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Lithuanian Cup

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It was the main knock-out competition for Lithuanian clubs.
It was discontinued in 2012 and substituted by two regional cups in the period 2016 - 2018.
Since 2019, First Division teams play the Small Cup.

It was preceeded by the Lithuanian SSR Cup in the Soviet period.

Related trophies

Lithuanian Small Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019VRA-Tomosta (1) Round Robin 
TeamTitlesRunners up
Lithuanian Northern Cup
TeamTitlesRunners up
BaltRex Siauliai21
Vairas-Kalvis Siauliai12
Lithuanian Southern Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2018VRA-Tomosta (2)Gelezhinis Vilkas VilniusRound Robin 
2017RK Siauliai (1)VRA-TomostaRound Robin 
2016VRA-Tomosta (1)Klajpeda KovasRound Robin 
Lithuanian SSR Cup
Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
1990Vairas Siauliai (5)Stakles KaunasFinal40-3
1989Vairas Siauliai (4)Kauno Baldai KaunasFinal38-11
1987Politekhnika Kaunas (5)Vairas SiauliaiFinal15-4
1986Vairas Siauliai (3)Okean KlajpedaFinal4-0
1985Vairas Siauliai (2)Elektron PanevezhisFinal27-3
1984Politekhnika Kaunas (4)Vairas SiauliaiFinal7-4
1983Vairas Siauliai (1)Politekhnika KaunasFinal16-6
1982Stakles Kaunas (7)Vairas SiauliaiFinal16-3
1981Stakles Kaunas (6)Politekhnika KaunasFinal22-13
1980Stakles Kaunas (5)Elektron PanevezhisFinal22-12
1979Elektron Panevezhis (1)Stakles KaunasFinal18-15
1978Energostroj Kaunas (1)Stakles KaunasFinal9-6
1977Politekhnika Kaunas (3)Perkjunas PlungeFinal27-3
1976Plienas Vilnius (5)Inzhenerija VilniusFinal12-3
1975Stakles Kaunas (4)Politekhnika KaunasFinal10-6
1974Stakles Kaunas (3)Inzhenerija VilniusFinal20-7
1973Plienas Vilnius (4)Stakles KaunasFinal12-0
1972Plienas Vilnius (3)Lokomotiv KaunasFinal6-0
1971ShSG Vilnius (2)Stakles KaunasFinal28-3
1970Gelezhinis Vilkas Vilnius (1)Politekhnika KaunasFinal10-3
1969Lokomotiv Kaunas (2)Stakles KaunasFinal9-6
1968Politekhnika Kaunas (2)Banga KaunasFinal9-0
1967Stakles Kaunas (2)Banga KaunasFinal6-0
1966Lokomotiv Kaunas (1)Gelezhinis Vilkas VilniusFinal17-9
1965Politekhnika Kaunas (1)Banga KaunasFinal12-5
1964Stakles Kaunas (1)Politekhnika KaunasFinal8-3


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w3.kaunas.lt/regbis/ - Rugby section on the older Kaunas city site
Every site was scanned using also web.archive.org