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Ulster Senior Cup

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The Senior Cup is the main competition in Ulster domestic rugby, played by the Ulster teams competing in the five All Ireland League divisions.
it, now, qualifies the winner for the All Ireland Cup.

Also a Senior League competition is played.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019/20City of Armagh (3)BallynahinchFinal38-34
2018/19City of Armagh (2)BallymenaFinal9-7
2017/18City of Armagh (1)BallymenaFinal17-13
2016/17Ballynahinch (4)DungannonFinal27-10
2015/16Ballynahinch (3)BallymenaFinal19-10
2014/15Ballynahinch (2)MaloneFinal17-10
2013/14Queen's University (23)BallynahinchFinal16-10
2012/13Ballymena (13)Rainey Old BoysFinal25-6
2011/12Ballymena (12)BanbridgeFinal17-11
2010/11Dungannon (11)City of DerryFinal25-0
2009/10Queen's University (22)MaloneFinal37-0
2008/09Ballynahinch (1)BallymenaFinal19-0
2007/08Belfast Harlequins (3)BallymenaFinal22-17
2006/07Dungannon (10)Belfast HarlequinsFinal27-10
2005/06Belfast Harlequins (2)MaloneFinal36-9
2004/05Ballymena (11)Belfast HarlequinsFinal22-20
2003/04Ballymena (10)BallynahinchFinal11-3
2002/03Ballymena (9)DungannonFinal44-3
2001/02Dungannon (9)BallynahinchFinal32-3
2000/01Belfast Harlequins (1)DungannonFinal41-12
1999/00City of Derry (1)DungannonFinal???
1998/99Instonians (19)MaloneFinal???
1997/98Dungannon (8)MaloneFinal19-16
1996/97Ballymena (8)MaloneFinal20-13
1995/96Dungannon (7)MaloneFinal25-10
1994/95Dungannon (6)InstoniansFinal21-16
1993/94Dungannon (5)InstoniansFinal14-10
1992/93Dungannon (4)BallymenaFinal20-18
1991/92Malone (7)North of Ireland FCFinal13-3
1990/91Ballymena (7)BangorFinal13-0
1989/90Ballymena (6)MaloneFinal17-9
1988/89Ballymena (5)BangorFinal25-3
1987/88Malone (6)BangorFinal???
1986/87Ards (2)BangorFinal???
1985/86Bangor (3)MaloneFinal???
1984/85Ards (1)InstoniansFinal19-7
1983/84Malone (5)North of Ireland FCFinal19-12
1982/83Collegians (8)City of DerryFinal11-6
1981/82Bangor (2)CarrickfergusFinal26-7
1980/81Queen's University (21)CollegiansFinal16-12
1979/80Bangor (1)InstoniansFinal10-6
1978/79Instonians (18)North of Ireland FCFinal9-6
1977/78CIYMS (6)BallymenaFinal14-12
1976/77Ballymena (4)North of Ireland FCFinal14-4
1975/76Dungannon (3)InstoniansFinal12-9
1974/75Ballymena (3)CIYMSFinal13-3
1973/74CIYMS (5)BangorFinal16-6
1972/73North of Ireland FC (18)MaloneFinal25-12
1971/72CIYMS (4)BallymenaFinal22-18
1970/71Malone (4)North of Ireland FCFinal6-3
1969/70Ballymena (2)CIYMSFinal???
1968/69North of Ireland FC (17)DungannonFinal23-11
1967/68Dungannon (2)InstoniansFinal12-6
1966/67CIYMS (3)DungannonFinal3-0
1965/66CIYMS (2)Queen's UniversityFinal29-6
1964/65Instonians (17)MaloneFinal9-6
1963/64Dungannon (1)CIYMSFinal6-0
1962/63Ballymena (1)CollegiansFinal8-0
1961/62Collegians (7)Queen's UniversityFinal8-0
1960/61Collegians (6)BallymenaFinal6-3
1959/60Queen's University (20)InstoniansFinal14-3
1958/59Queen's University (19)CIYMSFinal???
1957/58Instonians (16)BallymenaFinal3-0
1956/57Instonians (15)BallymenaFinal6-3
1955/56Instonians (14)CIYMSFinal6-3
1954/55North of Ireland FC (16)Queen's UniversityFinal17-3
1953/54Instonians (13)Queen's UniversityFinal6-0
1952/53CIYMS (1)CollegiansFinal9-6
1951/52Collegians (5)Queen's UniversityFinal8-3
1950/51Queen's University (18)North of Ireland FCFinal15-0
1949/50Instonians (12)MaloneFinal11-0
1948/49Instonians (11)Queen's UniversityFinal13-9
1947/48Instonians (10)CIYMSFinal12-10
1946/47Queen's University (17)CollegiansFinal16-11
1945/46Instonians (9)North of Ireland FCFinal6-0
1938/39North of Ireland FC (15)MaloneFinal20-0
1937/38Instonians (8)North of Ireland FCFinal11-6
1936/37Queen's University (16)CollegiansFinal5-0
1935/36Queen's University (15)North of Ireland FCFinal11-0
1934/35North of Ireland FC (14)Queen's UniversityFinal15-0
1933/34Instonians (7)Civil Service NIFinal11-6
1932/33Queen's University (14)MaloneFinal18-6
1931/32Queen's University (13)CollegiansFinal10-3
1930/31Instonians (6)CollegiansFinal7-3
1929/30North of Ireland FC (13)Queen's UniversityFinal9-4
1928/29Instonians (5)North of Ireland FCFinal23-13
1927/28Instonians (4)North of Ireland FCFinal3-0
1926/27Instonians (3)North of Ireland FCFinal8-3
1925/26Collegians (4)Queen's UniversityFinal11-3
1924/25Queen's University (12)InstoniansFinal14-3
1923/24Queen's University (11)InstoniansFinal16-8
1922/23Instonians (2)Queen's UniversityFinal19-5
1921/22Instonians (1)Queen's UniversityFinal8-0
1920/21Queen's University (10)North of Ireland FCFinal19-6
1919/20North of Ireland FC (12)Queen's UniversityFinal5-0
1912/13Collegians (3)KnockFinal9-3
1911/12Queen's University (9)MaloneFinal13-0
1910/11Knock (1)North of Ireland FCFinal6-5
1909/10Collegians (2)Queen's UniversityFinal10-6
1908/09Queen's University (8)North of Ireland FCFinal16-6
1907/08North of Ireland FC (11)KnockFinal10-0
1906/07Malone (3)CollegiansFinal13-3
1905/06Collegians (1)North of Ireland FCFinal8-0
1904/05Malone (2)FortwilliamFinal8-5
1903/04Malone (1)Queen's UniversityFinal10-3
1902/03Queen's University (7)North of Ireland FCFinal6-0
1901/02North of Ireland FC (10)MaloneFinal6-0
1900/01North of Ireland FC (9)DungannonFinal14-0
1899/00Queen's University (6)HolywoodFinal16-0
1898/99North of Ireland FC (8)CollegiansFinal16-3
1897/98North of Ireland FC (7)Queen's UniversityFinal13-0
1896/97North of Ireland FC (6)Queen's UniversityFinal9-3
1895/96North of Ireland FC (5)CollegiansFinal11-3
1894/95North of Ireland FC (4)CollegiansFinal3-0
1893/94North of Ireland FC (3)CollegiansFinal11-8
1892/93North of Ireland FC (2)Queen's UniversityFinal3-0
1891/92Queen's University (5)AlbionFinal6-0
1890/91Queen's University (4)AlbionFinal8-0
1889/90Queen's University (3)AlbionFinal13-0
1888/89Albion (1)Queen's UniversityFinal4-3
1887/88Lisburn (1)AlbionFinal5-0
1886/87Queen's University (2)North of Ireland FCFinal5-0
1885/86Queen's University (1)AlbionFinal6-0
1884/85North of Ireland FC (1)LisburnFinal19-4

Related trophies

Ulster Senior League
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019/20Rainey Old Boys (1)BanbridgeRound Robin 
2018/19Ballynahinch (6)MaloneRound Robin 
2017/18City of Armagh (2)MaloneRound Robin 
2016/17City of Armagh (1)BallynahinchRound Robin 
2015/16Ballymena (12)BallynahinchRound Robin 
2014/15Ballynahinch (5)City of ArmaghRound Robin 
2013/14Ballynahinch (4)BallymenaRound Robin 
2012/13Ballynahinch (3)City of DerryRound Robin 
2011/12Dungannon (7)City of DerryRound Robin 
2010/11Dungannon (6)BallynahinchRound Robin 
2009/10Ballynahinch (2)Belfast HarlequinsRound Robin 
2008/09Ballynahinch (1) Round Robin 
2007/08Belfast Harlequins (4) Round Robin 
2006/07Belfast Harlequins (3)BallymenaRound Robin 
2005/06Dungannon (5)BallymenaRound Robin 
2004/05Ballymena (11)Belfast HarlequinsRound Robin 
2003/04Belfast Harlequins (2) Round Robin 
2002/03Belfast Harlequins (1) Round Robin 
2001/02Ballymena (10) Round Robin 
2000/01Ballymena (9) Round Robin 
1999/00City of Derry (1) Round Robin 
1998/99??? Round Robin 
1997/98Ballymena (8) Round Robin 
1996/97Ballymena (7) Round Robin 
1995/96Portadown (1) Round Robin 
1994/95??? Round Robin 
1993/94??? Round Robin 
1992/93Malone (6) Round Robin 
1991/92North of Ireland FC (17) Round Robin 
1990/91Dungannon (4) Round Robin 
1989/90Ballymena (6)MaloneRound Robin 
1988/89Ballymena (5)MaloneRound Robin 
1987/88Bangor (7) Round Robin 
1986/87Instonians (11) Round Robin 
1985/86Ballymena (4) Round Robin 
1984/85Instonians (10) Round Robin 
1983/84Ards (1) Round Robin 
1982/83Bangor (6) Round Robin 
1981/82Bangor (5) Round Robin 
1980/81Bangor (4) Round Robin 
1979/80Queen's University (14) Round Robin 
1978/79Ballymena (3) Round Robin 
1977/78Ballymena (2) Round Robin 
1976/77Bangor (3) Round Robin 
1975/76Ballymena (1) Round Robin 
1974/75Bangor (2) Round Robin 
1973/74CIYMS (5) Round Robin 
1972/73CIYMS (4)BallymenaRound Robin 
1971/72CIYMS (3) Round Robin 
1970/71CIYMS (2) Round Robin 
1969/70Civil Service NI (2) Round Robin 
1968/69Malone (5) Round Robin 
1967/68Dungannon (3) Round Robin 
1966/67Queen's University (13) Round Robin 
1965/66North of Ireland FC (16) Round Robin 
1964/65Dungannon (2) Round Robin 
1963/64Queen's University (12) Round Robin 
1962/63CIYMS (1) Round Robin 
1961/62Collegians (8) Round Robin 
1960/61Dungannon (1) Round Robin 
1959/60Instonians (9) Round Robin 
1958/59North of Ireland FC (15) Round Robin 
1957/58Instonians (8) Round Robin 
1956/57Instonians (7)Queen's UniversityRound Robin 
1955/56Collegians (7) Round Robin 
1954/55North of Ireland FC (14) Round Robin 
1953/54Instonians (6)Queen's UniversityRound Robin 
1952/53Instonians (5)Queen's UniversityRound Robin 
1951/52Collegians (6) Round Robin 
1950/51Collegians (5)InstoniansRound Robin 
1949/50Queen's University (11) Round Robin 
1948/49Queen's University (10) Round Robin 
1947/48Queen's University (9) Round Robin 
1946/47Queen's University (8) Round Robin 
1945/46North of Ireland FC (13) Round Robin 
1929/30Bangor (1) Round Robin 
1928/29Civil Service NI (1) Round Robin 
1927/28Instonians (4) Round Robin 
1926/27Instonians (3)North of Ireland FCRound Robin 
1925/26Instonians (2) Round Robin 
1924/25Instonians (1) Round Robin 
1923/24Queen's University (7) Round Robin 
1922/23Queen's University (6) Round Robin 
1921/22Queen's University (5) Round Robin 
1920/21North of Ireland FC (12) Round Robin 
1919/20Queen's University (4) Round Robin 
1912/13Collegians (4) Round Robin 
1911/12Queen's University (3) Round Robin 
1910/11Collegians (3) Round Robin 
1909/10??? Round Robin 
1908/09North of Ireland FC (11) Round Robin 
1907/08Collegians (2) Round Robin 
1906/07Malone (4) Round Robin 
1905/06Malone (3) Round Robin 
1904/05Malone (2) Round Robin 
1903/04Malone (1) Round Robin 
1902/03Collegians (1) Round Robin 
1901/02North of Ireland FC (10) Round Robin 
1900/01North of Ireland FC (9) Round Robin 
1899/00Queen's University (2) Round Robin 
1898/99North of Ireland FC (8) Round Robin 
1897/98North of Ireland FC (7) Round Robin 
1896/97North of Ireland FC (6) Round Robin 
1895/96North of Ireland FC (5) Round Robin 
1894/95North of Ireland FC (4) Round Robin 
1893/94North of Ireland FC (3) Round Robin 
1892/93North of Ireland FC (2) Round Robin 
1891/92North of Ireland FC (1) Round Robin 
1890/91Queen's University (1) Round Robin 


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