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IRB U21 Rugby World Cup

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It was born as a tournament among the junior teams of SANZAR nations and Argentina. In 1998 England was invited and since 1999 the tournament was extended to major european and pacific nations. In 2002 it was officially sanctioned by IRB. In 2008 it was merged with IRB U19 Rugby World Cup to form the new IRB Junior Rugby World Championship.


Year Hosts # of teams Venue of finals Final Bronze Final
Winner Runner Up Score 3rd Place 4th Place Score
SANZAR - UAR U21 Championship
1995 Argentina 4 New Zealand South Africa Round Robin Australia Argentina
1996 New Zealand 4 Australia New Zealand Round Robin South Africa Argentina
1997 Australia 4 Sydney Australia New Zealand Round Robin Argentina South Africa
1998 South Africa 5 Australia Argentina Round Robin South Africa New Zealand
1999 Argentina 8 South Africa New Zealand 27-25 Australia France 38-21
2000 New Zealand 8 Albany New Zealand South Africa 71-5 Australia England 44-24
2001 Australia 8 Sydney New Zealand Australia 30-13 France England 36-6
IRB U21 Rugby World Championship
2002 South Africa 12 Ellis Park, Johannesburg South Africa Australia 24-21 New Zealand Wales 59-7
2003 England 12 Kassam Stadium, Oxford New Zealand Australia 21-10 Argentina South Africa 34-30
2004 Scotland 12 Hughenden Stadium, Glasgow New Zealand Ireland 47-19 South Africa Australia 44-10
2005 Argentina 12 Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, Mendoza South Africa Australia 24-20 New Zealand France 47-21
2006 France 12 Stade Marcel Michelin, Clermont Ferrand France South Africa 24-13 New Zealand Australia 39-36


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