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Africa Cup Sevens Season: Competition overview
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Africa Cup Sevens

Africa Cup Sevens 2014

The tournament was held in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Group phase
Poule A
1South Africa Academy 7s1555001750175Qualified to semifinals
2Tunisia 7s13540165623
3Madagascar 7s952038990-1Qualified for Plate
4Senegal 7s9520367103-36
5Zambia 7s9520350115-65Qualified for Bowl
6Botswana 7s5500541117-76

Group phase
29/11/2014Madagascar 7s - Botswana 7s33-7
29/11/2014Tunisia 7s - Zambia 7s21-5
29/11/2014South Africa Academy 7s - Senegal 7s38-0
29/11/2014Zambia 7s - Botswana 7s19-12
29/11/2014Senegal 7s - Madagascar 7s24-14
29/11/2014South Africa Academy 7s - Tunisia 7s28-0
29/11/2014Senegal 7s - Botswana 7s19-10
29/11/2014South Africa Academy 7s - Zambia 7s33-0
29/11/2014Tunisia 7s - Madagascar 7s12-10
29/11/2014Zambia 7s - Senegal 7s26-17
29/11/2014Tunisia 7s - Botswana 7s17-12
29/11/2014South Africa Academy 7s - Madagascar 7s47-0
30/11/2014Tunisia 7s - Senegal 7s15-7
30/11/2014Madagascar 7s - Zambia 7s32-0
30/11/2014South Africa Academy 7s - Botswana 7s29-0

Poule B
1Kenya 7s B1354011305377Qualified to semifinals
2Zimbabwe 7s1354011295772
3Namibia 7s1153021344985Qualified for Plate
4Uganda 7s1153021117437
5Nigeria 7s7510462136-74Qualified for Bowl
6Ivory Coast 7s550057214-207

Group phase
29/11/2014Uganda 7s - Ivory Coast 7s36-7
29/11/2014Zimbabwe 7s - Nigeria 7s26-19
29/11/2014Kenya 7s B - Namibia 7s14-7
29/11/2014Nigeria 7s - Ivory Coast 7s28-0
29/11/2014Namibia 7s - Uganda 7s26-21
29/11/2014Kenya 7s B - Zimbabwe 7s19-17
29/11/2014Namibia 7s - Ivory Coast 7s45-0
29/11/2014Kenya 7s B - Nigeria 7s33-5
29/11/2014Zimbabwe 7s - Uganda 7s19-12
29/11/2014Namibia 7s - Nigeria 7s49-0
29/11/2014Zimbabwe 7s - Ivory Coast 7s53-0
29/11/2014Uganda 7s - Kenya 7s B14-12
30/11/2014Zimbabwe 7s - Namibia 7s14-7
30/11/2014Uganda 7s - Nigeria 7s28-10
30/11/2014Kenya 7s B - Ivory Coast 7s52-0

South Africa Academy 7s
11/30/2014 - 19-12South Africa Academy 7s
11/30/2014 - 38-5
Zimbabwe 7sSouth Africa Academy 7s
Kenya 7s B
11/30/2014 - 29-5
Kenya 7s B
Tunisia 7s
3rd place final
Zimbabwe 7s
11/30/2014 - 41-5Zimbabwe 7s
Tunisia 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Namibia 7s
11/30/2014 - 34-0Namibia 7s
11/30/2014 - 19-12
Senegal 7sNamibia 7s
Uganda 7s
11/30/2014 - 19-12
Uganda 7s
Madagascar 7s
7th place final
Madagascar 7s
11/30/2014 - 47-5Madagascar 7s
Senegal 7s

Bowl semifinalsBowl final
Zambia 7s
11/30/2014 - 26-14Zambia 7s
11/30/2014 - 21-19
Ivory Coast 7sZambia 7s
Botswana 7s
11/30/2014 - 17-7
Botswana 7s
Nigeria 7s
11th place final
Nigeria 7s
11/30/2014 - 24-21Nigeria 7s
Ivory Coast 7s