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British Columbia Premier

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It is the main competition for British Columbia clubs.
The winner is awarded the Rounsefell Cup.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018/19UBCOB Ravens (7)Burnaby LakeFinal30-22
2017/18UBCOB Ravens (6)UBC ThunderbirdsFinal17-11
2017UBC Thunderbirds (7)Burnaby LakeFinal26-17
2015/16UBC Thunderbirds (6)Burnaby LakeFinal27-12
2014/15UBC Thunderbirds (5)University of VictoriaFinal52-22
2013/14James Bay (23)Burnaby LakeFinal23-22
2012/13James Bay (22)Burnaby LakeFinal18-10
2011/12Capilano (3)James BayFinal22-21
2011Castaway Wanderers (5)MeralomaFinal20-3
2010University of Victoria (3)MeralomaFinal31-27
2009Meraloma (12)James BayFinal11-10
2008James Bay (21)MeralomaFinal20-15
2007James Bay (20)Bayside SharksFinal19-18
2006James Bay (19)Velox ValhalliansFinal28-5
2005Capilano (2)MeralomaFinal33-16
2003/04Capilano (1)UBCOB RavensFinal17-12
2002/03University of Victoria (2)James BayFinal23-17
2001/02Castaway Wanderers (4)CapilanoFinal20-17
2000/01Castaway Wanderers (3)Bayside SharksFinal44-36
1999/00Castaway Wanderers (2)Burnaby LakeFinal32-0
1998/99James Bay (18)MeralomaFinal29-19
1997/98Cowichan (2)CapilanoFinal???
1996/97Cowichan (1)Burnaby LakeFinal???
1995/96James Bay (17) Final???
1994/95Vancouver Rowing Club (3) Final???
1993/94UBCOB Ravens (5) Final???
1992/93James Bay (16) Final???
1991/92James Bay (15) Final???
1990/91UBCOB Ravens (4) Final???
1989/90UBCOB Ravens (3) Final???
1988/89James Bay (14) Final???
1987/88Meraloma (11) Final???
1986/87Meraloma (10) Final???
1985/86Meraloma (9) Final???
1984/85UBCOB Ravens (2) Final???
1983/84Britannia (2) Final???
1982/83Meraloma (8) Final???
1981/82James Bay (13) Final???
1980/81UBCOB Ravens (1) Final???
1979/80James Bay (12) Final???
1978/79James Bay (11) Final???
1977/78James Bay (10) Final???
1976/77James Bay (9) Final???
1975/76James Bay (8) Final???
1974/75James Bay (7) Final???
1973/74James Bay (6) Final???
1972/73Meraloma (7) Final???
1971/72Meraloma (6) Final???
1970/71University of Victoria (1) Final???
1968/69Kats (11) Final???
1967/68Kats (10) Final???
1966/67Meraloma (5) Final???
1965/66Kats (9) Final???
1964/65Meraloma (4) Final???
1963/64Kats (8) Final???
1962/63Kats (7)James BayFinal???
1961/62Kats (6)Oak Bay WanderersFinal???
1960/61Kats (5) Final???
1959/60Oak Bay Wanderers (1) Final???
1958/59Kats (4) Final???
1957/58Kats (3) Final???
1956/57Kats (2) Final???
1955/56Kats (1) Final???
1954/55North Shore All Blacks (6) Final???
1953/54Meraloma (3) Final???
1952/53Vindex (3) Final???
1951/52Vindex (2) Final???
1950/51Vindex (1) Final???
1949/50Britannia (1) Final???
1948/49South Burnaby (1) Final???
1947/48North Shore All Blacks (5) Final???
1946/47UBC Thunderbirds (4) Final???
1945/46James Bay (5) Final???
1944/45UBC Thunderbirds (3) Final???
1943/44Army Victoria (1) Final???
1942/43Royal Canadian Navy College (1) Final???
1941/42Byng (1) Final???
1940/41Meraloma (2) Final???
1939/40James Bay (4) Final???
1938/39James Bay (3)MeralomaFinal???
1937/38James Bay (2) Final???
1936/37North Shore All Blacks (4) Final???
1935/36Vancouver Rowing Club (2)5th RegimentFinal???
1934/35North Shore All Blacks (3) Final???
1933/34North Shore All Blacks (2) Final???
1932/33North Shore All Blacks (1) Final???
1930/31Ex-King George (4)Canadian ScottishFinal???
1929/30UBC Thunderbirds (2) Final???
1928/29Meraloma (1) Final???
1927/28Ex-King George (3) Final???
1926/27Ex-King George (2) Final???
1925/26Ex-King George (1) Final???
1924/25James Bay (1) Final???
1923/24UBC Thunderbirds (1) Final???
1922/23Vancouver Rowing Club (1) Final???
1921/22Central (1) Final???


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