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Women's Rugby World Cup Season: Competition overview
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Women's Rugby World Cup
African qualifiers
American qualifiers
Asian qualifiers
European qualifiers
Oceania qualifiers

Women's Rugby World Cup 2010

The matches were all played at the Surrey Sports Park in Guilford, but semifinals, 3rd place final and final were played at the Twickenham Stoop in London.

Group phase
Poule A
1New Zealand Women1533001281611230Qualified to semifinals
2Australia Women10320193444920To repechage
3South Africa Women4310218127-10900
4Wales Women130033082-5201Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
20/08/2010Australia Women - Wales Women26-12
20/08/2010New Zealand Women - South Africa Women55-3
24/08/2010New Zealand Women - Australia Women32-5
24/08/2010South Africa Women - Wales Women15-10
28/08/2010Australia Women - South Africa Women62-0
28/08/2010New Zealand Women - Wales Women41-8

Poule B
1England Women1533001461013630Qualified to semifinals
2Ireland Women10320159421720To repechage
3United States Women5310273591410
4Kazakhstan Women030033170-16700Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
20/08/2010England Women - Ireland Women27-0
20/08/2010United States Women - Kazakhstan Women51-0
24/08/2010England Women - Kazakhstan Women82-0
24/08/2010Ireland Women - United States Women22-12
28/08/2010England Women - United States Women37-10
28/08/2010Ireland Women - Kazakhstan Women37-3

Poule C
1France Women13330055243110Qualified to semifinals
2Canada Women10320185434220To repechage
3Scotland Women531024959-1010
4Sweden Women130032487-6301Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
20/08/2010Canada Women - Scotland Women37-10
20/08/2010France Women - Sweden Women15-9
24/08/2010Canada Women - Sweden Women40-10
24/08/2010France Women - Scotland Women17-7
28/08/2010France Women - Canada Women23-8
28/08/2010Scotland Women - Sweden Women32-5

1Australia Women10320193444920Qualified to semifinals
2Canada Women10320185434220Qualified for 5th place semifinals
3Ireland Women10320159421720
4United States Women5310273591410
5Scotland Women531024959-1010
6South Africa Women4310218127-10900Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Final phase
England Women
9/1/2010 - 15-0England Women
9/5/2010 - 10-13
Australia WomenNew Zealand Women
New Zealand Women
9/1/2010 - 45-7
New Zealand Women
France Women
3rd place final
Australia Women
9/5/2010 - 22-8Australia Women
France Women
5th place semifinals5th place final
United States Women
9/1/2010 - 40-3United States Women
9/5/2010 - 23-20
Ireland WomenUnited States Women
Canada Women
9/1/2010 - 41-0
Canada Women
Scotland Women
7th place final
Ireland Women
9/5/2010 - 32-8Ireland Women
Scotland Women
9th place semifinals9th place final
Wales Women
9/1/2010 - 32-10Wales Women
9/5/2010 - 29-17
Sweden WomenWales Women
South Africa Women
9/1/2010 - 25-10
South Africa Women
Kazakhstan Women
11th place final
Kazakhstan Women
9/5/2010 - 12-8Kazakhstan Women
Sweden Women