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European Championship 7s
Qualifier 1 (Sopot)
Qualifier 2 (Makarska)
Qualifier 3 (Lunel)
Qualifier 4 (Unstrom)
Qualifier 5 (Andorra)
Qualifier 6 (Batumi)

European Championship 7s 2005

The tournament was held in Moscow, Russia.

Final results
Winner:Portugal 7s

Group phase
Poule A
1Portugal 7s14541017319154Qualified to semifinals
2Italy 7s1253111034063
3Spain 7s115302946628Qualified for Plate
4Germany 7s11530277141-64
5Ukraine 7s751045792-35Qualified for Bowl
6Croatia 7s550057153-146

Group phase
16/07/2005Portugal 7s - Croatia 7s43-0
16/07/2005Italy 7s - Spain 7s14-0
16/07/2005Germany 7s - Ukraine 7s15-7
16/07/2005Portugal 7s - Spain 7s38-0
16/07/2005Ukraine 7s - Croatia 7s31-0
16/07/2005Germany 7s - Italy 7s28-26
16/07/2005Spain 7s - Ukraine 7s19-14
16/07/2005Portugal 7s - Italy 7s7-7
16/07/2005Germany 7s - Croatia 7s22-7
16/07/2005Portugal 7s - Ukraine 7s38-0
16/07/2005Spain 7s - Germany 7s54-0
16/07/2005Italy 7s - Croatia 7s36-0
16/07/2005Portugal 7s - Germany 7s47-12
16/07/2005Italy 7s - Ukraine 7s20-5
16/07/2005Spain 7s - Croatia 7s21-0

Poule B
1Russia 7s15550014747100Qualified to semifinals
2France 7s1153021049311
3Moldova 7s1153028497-13Qualified for Plate
4Romania 7s9520383100-17
5Georgia 7s751047480-6Qualified for Bowl
6Lithuania 7s7510439114-75

Group phase
16/07/2005France 7s - Romania 7s24-14
16/07/2005Russia 7s - Moldova 7s31-14
16/07/2005Lithuania 7s - Georgia 7s15-14
16/07/2005France 7s - Moldova 7s35-17
16/07/2005Romania 7s - Georgia 7s19-17
16/07/2005Russia 7s - Lithuania 7s31-0
16/07/2005Moldova 7s - Georgia 7s10-7
16/07/2005Russia 7s - France 7s33-7
16/07/2005Romania 7s - Lithuania 7s24-7
16/07/2005Georgia 7s - France 7s24-19
16/07/2005Moldova 7s - Lithuania 7s26-12
16/07/2005Russia 7s - Romania 7s35-14
16/07/2005France 7s - Lithuania 7s19-5
16/07/2005Russia 7s - Georgia 7s17-12
16/07/2005Moldova 7s - Romania 7s17-12

Portugal 7s
7/17/2005 - 22-7Portugal 7s
7/17/2005 - 28-26
France 7sPortugal 7s
Russia 7s
7/17/2005 - 17-0
Russia 7s
Italy 7s
3rd place final
Italy 7s
7/17/2005 - 28-24Italy 7s
France 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Spain 7s
7/17/2005 - 19-14Spain 7s
7/17/2005 - 26-14
Romania 7sSpain 7s
Germany 7s
7/17/2005 - 31-7
Germany 7s
Moldova 7s
7th place final
Moldova 7s
7/17/2005 - 26-21Moldova 7s
Romania 7s

Bowl semifinalsBowl final
Lithuania 7s
7/17/2005 - 19-14Lithuania 7s
7/17/2005 - 17-7
Croatia 7sLithuania 7s
Georgia 7s
7/17/2005 - 12-10
Georgia 7s
Ukraine 7s
11th place final
Ukraine 7s
7/17/2005 - 36-0Ukraine 7s
Croatia 7s