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Rugby started to be played in the Soviet Union in the late 30's of 20th century,
After a few years, though, the terible effects of WWII over Soviet Union competely eliminated for many years every sport.
It was only in the late 50's that Rugby was played again. The 60's saw massive Soviet investment on sport and Soviet industry started to manifacture its own equipment.

The first Soviet Union Cup was played in 1936, while the first Soviet Union Championship was played in 1938. After WWII, it was only in 1966 that the Championship was started again.
During the championship suspension, very irregularly were played unofficial all union tournaments like the Cities torunament and the Trade Union tournaments.
In some seasons a Winter Tournament was played.

As every other Soviet sports, rugby was organized thru Voluntary Sport Societies (in russian Dobrovolnie Sportivie Obshestva, DSO). Every club was associated to one of these DSO.
The main DSO's were:
  • Burevestnik - Higher Education
  • Zenit - Defense industry
  • Lokomotiv - Railways communication
  • Spartak - "white collars" trade unions
  • Trudovye Rezervy (Trud) - Professional Education
  • Dinamo - Police forces
  • SKA - Armed forces
Some of these DSO organized Soviet Union wide internal championships.

Related trophies

Soviet Union Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1991Krasny Yar (2)SKA Alma AtaRound Robin 
1990Krasny Yar (1)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1989Mshenebeli Kutaisi (3)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1988Mshenebeli Kutaisi (2)ETS KrasnoyarskRound Robin 
1987Strojteli Kutaisi (1)VVA MoninoMultiple final 
1986VVA Monino (9)Slava MoskvaRound Robin 
1985VVA Monino (8)Slava MoskvaRound Robin 
1984VVA Monino (7)DSK KutaisiRound Robin 
1983Lokomotiv Moskva (1)Fili MoskvaRound Robin 
1982Slava Moskva (2)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1981VVA Monino (6)Aviator KievRound Robin 
1980VVA Monino (5)Lokomotiv MoskvaRound Robin 
1979Slava Moskva (1)Fili MoskvaRound Robin 
1978Aviator Kiev (1)Fili MoskvaRound Robin 
1977VVA Monino (4)Slava MoskvaRound Robin 
1976VVA Monino (3)Slava MoskvaRound Robin 
1975Fili Moskva (5)KIIGA KievRound Robin 
1974Fili Moskva (4)KIIGA KievRound Robin 
1973Fili Moskva (3)Burevestnik LeningradRound Robin 
1972Fili Moskva (2)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1971VVA Monino (2)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1970Fili Moskva (1)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1969VVA Monino (1)Fili MoskvaRound Robin 
1968MVTU Moskva (2)Dinamo MoskvaRound Robin 
1966MVTU Moskva (1)Dinamo TbilisiRound Robin 
1939Dinamo Moskva (2)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
1938Dinamo Moskva (1)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
Soviet Union Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1991VVA Monino (5)SKA Alma AtaFinal14-6
1990Aia Kutaisi (2)SKA Alma AtaFinal13-10
1989Slava Moskva (3)ETS KrasnoyarskFinal12-3
1988SKA Alma Ata (1)Slava MoskvaRound Robin 
1987Strojteli Kutaisi (1)VVA MoninoRound Robin 
1986VVA Monino (4)Slava MoskvaFinal9-6
1985Slava Moskva (2)Lokomotiv MoskvaFinal21-10
1984Aviator Kiev (3)Slava MoskvaFinal15-9
1983VVA Monino (3)Slava MoskvaFinal12-3
1982Aviator Kiev (2)VVA MoninoFinal9-3
1981Slava Moskva (1)Lokomotiv MoskvaFinal9-6
1980VVA Monino (2)Lokomotiv MoskvaFinal19-6
1979Aviator Kiev (1)KPI KievFinal24-0
1978Lokomotiv Tbilisi (1)Slava MoskvaFinal30-3
1977Fili Moskva (1)Primoretz LeningradFinal7-0
1976VVA Monino (1)Lokomotiv TbilisiFinal10-6
1938Dinamo Moskva (2)Lokomotiv MoskvaFinal7-3
1936Dinamo Moskva (1)Vysshaja Shkola VCIKRound Robin 
Cities Tournament
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1959MVTU Moskva (1)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1949SKIF Kiev (1)Dinamo MoskvaRound Robin 
1947Burevestnik Moskva (1)Dinamo MoskvaRound Robin 
1937Dinamo Moskva (1)Neftjanik BakuRound Robin 
Trade Unions Tournament
DSO Burevestnik Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1981Sameditsino Tbilisi (1)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1980Politekhnik Krasnoyarsk (1)KPI KievRound Robin 
1979KPI Kiev (4)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1978KPI Kiev (3) Round Robin 
1977Burevestnik Alma Ata (1)Politekhnik KrasnoyarskRound Robin 
1976KPI Kiev (2)Politekhnik KrasnoyarskRound Robin 
1975KPI Kiev (1)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1974Burevestnik Leningrad (2)KPI KievRound Robin 
1973MAI Moskva (5)Burevestnik LeningradFinal9-0
1972Burevestnik Leningrad (1)MAI MoskvaFinal7-6
1971MAI Moskva (4)LGU LeningradRound Robin 
1970???LGU LeningradRound Robin 
1969MAI Moskva (3) Round Robin 
1968MVTU Moskva (4)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1967MVTU Moskva (3)MAI MoskvaFinal14-6
1965MVTU Moskva (2)MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1964???MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1963MAI Moskva (2)MVTU MoskvaRound Robin 
1962???MAI MoskvaRound Robin 
1961MVTU Moskva (1)MJeI MoskvaRound Robin 
1960MAI Moskva (1)MVTU MoskvaRound Robin 
DSO Trud Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1983DSK Kutaisi (1)Slava MoskvaRound Robin10-8
1965Trud Moskva (2)Krylja Sovetov MoskvaRound Robin 
1963Trud Moskva (1) Round Robin 
TeamTitlesRunners up
Trud Moskva20
DSK Kutaisi10
Fili Moskva01
Slava Moskva01
DSO Spartak Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1986Spartak Tbilisi (1)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
1985Aviator Kiev (10)Universitet NaljchikRound Robin 
1984Aviator Kiev (9)Universitet NaljchikRound Robin 
1983Spartak Moskva (9)Universitet NaljchikRound Robin 
1982Spartak Moskva (8)Spartak KharkovRound Robin 
1981Aviator Kiev (8)Universitet NaljchikRound Robin 
1980Automobilist Moskva (7)Spartak Alma AtaRound Robin 
1979Aviator Kiev (7)Automobilist MoskvaRound Robin 
1978Aviator Kiev (6)Automobilist MoskvaRound Robin 
1977Automobilist Moskva (6) Round Robin 
1976Automobilist Moskva (5)KIIGA KievRound Robin 
1975KIIGA Kiev (5)Automobilist MoskvaRound Robin 
1974KIIGA Kiev (4)Automobilist MoskvaRound Robin 
1973KIIGA Kiev (3)Spartak NaljchikRound Robin 
1972Spartak Moskva (4)Spartak KievRound Robin 
1971Spartak Kiev (2)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
1970Automobilist Moskva (3) Round Robin 
1969Spartak Kiev (1)Spartak NaljchikRound Robin 
1967Spartak Moskva (2)Spartak KievRound Robin 
1965Spartak Moskva (1)Spartak LeningradRound Robin 
19632-Spartak Moskva (1)Spartak MoskvaRound Robin 
DSO Lokomotiv Championship
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1972Lokomotiv Tbilisi (5) Round Robin 
1971Lokomotiv Tbilisi (4)Lokomotiv KharkovRound Robin 
1970??? Round Robin 
1968Lokomotiv Tbilisi (3)Lokomotiv MoskvaRound Robin 
1967Lokomotiv Tbilisi (2)Lokomotiv MoskvaFinal9-6
1965Lokomotiv Tbilisi (1)Lokomotiv MoskvaRound Robin 
1964??? Round Robin 
DSO Dinamo Championship
TeamTitlesRunners up
Dinamo Tbilisi33
Dinamo Kiev21
Dinamo Moskva12
Winter Soviet Tournament
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1983Slava Moskva (3)Fili MoskvaRound Robin 
1982??? Round Robin 
1981Soviet Union XV (1)Slava MoskvaFinal25-6
1980Slava Moskva (2)Lokomotiv MoskvaFinal10-0
1979Slava Moskva (1)Fili MoskvaRound Robin 


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