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Sudamericano U20

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It is the main South American tournament for junior selections.
It can be played U18, U19 or U20.
In some seasons Argentina did not play the tournament but only the Junior South America Rugby Cup aganst the tournament winner.

Since 2008 minor nations play a B tournament.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Uruguay U20 (2)Argentina U20Final38-32
2018Uruguay U20 (1)Chile U20Round Robin 
2017Argentina U20 (1)Uruguay U20Final40-12
TeamTitlesRunners up
Uruguay U2021
Argentina U2011
Chile U2001

Related trophies

Junior South America Rugby Cup
TeamTitlesRunners up
Argentina U1940
Uruguay U1903
Uruguay U2001
Sudamericano U18
TeamTitlesRunners up
Argentina U18140
Uruguay U1817
Chile U1805
Sudamericano U19
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Uruguay U19 (4)Chile U19Final29-11
2016Uruguay U19 (3)Chile U19Round Robin 
2015Uruguay U19 (2)Chile U19Round Robin 
2014Uruguay U19 (1)Chile U19Round Robin 
2013Argentina U19 (14)Uruguay U19Round Robin 
2012Argentina U19 (13)Chile U19Round Robin 
2011Argentina U19 (12)Chile U19Round Robin 
2010Argentina U19 (11)Uruguay U19Round Robin 
2009Argentina U19 (10)Uruguay U19Round Robin 
2008Argentina U19 (9)Chile U19Round Robin 
2007Argentina U19 (8)Uruguay U19Round Robin 
2006Argentina U19 (7)Uruguay U19Round Robin 
2005Argentina U19 (6)Chile U19Round Robin 
2004Argentina U19 (5)Uruguay U19Round Robin 
2003Argentina U19 (4)Chile U19Round Robin 
2002Argentina U19 (3)Chile U19Round Robin 
2000Argentina U19 (2)Chile U19Round Robin 
1999Argentina U19 (1)Uruguay U19Round Robin 
TeamTitlesRunners up
Argentina U19140
Uruguay U1947
Chile U19011
Sudamericano Juvenil B


www.sudamericarugby.org - Sud America Rugby official site
es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudamericano_Juvenil_de_Rugby - Wikipedia pages about the South American junior rugby tournaments.