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The league pyramid

Since 2014/15 season the league structure is the following:

Level 1 Ereklasse
8 teams - 2 teams to playout
Level 2 Eersteklasse
8 teams - 4 teams to playoff and 2 relegations
Level 3 2e Klasse
2 groups
1 promotion for each group

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19AAC Rugby Women (6)RC Delft WomenFinal36-8
2017/18Bassets Sassenheim Women (1)RC Delft WomenFinal17-10
2016/17AAC Rugby Women (5)RC Delft WomenFinal34-10
2015/16RUS Women (6)AAC Rugby WomenFinal15-11
2014/15RUS Women (5)AAC Rugby WomenFinal15-7
2013/14RUS Women (4)AAC Rugby WomenFinal20-0
2012/13RUS Women (3)AAC Rugby WomenFinal22-3
2011/12RUS Women (2)RC Tilburg WomenFinal24-5
2010/11AAC Rugby Women (4)RC Tilburg WomenFinal42-12
2009/10AAC Rugby Women (3)RUS WomenFinal41-0
2008/09AAC Rugby Women (2)RC Tilburg WomenFinal???
2007/08AAC Rugby Women (1)RC Tilburg WomenFinal???
2006/07SRC Thor Women (12)NRC The Wasps WomenFinal???
2005/06NRC The Wasps Women (2)SRC Thor WomenFinal???
2004/05Utrechtse RC Women (3)NRC The Wasps WomenRound Robin 
2003/04SRC Thor Women (11)NRC The Wasps WomenRound Robin 
2002/03NRC The Wasps Women (1)RUS WomenRound Robin 
2001/02RUS Women (1)DIOK Leiden WomenFinal10-7
2000/01DIOK Leiden Women (1)RUS WomenFinal10-8
1999/00SRC Thor Women (10)RC Wageningen WomenFinal???
1998/99SRC Thor Women (9) Round Robin 
1997/98SRC Thor Women (8) Round Robin 
1996/97SRC Thor Women (7) Round Robin 
1995/96SRC Thor Women (6) Round Robin 
1994/95SRC Thor Women (5) Round Robin 
1993/94SRC Thor Women (4) Round Robin 
1992/93SRC Thor Women (3) Round Robin 
1991/92ESRC Elephants Women (1) Round Robin 
1990/91SRC Thor Women (2) Round Robin 
1989/90SRC Thor Women (1) Round Robin 
1988/89Utrechtse RC Women (2) Round Robin 
1987/88Utrechtse RC Women (1) Round Robin 
1986/87EZRC Oemoemenoe Women (1) Round Robin 
1985/86RC Wageningen Women (3) Round Robin 
1984/85RC Wageningen Women (2) Round Robin 
1983/84RC Wageningen Women (1) Final???


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rugby-encyclopedie.com/Pays/Pays/Pays_bas.htm - Site dedicated to rugby history
Every site was scanned using also web.archive.org