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Elgon Cup

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It is a trophy contested by Kenya and Uganda.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Kenya (12)UgandaMultiple final 
2018Kenya (11)UgandaMultiple final 
2017Kenya (10)UgandaMultiple final 
2016Kenya (9)UgandaMultiple final 
2015Uganda (3)KenyaMultiple final 
2014Kenya (8)UgandaMultiple final 
2013Kenya (7)UgandaMultiple final 
2012Uganda (2)KenyaMultiple final 
2011Kenya (6)UgandaMultiple final 
2010Kenya (5)UgandaMultiple final 
2009Kenya (4)UgandaMultiple final 
2008Kenya (3)UgandaMultiple final 
2007Kenya (2)UgandaMultiple final 
2006Uganda (1)KenyaMultiple final 
2004Kenya (1)UgandaFinal18-8

Related trophies

Women's Elgon Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Kenya Women (6)Uganda WomenMultiple final 
2015Kenya Women (5)Uganda WomenMultiple final 
2014Kenya Women (4)Uganda WomenMultiple final 
2013Uganda Women (4)Kenya WomenMultiple final 
2012Kenya Women (3)Uganda WomenMultiple final 
2011Uganda Women (3)Kenya WomenMultiple final 
2010Kenya Women (2)Uganda WomenMultiple final 
2009Kenya Women (1)Uganda WomenMultiple final 
2008Uganda Women (2)Kenya WomenMultiple final 
2006Uganda Women (1)Kenya WomenMultiple final 
Kenya Women6
Uganda Women4


20/06/2020Uganda - Kenya
20/06/2020Uganda Women - Kenya Women
13/06/2020Kenya - Uganda
13/06/2020Kenya Women - Uganda Women
13/07/2019Uganda Women - Kenya Women5-35
13/07/2019Uganda - Kenya5-16
22/06/2019Kenya Women - Uganda Women44-13
22/06/2019Kenya - Uganda13-16
07/07/2018Kenya - Uganda38-22
26/05/2018Uganda - Kenya16-34
24/06/2017Kenya - Uganda33-33
10/06/2017Uganda - Kenya18-23
30/07/2016Kenya - Uganda45-24
04/06/2016Uganda - Kenya10-48
20/06/2015Uganda - Kenya A30-25
20/06/2015Uganda Women - Kenya Women6-7
13/06/2015Kenya A - Uganda20-17
13/06/2015Kenya Women - Uganda Women5-5
19/07/2014Kenya A - Uganda34-0
19/07/2014Kenya Women - Uganda Women39-10
12/07/2014Uganda - Kenya A21-14
12/07/2014Uganda Women - Kenya Women15-33
22/06/2013Kenya - Uganda19-13
22/06/2013Uganda Women - Kenya Women13-8
15/06/2013Kenya Women - Uganda Women18-17
15/06/2013Uganda - Kenya17-16
28/04/2012Kenya - Uganda12-0
28/04/2012Kenya Women - Uganda Women15-3
21/04/2012Uganda - Kenya19-5
21/04/2012Uganda Women - Kenya Women15-6
16/07/2011Uganda Women - Kenya Women29-10
16/07/2011Uganda - Kenya32-18
09/07/2011Kenya Women - Uganda Women22-10
09/07/2011Kenya - Uganda27-10
10/07/2010Kenya Women - Uganda Women16-8
10/07/2010Kenya - Uganda21-5
03/07/2010Uganda Women - Kenya Women8-5
03/07/2010Uganda - Kenya25-33
29/08/2009Uganda - Kenya18-13
29/08/2009Uganda Women - Kenya Women12-5
15/08/2009Kenya - Uganda30-22
15/08/2009Kenya Women - Uganda Women38-5
16/08/2008Kenya - Uganda39-20
16/08/2008Kenya Women - Uganda Women15-13
24/05/2008Uganda - Kenya20-3
24/05/2008Uganda Women - Kenya Women18-7
11/08/2007Kenya - Uganda35-15
26/05/2007Uganda - Kenya29-10
12/08/2006Kenya - Uganda20-22
12/08/2006Kenya Women - Uganda Women0-3
13/05/2006Uganda - Kenya7-7
13/05/2006Uganda Women - Kenya Women24-0
31/07/2004Kenya - Uganda18-8


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