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Cupa Romaniei

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It was a knock-out competition open to every romanian club.
Since 2014 it is played by Super Liga and Divizia Nationala teams and it is played on regional bases with e national final phase.
In 2015 a second cup was played (Cupa Regelui) while the national team was preparing for 2015 World Cup.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Steaua Bucuresti (15)Timisoara SaracensFinal22-19
2018CSM Bucuresti Olimpia (2)Timisoara SaracensFinal24-14
2017/18CSM Bucuresti Olimpia (1)Stiinta Baia MareFinal27-26
2016Timisoara Saracens (4)Stiinta Baia MareFinal37-12
2015Timisoara Saracens (3)Steaua BucurestiFinal17-14
2014Universitatea Timisoara (2)Stiinta Baia MareFinal19-14
2013Steaua Bucuresti (14)Stiinta Baia MareFinal17-10
2012Stiinta Baia Mare (5)Steaua BucurestiFinal9-3
2011Universitatea Timisoara (1)Stiinta Baia MareFinal32-10
2010Stiinta Baia Mare (4)Steaua BucurestiFinal13-6
2008/09Steaua Bucuresti (13)Farul ConstantaFinal27-15
2007/08Dinamo Bucuresti (11)Steaua BucurestiFinal30-18
2006/07Steaua Bucuresti (12)Stiinta Baia MareFinal14-13
2005/06Steaua Bucuresti (11)Stiinta Baia MareFinal41-12
2004/05Steaua Bucuresti (10)Dinamo BucurestiFinal36-16
2001/02Dinamo Bucuresti (10)Universitatea ClujFinal25-20
2000/01Dinamo Bucuresti (9)Farul ConstantaFinal118-14
1999/00Dinamo Bucuresti (8)Stiinta Baia MareFinal???
1998/99Stiinta Baia Mare (3)Universitatea ClujFinal14-10
1997/98Dinamo Bucuresti (7)Universitatea ClujFinal???
1996/97Dinamo Bucuresti (6)SibiuFinal???
1995/96Dinamo Bucuresti (5) Final???
1994/95Sibiu (2) Final???
1993/94Sibiu (1) Final???
1992/93Stiinta Petrosani (3) Final???
1991/92Farul Constanta (1) Final???
1990/91Stiinta Petrosani (2) Final???
1989/90Stiinta Baia Mare (2) Final10-9
1988/89Dinamo Bucuresti (4) Final???
1987/88 (1)Stiinta Baia MareFinal???
1986/87Barlad (2)Poli IasiFinal15-12
1985/86Barlad (1)Stiinta Baia MareFinal6-3
1984/85Grivita Rosie Bucuresti (5) Final???
1983/84Grivita Rosie Bucuresti (4) Final???
1982/83Stiinta Petrosani (1) Final???
1981/82Grivita Rosie Bucuresti (3)Stiinta Baia MareRound Robin 
1980/81Stiinta Baia Mare (1)Dinamo BucurestiFinal13-12
1979/80Dinamo Bucuresti (3) Final???
1978/79Poli Iasi (1) Final???
1977/78Steaua Bucuresti (9) Final???
1976/77Steaua Bucuresti (8) Final???
1975/76Sportul Studentesc Bucuresti (4) Final???
1974/75Sportul Studentesc Bucuresti (3) Final???
1973/74Steaua Bucuresti (7) Final???
1959Dinamo Bucuresti (2)CFR Grivita Rosie BucurestiFinal3-0
1958CCA Bucuresti (6)CFR Grivita Rosie BucurestiFinal3-0
1957Energia ISP Bucuresti (1) Final???
1956CCA Bucuresti (5)Energia ISP BucurestiFinal6-3
1955CCA Bucuresti (4) Final???
1954Dinamo Bucuresti (1)CCA BucurestiFinal3-0
1953CCA Bucuresti (3) Final???
1952CCA Bucuresti (2) Final???
1950CCA Bucuresti (1) Final???
1949Sportul Studentesc Bucuresti (2)Posta Telegraf Telefon BucurestiFinal14-9
1948CFR Bucuresti (2) Final???
1946/47CFR Bucuresti (1)Tenis Club Roman BucurestiFinal8-6
1945/46Viforul Dacia Bucuresti (5) Final???
1944/45Viforul Dacia Bucuresti (4) Final???
1943/44Posta Telegraf Telefon Bucuresti (2) Final???
1942Viforul Dacia Bucuresti (3) Final???
1941Stadiul Roman Bucuresti (5) Final???
1939Viforul Dacia Bucuresti (2) Final???
1937Sportul Studentesc Bucuresti (1) Final???
1936Stadiul Roman Bucuresti (4) Final???
1935Posta Telegraf Telefon Bucuresti (1) Final???
1934Viforul Dacia Bucuresti (1) Final???
1923Stadiul Roman Bucuresti (3) Final???
1921Stadiul Roman Bucuresti (2) Final???
1920SSEF Bucuresti (1)Sportul Studentesc BucurestiRound Robin 
1919Stadiul Roman Bucuresti (1)SSEF BucurestiTie breaker???
1916Tenis Club Roman Bucuresti (2) Round Robin 
1915Tenis Club Roman Bucuresti (1)Stadiul Roman BucurestiFinal???
1914Sporting Club Bucuresti (1)Tenis Club Roman BucurestiMultiple final 


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