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Canada - Rugby Canada Super League Season: Competition overview
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Rugby Canada Super League

Rugby Canada Super League 2005

Final results

Regular season
1Saskatchewan Prairie Fire3066002078012760Qualified to final
2Vancouver Island Crimson Tide2665012558616951
3Edmonton Gold1463031381241420
4Calgary Mavericks1463031651353020
5British Columbia Wave136204195211-1632
6Manitoba Buffalo116204132165-3321
7Vancouver Island Raiders0600663354-29100

Regular season
28/05/2005Edmonton Gold - Saskatchewan Prairie Fire7-35
04/06/2005British Columbia Wave - Vancouver Island Raiders79-22
04/06/2005Manitoba Buffalo - Edmonton Gold12-19
04/06/2005Saskatchewan Prairie Fire - Calgary Mavericks29-20
11/06/2005Vancouver Island Raiders - Vancouver Island Crimson Tide17-55
17/06/2005Vancouver Island Raiders - Edmonton Gold10-68
18/06/2005Saskatchewan Prairie Fire - Manitoba Buffalo44-0
18/06/2005Vancouver Island Crimson Tide - Calgary Mavericks37-21
19/06/2005British Columbia Wave - Edmonton Gold28-19
23/06/2005Saskatchewan Prairie Fire - Vancouver Island Crimson Tide22-18
25/06/2005Edmonton Gold - Vancouver Island Crimson Tide0-29
30/06/2005Vancouver Island Crimson Tide - Manitoba Buffalo52-19
02/07/2005Calgary Mavericks - Manitoba Buffalo22-12
07/07/2005British Columbia Wave - Saskatchewan Prairie Fire28-32
09/07/2005Edmonton Gold - Calgary Mavericks25-10
09/07/2005Vancouver Island Raiders - Saskatchewan Prairie Fire7-45
15/07/2005Manitoba Buffalo - Vancouver Island Raiders46-0
16/07/2005Vancouver Island Crimson Tide - British Columbia Wave64-7
17/07/2005Calgary Mavericks - Vancouver Island Raiders61-27
22/07/2005Manitoba Buffalo - British Columbia Wave43-28
24/07/2005Calgary Mavericks - British Columbia Wave31-25

1Newfoundland Rock2966002517417750Qualified to final
2Niagara Thunder2565012039710650
3Toronto Xtreme1863121641145031
4Ottawa Harlequins1763121321201230
5Quebec Caribou9620490182-9210
6Nova Scotia Keltics8610599160-6122
7New Brunswick Black Spruce2600650242-19211

Regular season
04/06/2005Newfoundland Rock - New Brunswick Black Spruce67-0
10/06/2005Toronto Xtreme - Quebec Caribou36-14
11/06/2005New Brunswick Black Spruce - Nova Scotia Keltics8-12
11/06/2005Newfoundland Rock - Ottawa Harlequins34-20
12/06/2005Niagara Thunder - Quebec Caribou46-0
24/06/2005Nova Scotia Keltics - Niagara Thunder24-31
25/06/2005Newfoundland Rock - Quebec Caribou57-6
25/06/2005Toronto Xtreme - Ottawa Harlequins16-16
26/06/2005New Brunswick Black Spruce - Niagara Thunder5-47
01/07/2005Quebec Caribou - New Brunswick Black Spruce42-0
01/07/2005Toronto Xtreme - Newfoundland Rock19-25
03/07/2005Ottawa Harlequins - New Brunswick Black Spruce26-13
04/07/2005Nova Scotia Keltics - Newfoundland Rock10-33
08/07/2005New Brunswick Black Spruce - Toronto Xtreme24-48
09/07/2005Ottawa Harlequins - Niagara Thunder23-36
10/07/2005Nova Scotia Keltics - Toronto Xtreme11-35
16/07/2005Quebec Caribou - Ottawa Harlequins3-19
18/07/2005Niagara Thunder - Toronto Xtreme24-10
22/07/2005Ottawa Harlequins - Nova Scotia Keltics28-18
24/07/2005Niagara Thunder - Newfoundland Rock19-35
24/07/2005Quebec Caribou - Nova Scotia Keltics25-24