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Junior World Championship Season: Competition overview
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World Rugby U20 Championship
World Rugby U20 Trophy

World Rugby U20 Championship 2015

Teams variations
Relegated to World Rugby U20 Trophy 2015:Fiji U20
Promoted from Junior World Rugby Trophy 2014:Japan U20

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1France U2013330096356113410Qualified for semifinals
2England U20103201107535415520To repechage
3Wales U205310292524012710
4Japan U200300317172-15522600Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
02/06/2015England U20 - Japan U2059-7
02/06/2015France U20 - Wales U2019-10
06/06/2015England U20 - Wales U2030-16
06/06/2015France U20 - Japan U2047-7
10/06/2015England U20 - France U2018-30
10/06/2015Wales U20 - Japan U2066-3

Poule B
1South Africa U20153300119269316430Qualified for semifinals
2Australia U201032017883-5111120To repechage
3Samoa U20431026098-3871400
4Italy U20230034494-5071211Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
02/06/2015Australia U20 - Samoa U2034-22
02/06/2015Italy U20 - South Africa U205-33
06/06/2015Italy U20 - Australia U2015-31
06/06/2015South Africa U20 - Samoa U2040-8
10/06/2015Italy U20 - Samoa U2024-30
10/06/2015South Africa U20 - Australia U2046-13

Poule C
1New Zealand U20143300125428316320Qualified for semifinals
2Ireland U20832014561-162600To repechage
3Scotland U20531025998-3961101
4Argentina U20230035179-283702Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
02/06/2015Ireland U20 - Argentina U2018-16
02/06/2015New Zealand U20 - Scotland U2068-10
06/06/2015Ireland U20 - Scotland U2024-20
06/06/2015New Zealand U20 - Argentina U2032-29
10/06/2015Argentina U20 - Scotland U206-29
10/06/2015New Zealand U20 - Ireland U2025-3

1England U20103201107535415520Qualified for semifinals
2Australia U201032017883-5111120Qualified for 5th place semifinals
3Ireland U20832014561-162600
4Wales U205310292524012710
5Scotland U20531025998-3961101
6Samoa U20431026098-3871400Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Final phase
New Zealand U20
6/15/2015 - 45-7New Zealand U20
6/20/2015 - 21-16
France U20New Zealand U20
South Africa U20
6/15/2015 - 20-28
England U20
England U20
3rd place final
France U20
6/20/2015 - 18-31South Africa U20
South Africa U20
5th place semifinals5th place final
Australia U20
6/15/2015 - 31-21Australia U20
6/20/2015 - 28-23
Scotland U20Australia U20
Ireland U20
6/15/2015 - 12-22
Wales U20
Wales U20
7th place final
Scotland U20
6/20/2015 - 9-17Ireland U20
Ireland U20
9th place semifinals9th place final
Italy U20
6/15/2015 - 5-46Argentina U20
6/20/2015 - 38-21
Argentina U20Argentina U20
Samoa U20
6/15/2015 - 12-29
Japan U20
Japan U20
11th place final
Italy U20
6/20/2015 - 20-19Italy U20
Samoa U20