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Copa del Rey

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It is the main knock-out competition for spanish clubs.

In some years a cup for lower division teams was played: the Copa F.E.R.

Since 2002 the Supercopa is played between the winners of Division de Honor and Copa del Rey.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19Club Alcobendas (1)Barça RugbyFinal24-23
2017/18Valladolid RAC (5)El Salvador R.C.Final20-16
2016/17Santboiana (12)El Salvador R.C.Final16-6
2015/16El Salvador R.C. (7)Valladolid RACFinal13-9
2014/15Valladolid RAC (4)Cisneros MadridFinal33-15
2013/14Valladolid RAC (3)Independiente SantanderFinal40-18
2012/13Ordizia (2)Valladolid RACFinal27-17
2011/12Ordizia (1)El Salvador R.C.Final30-27
2010/11El Salvador R.C. (6)Valladolid RACFinal13-0
2009/10Valladolid RAC (2)La VilaFinal33-17
2008/09CRC Pozuelo (10)Ciencias SevillaFinal34-26
2007/08CRC Pozuelo (9)El Salvador R.C.Final36-31
2006/07El Salvador R.C. (5)SantboianaFinal29-16
2005/06El Salvador R.C. (4)Valladolid RACFinal34-9
2004/05El Salvador R.C. (3)Getxo R.T.Final29-8
2003/04Bera Bera (1)SantboianaFinal47-38
2002/03UCM 2M12 (8)La Moraleja AlcobendasFinal11-10
2001/02UCM Madrid 2012 (7)Valladolid RACFinal23-15
2000/01UCM Canoe (6)Liceo FrancesFinal37-20
1999/00Santboiana (11)El Salvador R.C.Final36-15
1998/99El Salvador R.C. (2)Real Canoe Natacion ClubFinal27-19
1997/98Valladolid RAC (1)Real Canoe Natacion ClubFinal36-16
1996/97Getxo R.T. (4)Ciencias SevillaFinal37-19
1995/96Ciencias Sevilla (3)Valladolid RACFinal28-13
1994/95Ciencias Sevilla (2)Getxo R.T.Final37-25
1993/94Ciencias Sevilla (1)C.D. ArquitecturaFinal32-12
1992/93El Salvador R.C. (1)Getxo R.T.Final13-6
1991/92Getxo R.T. (3)Barcelona U.C.Final20-9
1990/91Getxo R.T. (2)Bizkaia GernikaFinal32-15
1989/90Getxo R.T. (1)SantboianaFinal28-7
1988/89Santboiana (10)Liceo FrancesFinal25-9
1987/88C.D. Arquitectura (6)Real Canoe Natacion ClubFinal21-12
1986/87Olimpico R.C. (1)Cisneros MadridFinal26-10
1985/86C.D. Arquitectura (5)ValenciaFinal27-12
1984/85F.C. Barcelona (16)C.D.U. ValladolidFinal36-7
1983/84C.D. Arquitectura (4)F.C. BarcelonaFinal12-10
1982/83F.C. Barcelona (15)C.A.U. MadridFinal27-12
1981/82Cisneros Madrid (4)C.D. ArquitecturaFinal7-6
1980/81C.D. Arquitectura (3)Canoe Natacion ClubFinal25-7
1979/80C.D. Arquitectura (2)C.A.U. MadridFinal19-0
1978/79Cisneros Madrid (3)ValenciaFinal26-14
1977/78C.A.U. Madrid (2)C.D. ArquitecturaFinal22-9
1976/77C.A.U. Madrid (1)Cisneros MadridFinal26-6
1975/76C.D. Arquitectura (1)C.A.U. MadridFinal24-12
1974/75Atletico San Sebastian (4)C.D.U. ValladolidFinal14-0
1973/74Canoe Natacion Club (5)Atletico San SebastianFinal13-9
1972/73Atletico San Sebastian (3)C.D. ArquitecturaFinal21-13
1971/72Atletico San Sebastian (2)C.N. BarcelonaFinal31-10
1970/71Canoe Natacion Club (4)El Salvador R.C.Final6-3
1969/70Canoe Natacion Club (3)Atletico San SebastianFinal17-13
1968/69Cisneros Madrid (2)F.C. BarcelonaFinal11-8
1967/68Atletico San Sebastian (1)F.C. BarcelonaFinal8-6
1966/67Cisneros Madrid (1)SantboianaFinal14-3
1965/66Canoe Natacion Club (2)C.D.U. BarcelonaFinal12-0
1964/65F.C. Barcelona (14)C.D.U. BarcelonaFinal3-0
1963/64Canoe Natacion Club (1)SantboianaFinal3-0
1962/63C.N. Barcelona (2)SantboianaFinal3-0
1961/62Santboiana (9)Aitor de MadridFinal6-3
1960/61Santboiana (8)C.N. BarcelonaFinal3-0
1959/60Santboiana (7)C.N. BarcelonaFinal8-3
1958/59Santboiana (6)Picadero JuventudFinal20-14
1957/58Santboiana (5)F.C. BarcelonaFinal11-9
1956/57C.N. Barcelona (1)F.C. BarcelonaFinal8-0
1955/56F.C. Barcelona (13)SantboianaFinal6-3
1954/55F.C. Barcelona (12)Atletico MadridFinal10-0
1953/54S.E.U. Madrid (3)C.N. BarcelonaFinal16-3
1952/53F.C. Barcelona (11)Atletico MadridFinal6-3
1951/52F.C. Barcelona (10)Atletico MadridFinal10-3
1950/51F.C. Barcelona (9)Atletico MadridFinal14-0
1949/50F.C. Barcelona (8)Atletico MadridFinal10-3
1948/49Atletico Madrid (1)SantboianaFinal8-3
1947/48Santboiana (4)S.E.U. LeonFinal13-9
1946/47S.E.U. Madrid (2)F.C. BarcelonaFinal16-3
1945/46F.C. Barcelona (7)S.E.U. MadridFinal23-13
1944/45F.C. Barcelona (6)S.E.U. MadridFinal3-0
1943/44F.C. Barcelona (5)S.E.U. MadridFinal9-0
1942/43Santboiana (3)Tabernes de ValldignaFinal16-0
1941/42F.C. Barcelona (4)S.E.U. MadridFinal17-8
1940/41S.E.U. Madrid (1)Espanol de BarcelonaFinal14-10
1934/35Gimnastica de Madrid (1)F.U.E. ValenciaFinal11-3
1933/34Real Madrid (1)F.U.E. ValenciaFinal14-6
1932/33Santboiana (2)Real MadridFinal24-6
1931/32F.C. Barcelona (3)Real MadridFinal20-3
1930/31Santboiana (1)Real MadridFinal12-6
1929/30F.C. Barcelona (2)Real MadridFinal39-3
1925/26F.C. Barcelona (1)Infanteria de ToledoFinal19-0

Related trophies

Copa F.E.R.
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1998/99C.R.A.T. Coruna (2)Puig CastellarFinal55-5
1997/98Ines Rosales CAR (1)A.D.U. SalamancaFinal15-12
1996/97C.R.A.T. Coruna (1)La Moraleja - El SotoFinal30-23
1995/96Liceo Frances (1)La Moraleja - El SotoFinal44-20
1994/95C.D.U. Sevilla (2)XabarinFinal52-0
1983/84Ciencias Sevilla (1)MungiaFinal10-0
1982/83Teca (2)BellvitgeFinal45-8
1981/82C.D. Arquitectura (1)Veterinaria ZaragozaFinal21-0
1980/81Olimpico R.C. (1)AcantosFinal18-10
1979/80Teca (1)C.D. ArquitecturaFinal22-10
1978/79Acantos (1)Veterinaria ZaragozaFinal21-7
1977/78Juventud Karmen (1)HernaniFinal9-6
1970/71Anoeta (1)Poble NouFinal15-9
1969/70El Salvador R.C. (1)Santboiana BFinal20-9
1968/69Montjuic (2)CornellàFinal12-9
1967/68C.A.U. Madrid (1)Santboiana BFinal20-11
1966/67Atletico San Sebastian (3)C.D. ArquitecturaFinal32-0
1965/66Atletico San Sebastian (2)Rayo VallecanoFinal6-3
1964/65VPC Andorra (1)Castilla ValladolidFinal29-3
1963/64 (1)MontjuicFinal3-0
1962/63Atletico San Sebastian (1)Santboiana BFinal5-0
1961/62Barcelona U.C. (2)San Pablo MadridFinal6-3
1960/61Poble Nou (1) Final11-3
1959/60Barcelona U.C. (1) Final19-6
1958/59Santboiana B (1)Barcelona U.C.Final11-3
1957/58Cornellà (1)Cisneros MadridFinal6-0
1956/57Casasola Madrid (2)F.C. Barcelona BFinal11-3
1955/56F.C. Barcelona B (1)Santa Maria Campo MadridFinal34-3
1954/55Casasola Madrid (1)Santboiana BFinal17-3
1953/54Juventud Barcelona (1)Cisneros MadridFinal14-3
1952/53Industriales (1)Barcelona U.C.Final3-0
1951/52Montjuic (1)IndustrialesFinal10-5
1945/46Descanso de Leon (1)C.N. BarcelonaFinal7-6
Supercopa de España
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019/20Valladolid RAC (8)Club AlcobendasFinal33-18
2018/19El Salvador R.C. (6)Valladolid RACFinal24-22
2017/18Valladolid RAC (7)SantboianaFinal46-23
2016/17Valladolid RAC (6)El Salvador R.C.Final17-14
2015/16Valladolid RAC (5)Cisneros MadridFinal24-21
2014/15Valladolid RAC (4)Independiente SantanderFinal18-16
2013/14Valladolid RAC (3)OrdiziaFinal14-3
2012/13Valladolid RAC (2)OrdiziaFinal26-13
2011/12La Vila (1)El Salvador R.C.Final24-10
2010/11Valladolid RAC (1)El Salvador R.C.Final13-8
2009/10CRC Pozuelo (2)Ciencias SevillaMultiple final 
2008/09CRC Pozuelo (1)El Salvador R.C.Multiple final 
2007/08El Salvador R.C. (5)SantboianaMultiple final 
2006/07El Salvador R.C. (4)SantboianaMultiple final 
2005/06El Salvador R.C. (3)SantboianaMultiple final 
2004/05El Salvador R.C. (2)Bera BeraFinal36-13
2003/04El Salvador R.C. (1)UCM 2M12Final23-19
2002/03La Moraleja Alcobendas (1)UCM 2M12Final25-15


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