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IRB U19 Rugby World Cup

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It was born as a tournament among the junior teams of FIRA nations. In 2002 it was officially sanctioned by IRB. In 2008 it was merged with IRB U21 Rugby World Cup to form the new IRB Junior Rugby World Championship.


FIRA U19 World Cup
Year Hosts Venue of finals Group A Group B
# of teams Winner Runner Up Score # of teams Winner Runner Up Score
1969 Spain Barcelona 8 France Morocco
1970 France Vichy 8 France Spain
1971 Morocco Casablanca 6 France Italy
1972 Italy Rome 8 Romania Spain
1973 Romania Bucharest 8 Romania France
1974 West Germany Heidelberg 8 France Romania
1975 Spain Madrid 8 France Romania
1976 France Albi 8 France Romania
1977 Netherland Hilversum 8 France Italy
1978 Italy Salsomaggiore 8 France Italy
1979 Portugal Lisbon 10 France Soviet Union
1980 Tunisia Tunis 8 France Italy 4 Tunisia Yugoslavia
1981 Spain Madrid 8 France Spain
1982 Switzerland Geneva 6 France Italy 6 Ivory Coast Sweden
1983 Morocco Casablanca 6 France Italy
1984 Poland Warsaw 4 Italy France 8 Soviet Union Romania
1985 Belgium Brussells 8 France Italy 7 Poland Tunisia
1986 Romania Bucharest 8 France Italy 4 Portugal Switzerland
1987 West Germany West Berlin 8 Argentina France 8 Portugal Poland
1988 Yugoslavia Makarska 8 France Soviet Union 8 Taiwan Tunisia
1989 Portugal Troya 8 Argentina Soviet Union 5 Poland Tunisia
1990 Italy Treviso 8 Argentina France 9 Taiwan Czechoslovakia
1991 France Toulouse 8 Argentina France 8 Spain Czechoslovakia
IRB - FIRA U19 World Cup
Year Hosts Venue of finals Division A Division B
# of teams Winner Runner Up Score # of teams Winner Runner Up Score
1992 Spain Madrid 12 France Argentina 6 Paraguay Morocco
1993 France Lille 16 Argentina France 6 Netherlands Ivory Coast
1994 France Lyon 16 South Africa Italy 6 Chile Tunisia
1995 Romania Bucharest 12 France Argentina 27-12 8 Chile Taiwan
1996 Italy Calvisano 12 Argentina Wales 34-7 8 Portugal Poland
1997 Argentina (Division A)
Chile (Division B)
Buenos Aires (Division A)
Santiago (Division B)
12 Argentina France 18-12 8 Chile Poland
1998 France Toulouse 16 Ireland France 18-0 8 Georgia Portugal 25-7
1999 Wales Cardiff 16 New Zealand Wales 25-0 8 Spain Russia
2000 France Dijon (Division A)
Besançon (Division B)
16 France Australia 14-0 16 Samoa South Korea 56-14
2001 Chile Santiago 16 New Zealand France 36-23 16 Georgia Russia 37-8
2002 Italy Treviso (Division A)
Fontanafredda (Division B)
16 New Zealand France 71-18 16 Canada Namibia 38-22
2003 France Bondoufle (Division A)
Dourdan (Division B)
16 South Africa New Zealand 22-18 16 Uruguay Chile 19-19
IRB U19 Rugby World Cup
Year Hosts Venue of finals Division A Division B
# of teams Winner Runner Up Score # of teams Winner Runner Up Score
2004 South Africa ABSA Stadium, Durban 12 New Zealand France 34-11 12 Romania Uruguay 30-7
2005 South Africa ABSA Stadium, Durban 12 South Africa New Zealand 20-15 12 Samoa Uruguay 31-17
2006 United Arab Emirates Dubai Exiles Rugby Ground, Dubai 12 Australia New Zealand 17-13 12 Fiji Tonga 22-14
2007 Ireland Ravenhill Stadium, Belfast (Division A)
Shaw's Bridge, Belfast (Division B)
12 New Zealand South Africa 31-7 12 Italy Canada 22-3

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2007New Zealand U19 (5)South Africa U19Final31-7
2006Australia U19 (1)New Zealand U19Final17-13
2005South Africa U19 (3)New Zealand U19Final20-15
2004New Zealand U19 (4)France U19Final34-11
2003South Africa U19 (2)New Zealand U19Final22-18
2002New Zealand U19 (3)France U19Final71-18
2001New Zealand U19 (2)France U19Final36-23
2000France U19 (19)Australia U19Final14-0
1999New Zealand U19 (1)Wales U19Final25-0
1998Ireland U19 (1)France U19Final18-0
1997Argentina U19 (7)France U19Final18-12
1996Argentina U19 (6)Wales U19Final34-7
1995France U19 (18)Argentina U19Final27-12
1994South Africa U19 (1)Italy U19Final 
1993Argentina U19 (5)France U19Final 
1992France U19 (17)Argentina U19Final 
1991Argentina U19 (4)France U19Final 
1990Argentina U19 (3)France U19Final 
1989Argentina U19 (2)Soviet Union U19Final 
1988France U19 (16)Soviet Union U19Final 
1987Argentina U19 (1)France U19Final 
1986France U19 (15)Italy U19Final 
1985France U19 (14)Italy U19Final 
1984Italy U19 (1)France U19Final 
1983France U19 (13)Italy U19Final 
1982France U19 (12)Italy U19Final 
1981France U19 (11)Spain U19Final 
1980France U19 (10)Italy U19Final 
1979France U19 (9)Soviet Union U19Final 
1978France U19 (8)Italy U19Final 
1977France U19 (7)Italy U19Final 
1976France U19 (6)Romania U19Final 
1975France U19 (5)Romania U19Final 
1974France U19 (4)Romania U19Final 
1973Romania U19 (2)France U19Final 
1972Romania U19 (1)Spain U19Final 
1971France U19 (3)Italy U19Final 
1970France U19 (2)Spain U19Final 
1969France U19 (1)Morocco U19Final 

Related trophies

IRB U19 Rugby World Cup - Division B
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2007Italy U19 (1)Canada U19Final22-3
2006Fiji U19 (1)Tonga U19Final22-14
2005Samoa U19 (2)Uruguay U19Final31-17
2004Romania U19 (1)Uruguay U19Final30-7
2003Uruguay U19 (1)Chile U19Final19-19
2002Canada U19 (1)Namibia U19Final38-22
2001Georgia U19 (2)Russia U19Final37-8
2000Samoa U19 (1)South Korea U19Final56-14
1999Spain U19 (2)Russia U19Final???
1998Georgia U19 (1)Portugal U19Final25-7
1997Chile U19 (3)Poland U19Final???
1996Portugal U19 (3)Poland U19Final???
1995Chile U19 (2)Taiwan U19Final???
1994Chile U19 (1)Tunisia U19Final???
1993Netherlands U19 (1)Ivory Coast U19Final???
1992Paraguay U19 (1)Morocco U19Final???
1991Spain U19 (1)Czechoslovakia U19Final???
1990Taiwan U19 (2)Czechoslovakia U19Final???
1989Poland U19 (2)Tunisia U19Final???
1988Taiwan U19 (1)Tunisia U19Final???
1987Portugal U19 (2)Poland U19Final???
1986Portugal U19 (1)Switzerland U19Final???
1985Poland U19 (1)Tunisia U19Final???
1984Soviet Union U19 (1)Romania U19Final???
1982Ivory Coast U19 (1)Sweden U19Final???
1980Tunisia U19 (1)Yugoslavia U19Final???
IRB U19 Rugby World Cup - Division C
IRB U19 Rugby World Cup - Division D
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1999Israel U19 (1)Switzerland U19Round Robin 
1998Luxembourg U19 (1)Switzerland U19Final25-8
TeamTitlesRunners up
Luxembourg U1910
Israel U1910
Switzerland U1902


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