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Belgian Cup

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It is the main knock-out competition for belgian clubs.
It is played with an handicap system by which teams from lower divisions start the matches with a number of points depending on their division.

Since 2009 the Super Cup is played by the Championship and Cup winners.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19Dendermondse RC (3)RFC LiegeoisFinal24-20
2017/18RC Soignies (2)ASUB WaterlooFinal19-6
2016/17RC La Hulpe (1)RFC LiegeoisFinal41-6
2015/16Dendermondse RC (2)RC SoigniesFinal13-10
2014/15ASUB Waterloo (13)Dendermondse RCFinal20-13
2013/14Boitsfort RC (15)RC SoigniesFinal27-13
2012/13Boitsfort RC (14)Royal Kituro RCFinal13-8
2011/12Dendermondse RC (1)RC FrameriesFinal23-6
2010/11Boitsfort RC (13)RC SoigniesFinal20-0
2009/10RC Soignies (1)Dendermondse RCFinal13-9
2008/09ASUB Waterloo (12)Boitsfort RCFinal8-3
2007/08Boitsfort RC (12)ASUB WaterlooFinal17-13
2006/07Boitsfort RC (11)ASUB WaterlooFinal10-3
2005/06Boitsfort RC (10)ASUB WaterlooFinal11-3
2004/05Boitsfort RC (9)Brussels BarbariansFinal32-13
2003/04Boitsfort RC (8)ROCFinal44-17
2002/03Boitsfort RC (7)ASUB WaterlooFinal16-13
2001/02Boitsfort RC (6)Standard RCFinal46-0
2000/01ASUB Waterloo (11)Boitsfort RCFinal9-8
1999/00Visé (1)Boitsfort RCFinal17-6
1998/99Boitsfort RC (5)ASUB WaterlooFinal???
1997/98Royal Kituro RC (6)ViséFinal???
1996/97Boitsfort RC (4) Final???
1995/96Boitsfort RC (3) Final???
1994/95Boitsfort RC (2) Final???
1993/94ASUB Waterloo (10) Final???
1992/93Royal Kituro RC (5)Standard RCFinal???
1991/92ASUB Waterloo (9) Final???
1990/91ASUB Waterloo (8) Final???
1989/90Boitsfort RC (1) Final???
1988/89Rugby Coq Mosan (4)Dendermondse RCFinal6-6
1987/88ASUB Waterloo (7)RSC AnderlechtFinal4-0
1986/87ASUB Waterloo (6)Rugby Coq MosanFinal???
1985/86ASUB Waterloo (5) Final???
1984/85ASUB Waterloo (4) Final???
1983/84ASUB Waterloo (3) Final???
1982/83Royal Kituro RC (4)Standard RCFinal???
1981/82Brussels British (3)Rugby Coq MosanFinal???
1980/81Royal Kituro RC (3)ViséFinal???
1979/80Rugby Coq Mosan (3) Final???
1978/79ASUB Waterloo (2) Final???
1977/78Rugby Coq Mosan (2) Final???
1976/77Royal Kituro RC (2) Final???
1975/76Shape (2)RSC AnderlechtFinal???
1974/75Shape (1)RC FrameriesFinal13-11
1973/74Brussels British (2) Final???
1972/73BUC (1)ASUB WaterlooFinal???
1971/72Brussels British (1)GentFinal???
1970/71RC Frameries (1)Royal Kituro RCFinal???
1969/70Rugby Coq Mosan (1) Final???
1968/69Royal Kituro RC (1) Final???
1967/68ASUB Waterloo (1) Final???


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www.sportkipik.be - Site dedicated to rugby in Belgium
www.brclub.org - Boitsfort RC official site
rscarugby.free.fr - Former RSC Anderlecht official site
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