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Argentina - Seven de la Republica Season: Competition overview
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Seven de la Republica
Women's Seven de la Republica

Seven de la Republica 2018

The tournament was held at the Estudiantes stadium in Paranà.
At the end of the tournament Chile was promoted to Zona Campeonato and Tierra del Fuego was relegated to Zona Ascenso.

Final results
Winner:Cordoba 7s

Zona Campeonato
Zona 1
1Tucuman 7s93300951976Qualified for Copa de Oro
2Uruguay 7s732014654-8
3Cuyo 7s5310266624Qualified for Copa de Bronce
4Salta 7s330032698-72

Zona Campeonato
08/12/2018Tucuman 7s - Uruguay 7s26-0
08/12/2018Cuyo 7s - Salta 7s45-0
08/12/2018Cuyo 7s - Uruguay 7s14-22
08/12/2018Tucuman 7s - Salta 7s29-12
08/12/2018Salta 7s - Uruguay 7s14-24
08/12/2018Tucuman 7s - Cuyo 7s40-7

Zona 2
1Cordoba 7s93300742252Qualified for Copa de Oro
2Nordeste 7s73201583820
3San Juan 7s531024969-20Qualified for Copa de Bronce
4Misiones 7s330032880-52

Zona Campeonato
08/12/2018Cordoba 7s - Misiones 7s26-7
08/12/2018Nordeste 7s - San Juan 7s24-14
08/12/2018Cordoba 7s - San Juan 7s31-0
08/12/2018Nordeste 7s - Misiones 7s19-7
08/12/2018Cordoba 7s - Nordeste 7s17-15
08/12/2018San Juan 7s - Misiones 7s35-14

Zona 3
1Entre Rios 7s73201835627Qualified for Copa de Oro
2Buenos Aires 7s73201634518
3Mar del Plata 7s732015973-14Qualified for Copa de Bronce
4Santiago del Estero 7s330034374-31

Zona Campeonato
08/12/2018Buenos Aires 7s - Santiago del Estero 7s15-7
08/12/2018Entre Rios 7s - Mar del Plata 7s33-12
08/12/2018Entre Rios 7s - Santiago del Estero 7s38-17
08/12/2018Buenos Aires 7s - Mar del Plata 7s21-26
08/12/2018Buenos Aires 7s - Entre Rios 7s27-12
08/12/2018Mar del Plata 7s - Santiago del Estero 7s21-19

Zona 4
1Rosario 7s93300812853Qualified for Copa de Oro
2Santa Fe 7s73201554114
3Tierra del Fuego 7s53102462719Qualified for Copa de Bronce
4Lagos del Sur 7s33003086-86

Zona Campeonato
08/12/2018Tierra del Fuego 7s - Rosario 7s7-12
08/12/2018Santa Fe 7s - Lagos del Sur 7s19-0
08/12/2018Tierra del Fuego 7s - Lagos del Sur 7s27-0
08/12/2018Santa Fe 7s - Rosario 7s21-29
08/12/2018Tierra del Fuego 7s - Santa Fe 7s12-15
08/12/2018Lagos del Sur 7s - Rosario 7s0-40

Copa de Oro
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Tucuman 7s
12/9/2018 - 15-12Tucuman 7s
12/9/2018 - 19-12
Santa Fe 7sTucuman 7s
Entre Rios 7s12/9/2018 - 12-19
12/9/2018 - 7-38
Nordeste 7s
Nordeste 7sCordoba 7s
Cordoba 7s
12/9/2018 - 26-14Cordoba 7s
12/9/2018 - 24-5
Buenos Aires 7s
Rosario 7sCordoba 7s
12/9/2018 - 22-14
Rosario 7s
Uruguay 7s

Copa de Plata
Santa Fe 7s
12/9/2018 - 15-12
Santa Fe 7s
12/9/2018 - 14-21
Entre Rios 7s
Buenos Aires 7s
Buenos Aires 7s
12/9/2018 - 28-5
Buenos Aires 7s
Uruguay 7s

Copa de Bronce
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Cuyo 7s
12/9/2018 - 19-12
Cuyo 7s
12/9/2018 - 26-14
Lagos del Sur 7s
Cuyo 7s
12/9/2018 - 43-7
Mar del Plata 7s
12/9/2018 - 14-19
Misiones 7s
Misiones 7s
Cuyo 7s
San Juan 7s
12/9/2018 - 12-35
Santiago del Estero 7s
12/9/2018 - 19-21
Santiago del Estero 7s
Salta 7s
Tierra del Fuego 7s
12/9/2018 - 0-7
Salta 7s
Salta 7s


Zona Ascenso
Zona 5
1Sur 7s62200493613Qualified to quarter finals
2Andina 7s42101574215
3San Luis 7s220024068-28Qualified for Reclasificatorio - 25th place

Zona Ascenso
08/12/2018Sur 7s - Andina 7s21-17
08/12/2018San Luis 7s - Andina 7s21-40
08/12/2018Sur 7s - San Luis 7s28-19

Zona 6
1Alto Valle 7s62200851273Qualified to quarter finals
2Paraguay 7s42101473314
3Jujuy 7s22002592-87Qualified for Reclasificatorio - 25th place

Zona Ascenso
08/12/2018Paraguay 7s - Jujuy 7s40-0
08/12/2018Alto Valle 7s - Jujuy 7s52-5
08/12/2018Paraguay 7s - Alto Valle 7s7-33

Zona 7
1Chile 7s6220072567Qualified to quarter finals
2Oeste 7s4210139363
3Austral 7s22002070-70Qualified for Reclasificatorio - 25th place

Zona Ascenso
08/12/2018Austral 7s - Chile 7s0-36
08/12/2018Oeste 7s - Chile 7s5-36
08/12/2018Austral 7s - Oeste 7s0-34

Zona 8
1Formosa 7s62200341915Qualified to quarter finals
2Chubut 7s421012427-3
3Entre Rios 7s B220021729-12Qualified for Reclasificatorio - 25th place

Zona Ascenso
08/12/2018Chubut 7s - Entre Rios 7s B12-10
08/12/2018Formosa 7s - Entre Rios 7s B17-7
08/12/2018Chubut 7s - Formosa 7s12-17

Ascenso finals
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Sur 7s
12/9/2018 - 14-22Chubut 7s
12/9/2018 - 7-21
Chubut 7sAlto Valle 7s
Alto Valle 7s12/9/2018 - 12-19
12/9/2018 - 19-7
Alto Valle 7s
Oeste 7sChile 7s
Chile 7s
12/9/2018 - 22-7Chile 7s
12/9/2018 - 26-10
Paraguay 7s
Formosa 7sChile 7s
12/9/2018 - 28-10
Formosa 7s
Andina 7s
19th place final
Chubut 7s
12/9/2018 - 15-14Chubut 7s
Formosa 7s

Reclasificatorio - 21st place
21th place semifinals21th place final
Sur 7s
12/9/2018 - 31-12Sur 7s
12/9/2018 - 15-26
Oeste 7sParaguay 7s
Paraguay 7s
12/9/2018 - 28-26
Paraguay 7s
Andina 7s
23th place final
Oeste 7s
12/9/2018 - 35-12Oeste 7s
Andina 7s

Reclasificatorio - 25th place
1Austral 7s93300924151
2Entre Rios 7s B6311164577
3San Luis 7s530215269-17
4Jujuy 7s430123980-41

Reclasificatorio - 25th place
08/12/2018San Luis 7s - Entre Rios 7s B19-19
08/12/2018Jujuy 7s - Austral 7s10-33
09/12/2018San Luis 7s - Austral 7s14-31
09/12/2018Jujuy 7s - Entre Rios 7s B10-28
09/12/2018San Luis 7s - Jujuy 7s19-19
09/12/2018Austral 7s - Entre Rios 7s B28-17