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Argentina - Nacional de Clubes B Season: Competition overview
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Nacional de Clubes
Nacional de Clubes B

Nacional de Clubes B 2005

For this season it was decided that Litoral would have 6 teams, NOA 5 teams, Cordoba 4 teams, Oeste 3 teams, Mar del Plata, Sur and Uruguay 2 teams and Alto Valle, Austral, NEA and Paraguay 1 team.

Final results

Alto Valle
Neuquen R.C.Winner in Torneo regional Alto Valle - Sur 2005
PatoruzuWinner in Torneo Austral 2004
Santa Fe R.C.Fifth in Torneo regional del Litoral 2004
C.A. ProvincialSixth in Torneo regional del Litoral 2004
Universitario Santa FeSeventh in Torneo regional del Litoral 2004
Los CaranchosEighth in Torneo regional del Litoral 2004
C.R.A.I.Winner in Zona Ascenso in Torneo regional del Litoral 2004
Estudiantes ParanàSecond in Zona Ascenso in Torneo regional del Litoral 2004
TaraguyWinner in Torneo regional del NEA 2004
HuirapucaThird in Torneo regional del NOA 2004
Universitario SaltaWinner in Zona Ubicacion in Torneo regional del NOA 2004
Tucuman R.C.Second in Zona Ubicacion in Torneo regional del NOA 2004
Lince R.C.Third in Zona Ubicacion in Torneo regional del NOA 2004
Old LionsWinner in
Mendoza R.C.Finalist in Torneo regional del Oeste 2004
Teque R.C.Third in Torneo regional del Oeste 2004
Liceo MendozaFourth in Torneo regional del Oeste 2004
Universitario AsuncionWinner in Paraguayan championship 2004
UCR (Cordoba)
Palermo BajoFourth in Cordoba - Copa Kadicard 2004
Cordoba RugbyFifth in Cordoba - Copa Kadicard 2004
Universitario CordobaSixth in Cordoba - Copa Kadicard 2004
Jockey Club Villa MariaSeventh in Cordoba - Copa Kadicard 2004
URMDP (Mar del Plata)
Mar del Plata R.C.Second in Torneo de la URMDP (Mar del Plata) 2004
Jockey Club Mar del PlataThird in Torneo de la URMDP (Mar del Plata) 2004
URS (Sur)
Argentino Bahia BlancaFinalist in Torneo regional Alto Valle - Sur 2005
Club Sociedad SportivaDefeated in semifinals in Torneo regional Alto Valle - Sur 2005
Carrasco PoloWinner in Uruguayo de Clubes 2004
TrebolThird in Uruguayo de Clubes 2004

First phase
Zona 1
1Taraguy15330099217830Qualified for quarter finals
2C.R.A.I.631025970-1111To repechage
3Santa Fe R.C.531026387-2410
4Universitario Asuncion431024487-4300

First phase
26/06/2005Santa Fe R.C. - Universitario Asuncion35-9
26/06/2005Taraguy - C.R.A.I.28-0
07/08/2005Santa Fe R.C. - C.R.A.I.22-42
07/08/2005Universitario Asuncion - Taraguy15-35
10/09/2005C.R.A.I. - Universitario Asuncion17-20
10/09/2005Taraguy - Santa Fe R.C.36-6

Zona 2
1Jockey Club Villa Maria14330084315320Qualified for quarter finals
2Universitario Santa Fe932015972-1310To repechage
3Tucuman R.C.631025263-1102
4Estudiantes Paranà230034170-2902

First phase
26/06/2005Estudiantes Paranà - Tucuman R.C.18-19
26/06/2005Jockey Club Villa Maria - Universitario Santa Fe37-10
07/08/2005Jockey Club Villa Maria - Tucuman R.C.20-15
07/08/2005Universitario Santa Fe - Estudiantes Paranà24-17
10/09/2005Estudiantes Paranà - Jockey Club Villa Maria6-27
10/09/2005Tucuman R.C. - Universitario Santa Fe18-25

Zona 3
1Huirapuca123210106614520Qualified for quarter finals
2Teque R.C.11321073472610To repechage
3Lince R.C.731026368-512
4Palermo Bajo130032389-6601

First phase
26/06/2005Lince R.C. - Huirapuca24-30
26/06/2005Teque R.C. - Palermo Bajo21-0
07/08/2005Huirapuca - Teque R.C.23-23
07/08/2005Lince R.C. - Palermo Bajo15-9
10/09/2005Huirapuca - Palermo Bajo53-14
10/09/2005Teque R.C. - Lince R.C.29-24

Zona 4
1Universitario Salta1433001877011720Qualified for quarter finals
2Universitario Cordoba631027277-502To repechage
3Cordoba Rugby631027183-1211
4Old Lions4310254154-10000

First phase
26/06/2005Old Lions - Universitario Cordoba25-18
26/06/2005Universitario Salta - Cordoba Rugby46-24
07/08/2005Old Lions - Cordoba Rugby17-31
07/08/2005Universitario Cordoba - Universitario Salta34-36
10/09/2005Cordoba Rugby - Universitario Cordoba16-20
10/09/2005Universitario Salta - Old Lions105-12

Zona 5
1Carrasco Polo143300119358420Qualified for quarter finals
2Trebol9320180443610To repechage
3C.A. Provincial4310252103-5100
4Los Caranchos1300339108-6901

First phase
26/06/2005Los Caranchos - C.A. Provincial22-23
26/06/2005Trebol - Carrasco Polo11-22
07/08/2005Carrasco Polo - C.A. Provincial49-12
07/08/2005Trebol - Los Caranchos37-5
10/09/2005C.A. Provincial - Trebol17-32
12/09/2005Los Caranchos - Carrasco Polo12-48

Zona 6
1Mendoza R.C.11320192722021Qualified for quarter finals
2Liceo Mendoza113201114645021To repechage
3Neuquen R.C.531027085-1501
4Argentino Bahia Blanca5310274129-5510

First phase
26/06/2005Liceo Mendoza - Neuquen R.C.29-28
07/08/2005Liceo Mendoza - Argentino Bahia Blanca62-6
07/08/2005Neuquen R.C. - Mendoza R.C.20-17
03/09/2005Mendoza R.C. - Argentino Bahia Blanca45-29
10/09/2005Argentino Bahia Blanca - Neuquen R.C.39-22
10/09/2005Mendoza R.C. - Liceo Mendoza30-23

Zona 7
1Mar del Plata R.C.13330055312410Qualified for quarter finals
2Club Sociedad Sportiva11320196465021To repechage
4Jockey Club Mar del Plata0300330101-7100

First phase
26/06/2005Club Sociedad Sportiva - Jockey Club Mar del Plata50-11
26/06/2005Mar del Plata R.C. - PatoruzuHome team
walk over
07/08/2005Club Sociedad Sportiva - Patoruzu29-13
07/08/2005Jockey Club Mar del Plata - Mar del Plata R.C.14-33
10/09/2005Mar del Plata R.C. - Club Sociedad Sportiva22-17
10/09/2005Patoruzu - Jockey Club Mar del Plata18-5

1Liceo Mendoza113201114645021Qualified for quarter finals
2Club Sociedad Sportiva11320196465021
3Teque R.C.11321073472610
5Universitario Santa Fe932015972-1310
6Universitario Cordoba631027277-502

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Universitario Salta
11/12/2005 - 25-9Universitario Salta
11/19/2005 - 34-23
TaraguyUniversitario Salta
Mendoza R.C.12/3/2005 - Cancelled
11/12/2005 - 37-27
Mendoza R.C.
Mar del Plata R.C.
11/12/2005 - 13-30Carrasco Polo
11/19/2005 - 19-15
Carrasco Polo
Jockey Club Villa MariaCarrasco Polo
11/12/2005 - 25-15
Jockey Club Villa Maria
Liceo Mendoza