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Women's National Championship

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It is the main competition for scottish women's clubs.
Unfortunately not all the results and even not all the winners are known.
It is probable that the league was formed in 1993 when the scottish clubs left the british WRFU to form the SWRU (Scottish Women's Rugby Union), but nothing is known about the first editions.

The league pyramid

Level 1 Women's Premier League
8 teams - 1 relegation
Level 2 Women's National League 1
7 teams - 1 promotion and 1 relegation
Level 3 Women's National League 2
7 teams - 1 promotion and 1 relegation
Level 4 Regional leagues
1 promotion

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Watsonians Women (1)Hillhead/Jordanhill WomenFinal36-26
2018Hillhead/Jordanhill Women (5)Watsonians WomenRound Robin 
2017/18Hillhead/Jordanhill Women (4)Corstorphine WomenRound Robin 
2016/17Murrayfield Wanderers Women (10)Hillhead/Jordanhill WomenRound Robin 
2015/16Murrayfield Wanderers Women (9)Hillhead/Jordanhill WomenRound Robin 
2014/15Murrayfield Wanderers Women (8)Hillhead/Jordanhill WomenRound Robin 
2013/14Hillhead/Jordanhill Women (3)Murrayfield Wanderers WomenRound Robin 
2012/13Hillhead/Jordanhill Women (2)Melrose WomenRound Robin 
2011/12Murrayfield Wanderers Women (7) Round Robin 
2010/11Hillhead/Jordanhill Women (1) Round Robin 
2009/10Murrayfield Wanderers Women (6)RHC Cougars WomenRound Robin 
2008/09Murrayfield Wanderers Women (5)Hillhead/Jordanhill WomenRound Robin 
2007/08Murrayfield Wanderers Women (4)RHC Cougars WomenRound Robin 
2006/07RHC Cougars Women (1)Hillhead/Jordanhill WomenRound Robin 
2005/06Murrayfield Wanderers Women (3) Round Robin 
2004/05??? Round Robin 
2003/04??? Round Robin 
2002/03Royal High Women (2)Murrayfield Wanderers WomenRound Robin 
2001/02Royal High Women (1)Murrayfield Wanderers WomenRound Robin 
2000/01??? Round Robin 
1999/00Edinburgh Accies Women (3) Round Robin 
1998/99??? Round Robin 
1997/98Murrayfield Wanderers Women (2)Edinburgh Accies WomenRound Robin 
1996/97Edinburgh Accies Women (2)Edinburgh Wanderers WomenRound Robin 
1995/96Edinburgh Wanderers Women (1)Edinburgh Accies WomenRound Robin 
1994/95Edinburgh Accies Women (1)Heriot-Watt WomenRound Robin 


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www.scotsman.com/sport/rugby-union - Rugby union pages on the digital edition of the Scotsman
www.pitchero.com/clubs/murrayfieldwanderersfootballclub/teams/21037 - Official Murrayfield Wanderers site.
www.melroserugby.bordernet.co.uk - Official Melrose site.
kirkcaldyrugby.co.uk - Official Kirkcaldy site.
www.pitchero.com/clubs/grangemouthstags/teams/18572 - Official Grangemouth site.
Every site was scanned using also web.archive.org
Many data were given to me by SRU Competition Dept Manager.