- The history of rugby through its competitions
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The Project
Location: Chimbas
Founded in 1927
Feeder of: San Juan
Matches archive
Argentina - Torneo Cuyano22/09/2019Huazihul - Belgrano R.C.33-20
Argentina - Torneo Cuyano07/09/2019Huazihul - San Jorge R.C.50-7
Argentina - Torneo Cuyano31/08/2019Mercedes San Luis - Huazihul5-61
Argentina - Torneo Cuyano24/08/2019Banco R.C. - Huazihul29-27
Argentina - Torneo Cuyano17/08/2019San Jorge R.C. - Huazihul11-42
Argentina - Torneo Cuyano28/09/2019Huazihul - Universitario Mendoza
Team History
2019Final Reclasificacion Ascenso / Desarrollo - Final phase playing in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2018Second in Poule B in Torneo Bicentenario and Second in Revalida Plata/Desarrollo in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2017Eighth in Copa de Plata in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano (qualified for Torneo Bicentenario 2018)
2016Winner in Playout in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2015Winner in Zona Oro in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2014Defeated in Semifinals Copa de Plata finals in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2013Second in Zona Reubicacion in Argentina - Top 10 Cuyano
2012??? in Argentina - Lower Leagues (promoted to Top 10 Cuyano) and Fourth in Poule B in Torneo Trasandino
2011Tenth in Argentina - Top 10 Cuyano (relegated to Lower Leagues)
2010Sixth in Argentina - Top 9 Cuyano
2009Fifth in Playout in Argentina - Top 10 Cuyano
2008Tenth in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2007Winner in 7th place final in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2006Winner in Final Reclasificatorio - 5th place in Argentina - Torneo Cuyano
2005Second in Zona D in Argentina - Torneo regional del Oeste
2004??? in Argentina - Lower Leagues (promoted to Torneo regional del Oeste)
2001??? in Quarter finals Ascenso finals in Argentina - Torneo regional del Oeste