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All Ireland Cup

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It is a knck-out competition played by the winners of the 4 irish provincial cups.
For the 2005/06 season, with the revamping of the cup, it was decided to have 17 teams: 6 from Leinster, 5 from Munster, 4 from Ulster and 2 from Connacht.
From the 2007/08 season it was decided to qualify for the cup every of the 48 teams of the Allied Irish Bank League.
Since 2010/11 the cup returned to the original 4 teams format.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19Garryowen (Munster) (3)City of Armagh (Ulster)Final45-21
2017/18Lansdowne (Leinster) (5)Cork Constitution (Munster)Final32-12
2016/17Cork Constitution (Munster) (7)Old Belvedere (Leinster)Final18-13
2015/16Cork Constitution (Munster) (6)Galwegians (Connacht)Final38-19
2014/15Cork Constitution (Munster) (5)Clontarf (Leinster)Final24-9
2013/14Cork Constitution (Munster) (4)UCD (Leinster)Final19-6
2012/13Cork Constitution (Munster) (3)St. Mary's College (Leinster)Final24-19
2011/12Garryowen (Munster) (2)Ballymena (Ulster)Final24-6
2010/11Bruff (Munster) (1)Dungannon (Ulster)Final24-18
2009/10Cork Constitution (Munster) (2)Garryowen (Munster)Final15-11
2008/09Ballynahinch (Ulster) (1)Cork Constitution (Munster)Final17-6
2007/08Shannon (Munster) (1)Blackrock College (Leinster)Final12-9
2006/07Garryowen (Munster) (1)Belfast Harlequins (Ulster)Final20-7
2005/06Cork Constitution (Munster) (1)St. Mary's College (Leinster)Final37-12
1974/75St. Mary's College (Leinster) (1)Corinthians (Connacht)Final9-9
1938/39Blackrock College (Leinster) (1)North of Ireland FC (Ulster)Final4-3
1937/38UCD (Leinster) (1)Young Munster (Munster)Final16-6
1936/37Queen's University (Ulster) (3)UCC (Munster)Final8-0
1935/36UCC (Munster) (1)UCG (Connacht)Final17-0
1934/35North of Ireland FC (Ulster) (1)Bective Rangers (Leinster)Final14-0
1931/32Queen's University (Ulster) (2)Cork Constitution (Munster)Final19-0
1930/31Lansdowne (Leinster) (4)Collegians (Ulster)Final16-5
1929/30Lansdowne (Leinster) (3)North of Ireland FC (Ulster)Final19-12
1928/29Lansdowne (Leinster) (2)Galwegians (Connacht)Final32-11
1927/28Young Munster (Munster) (1)Lansdowne (Leinster)Final6-3
1926/27Instonians (Ulster) (1)Lansdowne (Leinster)Final16-8
1925/26Dublin University (Leinster) (1)Garryowen (Munster)Final13-0
1924/25Bective Rangers (Leinster) (2)Garryowen (Munster)Final6-3
1923/24Queen's University (Ulster) (1)UCD (Leinster)Final29-11
1922/23Bective Rangers (Leinster) (1)Instonians (Ulster)Final14-6
1921/22Lansdowne (Leinster) (1)Cork Constitution (Munster)Final6-5
Winner's countyTitles
Munster 14
Leinster 11
Ulster 6


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