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Argentina - Torneo regional Pampeano Season: Competition overview
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Torneo regional Pampeano

Torneo regional Pampeano 2011

The tournament was played by 7 teams from Mar del Plata and 3 teams from Sur.
A team from Mar del Plata descended while the Pampeano B was won by a team from Sur.
Descenso final was cancelled as both teams were from Mar del Plata.

First phase
Zona A
1Mar del Plata R.C.154301117843321Qualified for semifinals
2Los Cardos154301154946030Qualified to quarter finals
3Argentino Bahia Blanca1142029394-121
4Comercial104202109132-2320Qualified for Zona Descenso semifinals
5Los 50140042392-6901

First phase
16/07/2011Argentino Bahia Blanca - Los 5018-0
16/07/2011Mar del Plata R.C. - Comercial45-24
23/07/2011Comercial - Argentino Bahia Blanca30-24
23/07/2011Los Cardos - Mar del Plata R.C.30-40
30/07/2011Los Cardos - Comercial56-17
30/07/2011Mar del Plata R.C. - Los 5010-6
04/08/2011Comercial - Los 5038-7
04/08/2011Los Cardos - Argentino Bahia Blanca42-27
16/08/2011Argentino Bahia Blanca - Mar del Plata R.C.24-22
16/08/2011Los 50 - Los Cardos10-26

Zona B
1Sporting Club14430188682011Qualified for semifinals
2Club Sociedad Sportiva1242117674211Qualified to quarter finals
3Universitario Bahia Blanca124202104812322
4Universitario Mar del Plata1242029896222Qualified for Zona Descenso semifinals
5San Ignacio3401381128-4701

First phase
16/07/2011Club Sociedad Sportiva - Universitario Mar del Plata31-28
16/07/2011Sporting Club - San Ignacio51-31
23/07/2011Club Sociedad Sportiva - Universitario Bahia Blanca24-22
23/07/2011Universitario Mar del Plata - Sporting Club20-13
30/07/2011Club Sociedad Sportiva - San Ignacio13-13
30/07/2011Universitario Bahia Blanca - Universitario Mar del Plata32-27
04/08/2011Universitario Bahia Blanca - Sporting Club9-13
04/08/2011Universitario Mar del Plata - San Ignacio23-20
16/08/2011San Ignacio - Universitario Bahia Blanca17-41
16/08/2011Sporting Club - Club Sociedad Sportiva11-8

Final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Sporting Club
8/28/2011 - 19-7
Sporting Club
Club Sociedad Sportiva9/3/2011 - 19-13
8/23/2011 - 16-14
Club Sociedad Sportiva
Argentino Bahia BlancaSporting Club
Mar del Plata R.C.
8/28/2011 - 25-17
Los CardosMar del Plata R.C.
8/23/2011 - 67-38
Los Cardos
Universitario Bahia Blanca

Zona Descenso
San Ignacio
8/23/2011 - 24-19
Universitario Mar del Plata
8/23/2011 - 62-8
Los 50