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Currie Cup

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It is the main domestic competition in South Africa and it is played by provincial union selections.

The first domestic provincial competition, The Board Cup, was played in 1889.

In 1891 the touring British Isles team carried a golden cup, presented by Sir Donald Currie, to be given to the best opponent the team would meet during the tour.
Griqualand West was choosen as the first Currie Cup holder.
The cup was then given to the South Africa Rugby Board to become the trophy for a new domestic competition to be played since 1892.
It was played randomly until 1968, yearly since then. Until 1920 it was a tournament played in a single location. Since 1922 it is played home and away.

In 1975 it was decided to play the cup only among the 12 best unions. The other unions were relegated in a new competition called Sport Pienaar Cup with a promotion/relegation mechanism.

In 1979, as the bigger unions wanted to be sure to play each other every year, The cup was split into A and B divisions with a promotion/relegation mechanism as well. B division team could anyway potentially win the cup as the 2 best teams qualified for the semifinals against the 2 best teams from A division.

In 1991 the tournament was split into three different levels: Currie Cup, Central and Rural. There were no promotion/relegation among different levels but only between the two divisions of each of the lower levels. Two new competitions (Currie Cup/Central Series and Central/Rural Series) were created to let the minor unions play some games against the major unions.

In 1996, with the advent of professionalism, there was a drastic restructuring and the number of unions was reduced to 14, all in for the Currie Cup.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Free State Cheetahs (6)Golden LionsFinal31-28
2018Natal Sharks (8)Western ProvinceFinal17-12
2017Western Province (34)Natal SharksFinal33-21
2016Free State Cheetahs (5)Blue BullsFinal36-16
2015Golden Lions (11)Western ProvinceFinal32-24
2014Western Province (33)Golden LionsFinal19-16
2013Natal Sharks (7)Western ProvinceFinal33-19
2012Western Province (32)Natal SharksFinal25-18
2011Golden Lions (10)Natal SharksFinal42-16
2010Natal Sharks (6)Western ProvinceFinal30-10
2009Blue Bulls (23)Free State CheetahsFinal36-24
2008Natal Sharks (5)Blue BullsFinal14-9
2007Free State Cheetahs (4)Golden LionsFinal20-18
2006Free State Cheetahs (3)
Blue Bulls (22)
2005Free State Cheetahs (2)Blue BullsFinal29-25
2004Blue Bulls (21)Free State CheetahsFinal42-33
2003Blue Bulls (20)Natal SharksFinal40-19
2002Blue Bulls (19)Golden LionsFinal31-7
2001Western Province (31)Natal SharksFinal29-24
2000Western Province (30)Natal SharksFinal25-15
1999Golden Lions (9)Natal SharksFinal32-9
1998Blue Bulls (18)Western ProvinceFinal24-20
1997Western Province (29)Free State CheetahsFinal14-12
1996Natal Sharks (4)Gauteng LionsFinal33-15
1995Natal (3)Western ProvinceFinal25-17
1994Transvaal (8)Orange Free StateFinal56-33
1993Transvaal (7)NatalFinal21-15
1992Natal (2)TransvaalFinal14-13
1991Northern Transvaal (17)TransvaalFinal27-15
1990Natal (1)Northern TransvaalFinal18-12
1989Western Province (28)
Northern Transvaal (16)
1988Northern Transvaal (15)Western ProvinceFinal19-18
1987Northern Transvaal (14)TransvaalFinal24-18
1986Western Province (27)TransvaalFinal22-9
1985Western Province (26)Northern TransvaalFinal22-15
1984Western Province (25)NatalFinal19-9
1983Western Province (24)Northern TransvaalFinal9-3
1982Western Province (23)Northern TransvaalFinal24-7
1981Northern Transvaal (13)Orange Free StateFinal23-6
1980Northern Transvaal (12)Western ProvinceFinal39-9
1979Western Province (22)
Northern Transvaal (11)
1978Northern Transvaal (10)Orange Free StateFinal13-9
1977Northern Transvaal (9)Orange Free StateFinal27-12
1976Orange Free State (1)Western ProvinceFinal33-16
1975Northern Transvaal (8)Orange Free StateFinal12-6
1974Northern Transvaal (7)TransvaalFinal17-15
1973Northern Transvaal (6)Orange Free StateFinal30-22
1972Transvaal (6)Eastern TransvaalFinal25-19
1971Transvaal (5)
Northern Transvaal (5)
1970Griqualand West (3)Northern TransvaalFinal11-9
1969Northern Transvaal (4)Western ProvinceFinal28-13
1968Northern Transvaal (3)TransvaalFinal16-3
1966Western Province (21) Round Robin 
1964Western Province (20) Round Robin 
1957/59Western Province (19) Final 
1956Northern Transvaal (2)NatalFinal9-8
1954Western Province (18)Northern TransvaalFinal11-8
1952Transvaal (4)BolandFinal11-9
1950Transvaal (3)Western ProvinceFinal22-11
1947Western Province (17)TransvaalFinal16-12
1946Northern Transvaal (1)Western ProvinceFinal11-9
1939Transvaal (2)Western ProvinceFinal17-6
1936Western Province (16)TransvaalRound Robin 
1934Western Province (15)
Border (2)
 Round Robin 
1932Western Province (14)
Border (1)
 Round Robin 
1929Western Province (13)TransvaalRound Robin 
1927Western Province (12)TransvaalRound Robin 
1925Western Province (11)Orange Free StateRound Robin 
1922Transvaal (1)Western ProvinceRound Robin 
1920Western Province (10)TransvaalRound Robin 
1914Western Province (9)TransvaalRound Robin 
1911Griqualand West (2)Western ProvinceRound Robin 
1908Western Province (8)TransvaalRound Robin 
1906Western Province (7)TransvaalRound Robin 
1904Western Province (6)Griqualand WestRound Robin 
1899Griqualand West (1)Eastern ProvinceRound Robin 
1898Western Province (5)Griqualand WestRound Robin 
1897Western Province (4)TransvaalRound Robin 
1895Western Province (3)Griqualand WestRound Robin 
1894Western Province (2)Griqualand WestRound Robin 
1892Western Province (1)Griqualand WestRound Robin 

Related trophies

Board Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1889Western Province (1)Griqualand WestRound Robin 
TeamTitlesRunners up
Western Province10
Griqualand West01
Bankfin Cup
Santam Bank Cup
TeamTitlesRunners up
South West Africa21
Western Transvaal02
Currie Cup First Division
Percy Frames Trophy
W.V. Simkins Trophy
Paul Roos Trophy
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1972South Eastern Transvaal (1) Round Robin 
1971??? Round Robin 
1970Northern Free State (1)South Eastern TransvaalRound Robin 
1969??? Round Robin 
TeamTitlesRunners up
South Eastern Transvaal11
Northern Free State10
Sport Pienaar Cup
Santam Bank Trophy
Bankfin Trophy
Heynemann Trophy
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1994Griqualand West (2)South Eastern TransvaalRound Robin 
1993Griqualand West (1)BolandRound Robin 
1992Boland (1)Griqualand WestRound Robin 
1991Border (1)BolandRound Robin 
TeamTitlesRunners up
Griqualand West21
South Eastern Transvaal01
Raads Trophy


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