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BL Cup

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It is the main knock-out competition for german clubs.
The League Cup is a knock-out competition played by minor clubs not playing the DVR Cup.

Between 2012 and 2015 the DVR Cup was played by Bundesliga teams not qualified for the final phase and by the best Bundesliga 2 teams.
In the same period the League Cup was played by the Bundesliga 2 teams not qualified for DVR Cup.

Since 2019, the BL Plate (former League Cup) is played as 2 different tournaments: North East and South West.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19RC Leipzig (1)RK 03 BerlinFinal56-22
2017/18RG Heidelberg (6)TV PforzheimFinal56-17
2016/17TV Pforzheim (1)SC Frankfurt 1880Final50-18
2015/16SC Neuenheim (7)TSV HandschuhsheimFinal16-14
2014/15Heidelberger TV (2)RC RottweilFinal30-12
2013/14Heidelberger TV (1)RC RottweilFinal11-5
2012/13TSV Handschuhsheim (3)Heidelberger TVFinal42-10
2010/11Heidelberger RK (3)SC Frankfurt 1880Final29-0
2009/10SC Frankfurt 1880 (3)SC NeuenheimFinal20-12
2008/09SC Frankfurt 1880 (2)TSV HandschuhsheimFinal56-24
2007/08TSV Handschuhsheim (2)RG HeidelbergFinal24-23
2006/07SC Frankfurt 1880 (1)RG HeidelbergFinal18-13
2005/06DRC Hannover (3)RG HeidelbergFinal25-21
2004/05TSV Handschuhsheim (1)DRC HannoverFinal21-18
2003/04RG Heidelberg (5)DRC HannoverFinal23-20
2002/03DRC Hannover (2)Heidelberger RKFinal68-3
2001/02DRC Hannover (1)SC NeuenheimFinal18-11
2000/01SC Neuenheim (6)TSV Victoria LindenFinal25-7
1999/00SC Germania List (5)Hannover 78Final18-8
1998/99SC Neuenheim (5)Hannover 78Final16-9
1997/98Hannover 78 (11)SC NeuenheimFinal29-23
1996/97RG Heidelberg (4)DRC HannoverFinal37-13
1995/96Hannover 78 (10)RG HeidelbergFinal17-9
1994/95RG Heidelberg (3)SC NeuenheimFinal26-6
1993/94SC Neuenheim (4)TSV Victoria LindenFinal24-15
1992/93TSV Victoria Linden (6)Hannover 78Final15-12
1991/92TSV Victoria Linden (5)SC NeuenheimFinal9-6
1990/91TSV Victoria Linden (4)SC NeuenheimFinal14-10
1989/90Hannover 78 (9)RG HeidelbergFinal13-6
1988/89TSV Victoria Linden (3)SV 08 RicklingenFinal13-9
1987/88SC Neuenheim (3)Berliner Rugby ClubFinal16-0
1985/86RG Heidelberg (2)DRC HannoverFinal13-3
1984/85Hannover 78 (8)TSV Victoria LindenFinal9-3
1983/84Hannover 78 (7)SV 08 RicklingenFinal14-10
1982/83Hannover 78 (6)Berliner Rugby ClubFinal17-3
1981/82TSV Victoria Linden (2)RG HeidelbergFinal9-3
1980/81Hannover 78 (5)DRC HannoverFinal28-12
1979/80SC Germania List (4)RG HeidelbergFinal7-3
1978/79Hannover 78 (4)FV 1897 LindenFinal16-3
1977/78SV 08 Ricklingen (2)TSV HandschuhsheimFinal6-0
1976/77SC Germania List (3)RG HeidelbergFinal22-6
1975/76Heidelberger RK (2)TSV Victoria LindenFinal36-6
1974/75SC Neuenheim (2)RG HeidelbergFinal15-0
1973/74Hannover 78 (3)RG HeidelbergFinal17-3
1972/73Heidelberger RK (1)Hannover 78Final18-9
1971/72Hannover 78 (2)TSV Victoria LindenFinal17-7
1970/71SC Germania List (2)TSV Victoria LindenFinal15-0
1969/70SV 08 Ricklingen (1)Hannover 78Final14-11
1968/69Hannover 78 (1)TSV Victoria LindenFinal9-6
1967/68SC Germania List (1)SV Odin HannoverFinal11-9
1966/67RG Heidelberg (1)SV Odin HannoverFinal9-3
1965/66TSV Victoria Linden (1)Elite HannoverFinal11-9
1964/65SC Neuenheim (1)TSV Victoria LindenFinal9-6
1963/64SV Odin Hannover (2)TSV Victoria LindenFinal0-0
1962/63SV Odin Hannover (1)TSV Victoria LindenFinal3-0

Related trophies

League Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2017/18TGS Hausen (1)München RFCFinal23-3
2016/17RC Rottweil (1)StuSta MünchenFinal17-13
2015/16TSV Handschuhsheim II (5)RC RottweilFinal23-12
2014/15TSV Handschuhsheim II (4)München RFCFinal31-15
2013/14Neckarsulmer SU (1)StuSta MünchenFinal15-10
2012/13Bremen 1860 (1)Stuttgarter RCFinal13-12
2010/11RG Heidelberg II (3)Heidelberger RK IIFinal33-10
2009/10TSV Handschuhsheim II (3)Stuttgarter RCFinal34-27
2008/09SG Odin/Vfr Döhren (1)SC Germania ListFinal18-14
2007/08RG Heidelberg II (2)TSV Handschuhsheim IIFinal32-29
2006/07TSV Handschuhsheim II (2)RG Heidelberg IIFinal6-5
2005/06TSV Handschuhsheim II (1)SC Frankfurt 1880Final35-8
2004/05FC Schwalbe (2)TSV Handschuhsheim IIFinal27-12
2003/04Berliner Rugby Club (1)Heidelberger RKFinal41-22
2002/03SC Neuenheim (2)Post SV BerlinFinal47-9
2001/02FC St. Pauli (2)Post SV BerlinFinal37-30
1995/96SC Germania List (2)RG Heidelberg IIFinal24-15
1994/95DRC Hannover II (1)SC Neuenheim IIFinal10-8
1993/94BSC Offenbach (1)FC St. PauliFinal17-15
1992/93RG Heidelberg II (1)FC St. PauliFinal17-12
1991/92Post SG Stuttgart (1)FV 1897 LindenFinal16-4
1990/91FC St. Pauli (1)Post SG StuttgartFinal9-6
1989/90SC Germania List (1)Berliner SV 92Final25-15
1988/89FC Schwalbe (1)SV Odin HannoverFinal23-16
1987/88SC Neuenheim II (1)SC Germania ListFinal12-7
1985/86Hannover 78 II (1)FV 1897 LindenFinal16-13
1984/85VfR Döhren (1)TSV HandschuhsheimFinal9-8
1983/84SC Neuenheim (1)VfR DöhrenFinal19-10
1982/83Berliner SV 92 (1)Hannover 78 IIFinal19-8
BL Plate North East
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19DRC Hannover (1)Stahl HennigsdorfFinal34-5
TeamTitlesRunners up
DRC Hannover10
Stahl Hennigsdorf01
BL Plate South West
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19SC Frankfurt 1880 II (1)TuS 95 DüsseldorfFinalW.O.
TeamTitlesRunners up
SC Frankfurt 1880 II10
TuS 95 Düsseldorf01


www.rugby-verband.de - German union official site
www.rugbyweb.de - German union official results site
de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_Union_in_Deutschland - Wikipedia pages about rugby in Germany