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Women's British Columbia Premier

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It is the main competition for British Columbia women's team.
The winner is awarded the Gordon Harris Memorial Cup.
The first edition in 1982 was not officially sanctioned by B.C, union.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Capilano Women (3)Westshore WomenFinal20-19
2017/18Westshore Women (2)Burnaby Lake WomenFinal44-12
2016/17Westshore Women (1)Seattle Saracens WomenFinal67-17
2015/16Castaway Wanderers Women (1)Westshore WomenFinal31-15
2014/15Velox Valkyries (3)Burnaby Lake WomenFinal34-12
2014Burnaby Lake Women (7)Velox ValkyriesFinal20-7
2013Burnaby Lake Women (6)Velox ValkyriesFinal17-13
2012Velox Valkyries (2)Burnaby Lake WomenFinal20-14
2011Burnaby Lake Women (5)Velox ValkyriesFinal17-13
2010Capilano Women (2)United RC WomenFinal52-8
2009Burnaby Lake Women (4)Capilano WomenFinal12-10
2008Velox Valkyries (1)Capilano WomenFinal15-13
2007Burnaby Lake Women (3)Velox ValkyriesFinal12-8
2005/06Burnaby Lake Women (2)United RC WomenFinal27-10
2004/05Nanaimo Women (1)Burnaby Lake WomenFinal7-5
2003/04Capilano Women (1)Burnaby Lake WomenFinal12-5
2002/03Burnaby Lake Women (1)Nanaimo WomenFinal22-0
2001/02Douglas Women (2)James Bay WomenFinal24-18
2000/01Douglas Women (1)SFU WomenFinal???
1999/00SFU Women (5)Douglas WomenFinal17-7
1998/99Vancouver Rowing Club Women (5)Douglas WomenFinal5-3
1997/98Britannia Women (3)University of Victoria WomenFinal10-5
1996/97Vancouver Rowing Club Women (4) Final???
1995/96Britannia Women (2) Final???
1994/95Britannia Women (1) Final???
1993/94University of Victoria Women (1) Final???
1992/93Vancouver Rowing Club Women (3) Final???
1991/92Vancouver Rowing Club Women (2) Final???
1990/91Vancouver Rowing Club Women (1) Final???
1986/87SFU Women (4) Final???
1985/86SFU Women (3) Final???
1984/85SFU Women (2) Final???
1983/84SFU Women (1) Final???

Related trophies

Unofficial British Columbia Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1981/82Jericho Old Girls (1) Final???
TeamTitlesRunners up
Jericho Old Girls10


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