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Rugby World Cup 7s Season: Competition overview
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Rugby World Cup 7s
Former USSR qualifiers
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Rugby World Cup 7s 1993

The tournament was held at Murrayfield in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1South Africa 7s15550017543132Qualified for Cup 2nd phase
2Fiji 7s1354011506090
3Wales 7s1153021357857Qualified for Plate
4Japan 7s9520367118-51Qualified for Bowl
5Romania 7s7510444133-89
6Latvia 7s5500529168-139

Group phase
16/04/1993Fiji 7s - Latvia 7s42-0
16/04/1993South Africa 7s - Japan 7s28-5
16/04/1993Wales 7s - Romania 7s33-7
16/04/1993Fiji 7s - Japan 7s28-17
16/04/1993Romania 7s - Latvia 7s22-5
16/04/1993South Africa 7s - Wales 7s36-14
16/04/1993Fiji 7s - Romania 7s40-0
16/04/1993Wales 7s - Japan 7s35-7
16/04/1993South Africa 7s - Latvia 7s47-5
17/04/1993Fiji 7s - Wales 7s21-17
17/04/1993South Africa 7s - Romania 7s38-0
17/04/1993Japan 7s - Latvia 7s21-12
17/04/1993South Africa 7s - Fiji 7s26-19
17/04/1993Wales 7s - Latvia 7s36-7
17/04/1993Japan 7s - Romania 7s17-15

Poule B
1New Zealand 7s15550015724133Qualified for Cup 2nd phase
2Ireland 7s1354011284583
3South Korea 7s1153028098-18Qualified for Plate
4France 7s952036271-9Qualified for Bowl
5United States 7s7510462105-43
6Netherlands 7s5500533179-146

Group phase
16/04/1993New Zealand 7s - Netherlands 7s49-7
16/04/1993France 7s - United States 7s22-7
16/04/1993Ireland 7s - South Korea 7s21-12
16/04/1993New Zealand 7s - United States 7s19-5
16/04/1993South Korea 7s - Netherlands 7s28-12
16/04/1993Ireland 7s - France 7s17-9
17/04/1993New Zealand 7s - South Korea 7s46-0
17/04/1993Ireland 7s - United States 7s38-0
17/04/1993France 7s - Netherlands 7s26-14
17/04/1993New Zealand 7s - Ireland 7s24-7
17/04/1993South Korea 7s - France 7s14-0
17/04/1993United States 7s - Netherlands 7s31-0
17/04/1993Ireland 7s - Netherlands 7s45-0
17/04/1993New Zealand 7s - France 7s19-5
17/04/1993South Korea 7s - United States 7s26-19

Poule C
1Tonga 7s1354011173483Qualified for Cup 2nd phase
2Australia 7s13540114329114
3Argentina 7s1153026781-14Qualified for Plate
4Scotland 7s115302966432Qualified for Bowl
5Italy 7s7510441123-82
6Taiwan 7s5500524157-133

Group phase
16/04/1993Australia 7s - Taiwan 7s28-0
16/04/1993Scotland 7s - Tonga 7s15-7
16/04/1993Argentina 7s - Italy 7s17-7
16/04/1993Tonga 7s - Australia 7s10-7
16/04/1993Italy 7s - Taiwan 7s15-14
16/04/1993Argentina 7s - Scotland 7s14-10
16/04/1993Australia 7s - Italy 7s40-0
16/04/1993Tonga 7s - Argentina 7s17-5
16/04/1993Scotland 7s - Taiwan 7s36-5
17/04/1993Australia 7s - Argentina 7s42-5
17/04/1993Scotland 7s - Italy 7s21-12
17/04/1993Tonga 7s - Taiwan 7s52-0
17/04/1993Australia 7s - Scotland 7s26-14
17/04/1993Argentina 7s - Taiwan 7s26-5
17/04/1993Tonga 7s - Italy 7s31-7

Poule D
1Samoa 7s15550019331162Qualified for Cup 2nd phase
2England 7s13540113838100
3Spain 7s9520359114-55Qualified for Plate
4Canada 7s952037587-12Qualified for Bowl
5Hong Kong 7s7510443161-118
6Namibia 7s7510455132-77

Group phase
16/04/1993England 7s - Hong Kong 7s40-5
16/04/1993Samoa 7s - Spain 7s47-0
16/04/1993Canada 7s - Namibia 7s21-7
16/04/1993England 7s - Spain 7s31-0
16/04/1993Hong Kong 7s - Namibia 7s19-17
16/04/1993Samoa 7s - Canada 7s28-14
17/04/1993England 7s - Namibia 7s24-5
17/04/1993Spain 7s - Canada 7s12-5
17/04/1993Samoa 7s - Hong Kong 7s43-7
17/04/1993England 7s - Canada 7s33-0
17/04/1993Spain 7s - Hong Kong 7s26-5
17/04/1993Samoa 7s - Namibia 7s47-0
17/04/1993Samoa 7s - England 7s28-10
17/04/1993Canada 7s - Hong Kong 7s35-7
17/04/1993Namibia 7s - Spain 7s26-21

Cup - Second phase
Poule D
1Fiji 7s93300662640Qualified to semifinals
2Ireland 7s732013843-5
3Samoa 7s53102543816
4Tonga 7s330032677-51

Cup - Second phase
18/04/1993Ireland 7s - Samoa 7s17-0
18/04/1993Fiji 7s - Tonga 7s21-7
18/04/1993Fiji 7s - Samoa 7s14-12
18/04/1993Ireland 7s - Tonga 7s14-12
18/04/1993Samoa 7s - Tonga 7s42-7
18/04/1993Fiji 7s - Ireland 7s31-7

Poule E
1Australia 7s732012859-31Qualified to semifinals
2England 7s7320147407
3South Africa 7s5310243358
4New Zealand 7s53102685216

Cup - Second phase
18/04/1993Australia 7s - South Africa 7s7-5
18/04/1993England 7s - New Zealand 7s21-12
18/04/1993England 7s - South Africa 7s14-7
18/04/1993New Zealand 7s - Australia 7s42-0
18/04/1993South Africa 7s - New Zealand 7s31-14
18/04/1993Australia 7s - England 7s21-12

England 7s
4/18/1993 - 21-7England 7s
4/18/1993 - 21-17
Fiji 7sEngland 7s
Australia 7s
4/18/1993 - 21-19
Australia 7s
Ireland 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Argentina 7s
4/18/1993 - 24-0
Argentina 7s
4/18/1993 - 19-12
South Korea 7s
Argentina 7s
Spain 7s
4/18/1993 - 10-7
Spain 7s
Wales 7s

Bowl semifinalsBowl final
Japan 7s
4/18/1993 - 14-0Japan 7s
4/18/1993 - 33-19
Canada 7sJapan 7s
Scotland 7s
4/18/1993 - 14-7
Scotland 7s
France 7s