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Kyushu Regional Top League 2010/11

Teams variations
Relegated from Top League 2009/10:Kyuden Voltex
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2010/11:Mitsubishi Mizushima
Promoted from Lower Leagues 2009/10:Yamagataya

Final results
Relegated to Lower Leagues 2011/12:Kagoshima Bank - Yamagataya
Qualified to Top League Challenge 2010/11:Kyuden Voltex - Mazda Blue Zoomers

Regular season
1Kyuden Voltex3066004984345560Qualified for Challenge 1
2Mazda Blue Zoomers25650145611933750Qualified for Challenge 2
3Thunders JR196402136181-4530
4Mitsubishi Heavy Industries156303122314-19230
5Chugoku Electric Power116204148192-4421
6Yamagataya56105112348-23610Qualified for playout
7Kagoshima Bank3600681365-28412

Regular season
04/09/2010Kagoshima Bank - Mazda Blue Zoomers19-101
04/09/2010Kyuden Voltex - Thunders JR80-0
04/09/2010Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Chugoku Electric Power27-21
18/09/2010Chugoku Electric Power - Yamagataya43-14
18/09/2010Kyuden Voltex - Kagoshima Bank128-0
18/09/2010Mazda Blue Zoomers - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries132-0
25/09/2010Chugoku Electric Power - Thunders JR5-20
25/09/2010Kyuden Voltex - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries87-17
25/09/2010Mazda Blue Zoomers - Yamagataya123-26
16/10/2010Thunders JR - Yamagataya48-19
17/10/2010Kagoshima Bank - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries24-31
24/10/2010Chugoku Electric Power - Mazda Blue Zoomers6-52
06/11/2010Thunders JR - Mazda Blue Zoomers13-48
07/11/2010Kagoshima Bank - Chugoku Electric Power12-59
07/11/2010Yamagataya - Kyuden Voltex12-90
20/11/2010Mazda Blue Zoomers - Kyuden Voltex0-55
20/11/2010Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Yamagataya30-21
20/11/2010Thunders JR - Kagoshima Bank26-12
27/11/2010Kyuden Voltex - Chugoku Electric Power58-14
27/11/2010Mitsubishi Heavy Industries - Thunders JR17-29
28/11/2010Yamagataya - Kagoshima Bank20-14