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IRB U19 Rugby World Cup Season: Competition overview
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Division A
Division B

IRB U19 Rugby World Cup - Division B 2004

The tournament was held in South Africa.
The finals were played at the ABSA Stadium, Durban.

Final results
Winner:Romania U19

Group phase
1Romania U19153300101237830Qualified to semifinals
2Uruguay U19143300100415920
3Namibia U1910320172413111
4Chile U199320196613510
5Russia U19932016254810Qualified to 5th place semifinals
6Canada U197310263491412
7Tonga U195310256411510
8Portugal U19531026977-810
9Morocco U19531023870-3201Qualified to 9th place semifinals
10South Korea U19531025288-3610
11United States U19531022764-3701
12Thailand U190300328155-12700

Group phase
27/03/2004Chile U19 - Thailand U1958-8
27/03/2004Morocco U19 - Namibia U1916-10
27/03/2004Portugal U19 - Romania U193-32
27/03/2004Russia U19 - Canada U1914-10
27/03/2004South Korea U19 - Uruguay U1915-32
27/03/2004Tonga U19 - United States U1939-0
31/03/2004Chile U19 - Romania U1917-35
31/03/2004Morocco U19 - Uruguay U1912-46
31/03/2004Portugal U19 - Canada U1914-35
31/03/2004Russia U19 - Thailand U1945-10
31/03/2004South Korea U19 - United States U1915-13
31/03/2004Tonga U19 - Namibia U193-19
04/04/2004Chile U19 - Canada U1921-18
04/04/2004Morocco U19 - United States U1910-14
04/04/2004Portugal U19 - Thailand U1952-10
04/04/2004Russia U19 - Romania U193-34
04/04/2004South Korea U19 - Namibia U1922-43
04/04/2004Tonga U19 - Uruguay U1914-22

Final phase
Romania U19
4/8/2004 - 29-13Romania U19
4/12/2004 - 30-7
Chile U19Romania U19
Uruguay U19
4/8/2004 - 17-14
Uruguay U19
Namibia U19
3rd place final
Chile U19
4/12/2004 - 38-5Chile U19
Namibia U19
5th place semifinals5th place final
Russia U19
4/8/2004 - 37-17Russia U19
4/12/2004 - 7-22
Portugal U19Tonga U19
Canada U19
4/8/2004 - 6-37
Tonga U19
Tonga U19
7th place final
Portugal U19
4/12/2004 - 3-16Canada U19
Canada U19
9th place semifinals9th place final
Morocco U19
4/8/2004 - 15-41Thailand U19
4/12/2004 - 17-60
Thailand U19South Korea U19
South Korea U19
4/8/2004 - 35-19
South Korea U19
United States U19
11th place final
Morocco U19
4/12/2004 - 5-15United States U19
United States U19