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Béziers - Matches archive Opponents archive
2019/20W: 6D: 0L: 5F: 211A: 209
2018/19W: 17D: 1L: 12F: 563A: 602
2017/18W: 19D: 1L: 11F: 779A: 701
2016/17W: 13D: 0L: 17F: 694A: 667
2015/16W: 17D: 1L: 12F: 745A: 662
2014/15W: 14D: 0L: 16F: 620A: 655
2013/14W: 11D: 1L: 18F: 521A: 688
2012/13W: 10D: 1L: 19F: 534A: 742
2011/12W: 9D: 0L: 21F: 499A: 673
2010/11W: 19D: 3L: 7F: 741A: 455
2009/10W: 19D: 0L: 4F: 620A: 314
2008/09W: 8D: 2L: 20F: 465A: 755
2007/08W: 17D: 2L: 11F: 556A: 505
2006/07W: 18D: 1L: 12F: 698A: 569
2005/06W: 18D: 0L: 13F: 749A: 654
2004/05W: 8D: 3L: 23F: 764A: 983
2003/04W: 15D: 1L: 16F: 540A: 679
2002/03W: 10D: 1L: 19F: 646A: 783
2002W: 1D: 0L: 0F: 36A: 0
2001/02W: 14D: 0L: 15F: 754A: 752
2000/01W: 18D: 0L: 11F: 796A: 635
1999/00W: 25D: 2L: 3F: 1057A: 544
1998/99W: 13D: 0L: 14F: 677A: 595
1997/98W: 9D: 1L: 15F: 536A: 676
1996/97W: 12D: 0L: 16F: 611A: 588
1995/96W: 14D: 1L: 8F: 588A: 407
1994/95W: 2D: 0L: 5F: 58A: 119
1993/94W: 7D: 1L: 17F: 264A: 374
1992/93W: 13D: 2L: 10F: 487A: 440
1991/92W: 12D: 1L: 7F: 341A: 260
1990/91W: 24D: 0L: 6F: 772A: 297
1989/90W: 12D: 1L: 5F: 316A: 212
1988/89W: 13D: 1L: 4F: 368A: 178
1987/88W: 7D: 0L: 9F: 250A: 220
1986/87W: 9D: 2L: 10F: 376A: 304
1985/86W: 17D: 1L: 8F: 441A: 256
1984/85W: 15D: 1L: 7F: 472A: 324
1984W: 0D: 0L: 1F: 10A: 24
1983/84W: 14D: 3L: 2F: 416A: 195
1982/83W: 17D: 1L: 6F: 451A: 247
1982W: 0D: 0L: 2F: 36A: 59
1981/82W: 14D: 0L: 8F: 432A: 223
1980/81W: 18D: 0L: 9F: 683A: 291
1979/80W: 23D: 1L: 3F: 680A: 227
1978/79W: 16D: 1L: 5F: 490A: 193
1977/78W: 22D: 1L: 1F: 806A: 204
1976/77W: 23D: 0L: 1F: 827A: 183
1975/76W: 17D: 1L: 3F: 625A: 193
1974/75W: 23D: 0L: 0F: 645A: 160
1973/74W: 15D: 1L: 4F: 311A: 149
1972/73W: 18D: 0L: 3F: 600A: 167
1971/72W: 21D: 1L: 0F: 726A: 114
1970/71W: 17D: 2L: 0F: 437A: 72
1969/70W: 13D: 0L: 3F: 390A: 123
1968/69W: 9D: 2L: 6F: 200A: 116
1967/68W: 11D: 1L: 4F: 234A: 102
1966/67W: 10D: 1L: 6F: 165A: 119
1965/66W: 10D: 0L: 8F: 197A: 148
1964/65W: 12D: 2L: 4F: 257A: 95
1963/64W: 17D: 1L: 3F: 230A: 90
1962/63W: 14D: 0L: 4F: 197A: 71
1961/62W: 15D: 1L: 4F: 228A: 99
1960/61W: 20D: 1L: 1F: 306A: 79
1959/60W: 16D: 3L: 4F: 275A: 126
1958/59W: 9D: 1L: 8F: 178A: 99
1957/58W: 11D: 1L: 5F: 136A: 68
1956/57W: 11D: 2L: 4F: 224A: 71
1955/56W: 10D: 1L: 4F: 121A: 51
1954/55W: 8D: 2L: 5F: 151A: 79
1953/54W: 9D: 0L: 4F: 102A: 47
1952/53W: 10D: 1L: 4F: 123A: 72
1951/52W: 7D: 0L: 3F: 119A: 41
1950/51W: 8D: 1L: 5F: 111A: 77
1949/50W: 7D: 0L: 6F: 87A: 75
1948/49W: 7D: 2L: 2F: 141A: 62
1947/48W: 1D: 2L: 1F: 24A: 22
1946/47W: 2D: 2L: 2F: 34A: 26
1943/44W: 3D: 0L: 3F: 47A: 43
1942/43W: 0D: 0L: 5F: 9A: 37
1938/39W: 4D: 1L: 7F: 54A: 105
1937/38W: 2D: 2L: 9F: 78A: 152
1936/37W: 4D: 0L: 10F: 51A: 158
1935/36W: 5D: 0L: 8F: 57A: 144
1934/35W: 10D: 0L: 8F: 125A: 150
1933/34W: 9D: 1L: 6F: 143A: 117
1932/33W: 8D: 0L: 6F: 100A: 98
1931/32W: 5D: 0L: 7F: 89A: 97
1930/31W: 2D: 0L: 2F: 30A: 22
1929/30W: 1D: 1L: 2F: 17A: 22
1928/29W: 5D: 1L: 2F: 40A: 25
1927/28W: 4D: 1L: 3F: 41A: 49
1926/27W: 2D: 0L: 3F: 74A: 23
1925/26W: 2D: 1L: 1F: 33A: 25
1924/25W: 3D: 0L: 2F: 58A: 40
1923/24W: 5D: 1L: 1F: 68A: 19
1922/23W: 2D: 0L: 1F: 39A: 11
1921/22W: 3D: 0L: 3F: 27A: 24
1920/21W: 1D: 0L: 1F: 6A: 6
1919/20W: 1D: 0L: 1F: 52A: 14
1918/19W: 1D: 0L: 1F: 5A: 25
Matches for season 2019/20
22/11/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonMont de Marsan - Béziers30-10
15/11/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonBéziers - Soyaux Angoulême15-12
08/11/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonGrenoble - Béziers25-18
01/11/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonBéziers - Colomiers15-22
18/10/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonBiarritz - Béziers30-20
11/10/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonBéziers - Rouen18-12
03/10/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonBéziers - Oyonnax20-15
13/09/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonBéziers - Provence Rugby22-0
06/09/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonAurillac - Béziers20-24
30/08/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonBéziers - Valence Romans36-20
22/08/2019France - Pro D2Regular seasonPerpignan - Béziers23-13