15F: 410A: 619
2001W: 6D: 0L: 12F: 330A: 532
2000W: 4D: 0L: 1F: 120A: 60
1999W: 7D: 0L: 8F: 219A: 454
1998W: 0D: 0L: 9F: 82A: 472
1997W: 4D: 0L: 10F: 124A: 364
1994W: 0D: 0L: 1F: 0A: 71
1993W: 5D: 0L: 13F: 183A: 486
1992W: 7D: 2L: 10F: 188A: 258
1991W: 13D: 3L: 10F: 444A: 365
1990W: 20D: 1L: 9F: 485A: 255
1989W: 22D: 6L: 13F: 578A: 421
1988W: 25D: 3L: 13F: 669A: 378
1987W: 20D: 4L: 15F: 387A: 297
1986W: 25D: 5L: 11F: 579A: 398
1985W: 34D: 0L: 9F: 665A: 377
1984W: 17D: 4L: 8F: 487A: 191
1983W: 24D: 1L: 10F: 497A: 277
1982W: 22D: 4L: 1F: 584A: 189
1981W: 21D: 2L: 12F: 696A: 308
1980W: 21D: 1L: 7F: 447A: 205
1979W: 18D: 2L: 5F: 345A: 197
1978W: 16D: 1L: 8F: 413A: 203
1977W: 15D: 2L: 4F: 541A: 167
1976W: 15D: 1L: 4F: 353A: 184
1975W: 12D: 1L: 7F: 250A: 169
Matches for season 2019
06/10/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonSlava Moskva - Lokomotiv Penza17-8
29/09/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonSlava Moskva - VVA-Podmoskovie25-10
22/09/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonKuban Krasnodar - Slava Moskva33-33
05/09/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonSlava Moskva - Metallurg NovokutznetskHome team
walk over
29/08/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonSlava Moskva - Bulava Taganrog36-8
22/08/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonKrasny Yar - Slava Moskva33-17
05/08/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonSlava Moskva - Enisei STM3-17
27/07/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonVVA-Podmoskovie - Slava Moskva7-8
27/06/2019Russia - Russian CupQuarter finalsSlava Moskva - Kuban Krasnodar10-19
12/06/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonSlava Moskva - Krasny Yar13-13
06/06/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonBulava Taganrog - Slava Moskva10-52
30/05/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonSlava Moskva - Kuban Krasnodar15-10
24/05/2019Russia - Russian CupRound of 16Vitjaz Perm - Slava MoskvaWalk Over
19/05/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonMetallurg Novokutznetsk - Slava Moskva5-18
13/05/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonLokomotiv Penza - Slava Moskva24-30
06/05/2019Russia - Premier LeagueRegular seasonEnisei STM - Slava Moskva45-12