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Scotland - National championship

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It was an yearly competition among the four districts selections.
With the advent of professionalism, the districts selections became professional franchises and the tournament was used as scottish qualification for Heineken Cup.
It was discontinued when the professional franchises were reduce to 2.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1998/99Edinburgh Reivers (20)Glasgow CaledoniansRound Robin 
1997/98Edinburgh Rugby (19)Glasgow WarriorsRound Robin 
1996/97Caledonia Reds (3)Glasgow WarriorsRound Robin 
1995/96Scottish Exiles (2)EdinburghRound Robin 
1994/95Scottish Exiles (1)EdinburghRound Robin 
1993/94South of Scotland (26)GlasgowFinal28-14
1992/93South of Scotland (25)EdinburghRound Robin 
1990/91South of Scotland (24)GlasgowRound Robin 
1989/90Glasgow (9)Anglo-ScotsRound Robin 
1988/89Edinburgh (18)South of ScotlandRound Robin 
1987/88Edinburgh (17)South of ScotlandRound Robin 
1986/87Edinburgh (16)South of ScotlandRound Robin 
1985/86South of Scotland (23)EdinburghRound Robin 
1984/85South of Scotland (22)EdinburghRound Robin 
1983/84South of Scotland (21)Edinburgh
Round Robin 
1982/83South of Scotland (20)Anglo-ScotsRound Robin 
1981/82Edinburgh (15)
South of Scotland (19)
 Round Robin 
1980/81South of Scotland (18)GlasgowRound Robin 
1979/80Edinburgh (14)South of ScotlandRound Robin 
1978/79South of Scotland (17)EdinburghRound Robin 
1977/78Edinburgh (13)
Glasgow (8)
South of Scotland (16)
 Round Robin 
1976/77South of Scotland (15)EdinburghRound Robin 
1975/76Edinburgh (12)
Glasgow (7)
 Round Robin 
1974/75Glasgow (6)
North & Midlands of Scotland (2)
 Round Robin 
1973/74Glasgow (5)South of ScotlandRound Robin 
1972/73Edinburgh (11)
Glasgow (4)
 Round Robin 
1971/72Edinburgh (10)GlasgowTie breaker 
1970/71South of Scotland (14)GlasgowRound Robin 
1969/70South of Scotland (13)GlasgowRound Robin 
1968/69South of Scotland (12)EdinburghRound Robin 
1967/68Edinburgh (9)
Glasgow (3)
South of Scotland (11)
 Round Robin 
1966/67South of Scotland (10)North & Midlands of ScotlandRound Robin 
1965/66South of Scotland (9)EdinburghRound Robin 
1964/65Glasgow (2)
South of Scotland (8)
 Round Robin 
1963/64South of Scotland (7)EdinburghRound Robin 
1962/63Edinburgh (8)South of ScotlandRound Robin 
1961/62Edinburgh (7)
South of Scotland (6)
 Round Robin 
1960/61Edinburgh (6)North & Midlands of ScotlandRound Robin 
1959/60Edinburgh (5)
North & Midlands of Scotland (1)
South of Scotland (5)
 Round Robin 
1958/59Edinburgh (4)
South of Scotland (4)
 Round Robin 
1957/58Edinburgh (3)
South of Scotland (3)
 Round Robin 
1956/57Edinburgh (2)
South of Scotland (2)
 Round Robin 
1955/56Glasgow (1)EdinburghRound Robin 
1954/55South of Scotland (1)Edinburgh
Round Robin 
1953/54Edinburgh (1)South of ScotlandRound Robin 


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Many data were found on Rothmans Rugby Union Yearbook of various years.