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Grand Prix Sevens Series Season: Competition overview
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Grand Prix Sevens Series
Leg 1 (Moscow)
Leg 2 (Lodz)
European Trophy 7s
Leg 1 (Zagreb)
Leg 2 (Zenica)
European 7s Conference

Grand Prix Sevens Series - Leg 2 (Lodz) 2019

Final results
Germany 7s20 Pts
Spain 7s18 Pts
Italy 7s16 Pts
Ireland 7s14 Pts
France 7s12 Pts
Wales 7s10 Pts
Portugal 7s8 Pts
Georgia 7s6 Pts
Russia 7s4 Pts
England 7s3 Pts
Poland 7s2 Pts
Romania 7s1 Pts

Group phase
Poule A
1Spain 7s93300694524Qualified to quarter finals
2France 7s7320164595
3Portugal 7s53102715714To repechage
4Romania 7s330034083-43Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
20/07/2019Spain 7s - Portugal 7s26-19
20/07/2019France 7s - Romania 7s26-21
20/07/2019France 7s - Portugal 7s24-14
20/07/2019Spain 7s - Romania 7s19-12
20/07/2019France 7s - Spain 7s14-24
20/07/2019Portugal 7s - Romania 7s38-7

Poule B
1Ireland 7s933001022478Qualified to quarter finals
2Italy 7s732016669-3
3Wales 7s5310274731To repechage
4Poland 7s3300326102-76Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
20/07/2019Wales 7s - Italy 7s19-33
20/07/2019Ireland 7s - Poland 7s33-5
20/07/2019Ireland 7s - Italy 7s43-0
20/07/2019Wales 7s - Poland 7s36-14
20/07/2019Ireland 7s - Wales 7s26-19
20/07/2019Italy 7s - Poland 7s33-7

Poule C
1Germany 7s93300624121Qualified to quarter finals
2Georgia 7s73201554411
3England 7s531024866-18To repechage
4Russia 7s330035165-14Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
20/07/2019Germany 7s - Russia 7s19-17
20/07/2019England 7s - Georgia 7s12-21
20/07/2019England 7s - Russia 7s24-17
20/07/2019Germany 7s - Georgia 7s15-12
20/07/2019England 7s - Germany 7s12-28
20/07/2019Russia 7s - Georgia 7s17-22

1Portugal 7s53102715714Qualified to quarter finals
2Wales 7s5310274731
3England 7s531024866-18Qualified for Challenge

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Spain 7s
7/21/2019 - 21-12Spain 7s
7/21/2019 - 12-7
Wales 7sSpain 7s
Italy 7s7/21/2019 - 14-28
7/21/2019 - 12-7
Italy 7s
Georgia 7sGermany 7s
Ireland 7s
7/21/2019 - 26-19Ireland 7s
7/21/2019 - 7-17
Portugal 7s
Germany 7sGermany 7s
7/21/2019 - 26-19
Germany 7s
France 7s
3rd place final
Italy 7s
7/21/2019 - 21-12Italy 7s
Ireland 7s

5th place
5th place semifinals5th place final
Wales 7s
7/21/2019 - 17-14Wales 7s
7/21/2019 - 19-29
Georgia 7sFrance 7s
Portugal 7s
7/21/2019 - 10-31
France 7s
France 7s
7th place final
Georgia 7s
7/21/2019 - 19-40Portugal 7s
Portugal 7s

Challenge semifinalsChallenge final
England 7s
7/21/2019 - 26-17England 7s
7/21/2019 - 12-21
Poland 7sRussia 7s
Russia 7s
7/21/2019 - 19-0
Russia 7s
Romania 7s
11th place final
Poland 7s
7/21/2019 - 26-12Poland 7s
Romania 7s