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NPC / Mitre 10 Cup

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It is the main domestic competition in New Zealand. It is played by provincial union selections.
Until 2005 it was played by all the provincial unions divided into 3 divisions.
With the 2006 revamping of the competition, only the 14 best unions were choosen to play the new cup, while the other 12 were passed to Heartland Championship.

It is now played on 2 divisions (Premiership and Championshp) with 1 relegation and 1 promotion between them each year.

It has been held since 1976. Before then provincial union played friendly inter union matches that assigned provincial caps to players. These inter union frendlies lost much of their importance with the birth of NPC and were abandoned with the transition to professionalism.

Honours Roll

Season:WinnersRunners upFormatResult
2019Tasman (1)WellingtonFinal31-14
2018Auckland (17)CanterburyFinal40-33
2017Canterbury (14)TasmanFinal35-13
2016Canterbury (13)TasmanFinal43-27
2015Canterbury (12)AucklandFinal25-23
2014Taranaki (1)TasmanFinal36-32
2013Canterbury (11)WellingtonFinal29-13
2012Canterbury (10)AucklandFinal31-18
2011Canterbury (9)WaikatoFinal12-3
2010Canterbury (8)WaikatoFinal33-13
2009Canterbury (7)WellingtonFinal28-20
2008Canterbury (6)WellingtonFinal7-6
2007Auckland (16)WellingtonFinal23-14
2006Waikato (2)WellingtonFinal37-31
2005Auckland (15)OtagoFinal39-11
2004Canterbury (5)WellingtonFinal40-27
2003Auckland (14)WellingtonFinal41-29
2002Auckland (13)WaikatoFinal40-28
2001Canterbury (4)OtagoFinal30-19
2000Wellington (4)CanterburyFinal34-29
1999Auckland (12)WellingtonFinal24-18
1998Otago (2)WaikatoFinal49-20
1997Canterbury (3)Counties ManukauFinal44-13
1996Auckland (11)Counties ManukauFinal46-15
1995Auckland (10)OtagoFinal23-19
1994Auckland (9)North HarbourFinal22-16
1993Auckland (8)OtagoFinal27-18
1992Waikato (1)OtagoFinal40-5
1991Otago (1)AucklandRound Robin 
1990Auckland (7)WaikatoRound Robin 
1989Auckland (6)CanterburyRound Robin 
1988Auckland (5)WellingtonRound Robin 
1987Auckland (4)WellingtonRound Robin 
1986Wellington (3)AucklandRound Robin 
1985Auckland (3)CanterburyRound Robin 
1984Auckland (2)CanterburyRound Robin 
1983Canterbury (2)WellingtonRound Robin 
1982Auckland (1)CanterburyRound Robin 
1981Wellington (2)ManawatuRound Robin 
1980Manawatu (1)WellingtonRound Robin 
1979Counties (1)AucklandRound Robin 
1978Wellington (1)CountiesRound Robin 
1977Canterbury (1)CountiesRound Robin 
1976Bay of Plenty (1)ManawatuRound Robin 


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