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Women's Rugby World Cup Season: Competition overview
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Women's Rugby World Cup
African qualifiers
American qualifiers
Asian qualifiers
European qualifiers
Oceania qualifiers
Qualifiers repechage

Women's Rugby World Cup 2017


Stadiums involved are:

Venue Round Date Match Score
Billings Park, UCD, Dublin Group phase - Pool A 09/08/2017 Canada - Hong Kong
New Zealand - Wales
13/08/2017 Canada - Wales
New Zealand - Hong Kong
17/08/2017 New Zealand - Canada
Group phase - Pool B 13/08/2017 England - Italy
17/08/2017 England - United States
Group phase - Pool C 09/08/2017 France - Japan
17/08/2017 Australia - Japan
Kingspan Stadium, Belfast 5th place semifinals 22/08/2017
Semifinals 22/08/2017
5th place final 26/08/2017
3rd place final 26/08/2017
Final 26/08/2017
Queen's University, Belfast 9th place semifinals 22/08/2017
5th place semifinals 22/08/2017
11th place final 26/08/2017
9th place final 26/08/2017
7th place final 26/08/2017
UCD Bowl, Dublin Group phase - Pool A 17/08/2017 Wales - Hong Kong
Group phase - Pool B 09/08/2017 England - Spain
United States - Italy
13/08/2017 United States - Spain
17/08/2017 Italy - Spain
Group phase - Pool C 09/08/2017 Ireland - Australia
13/08/2017 France - Australia
Ireland - Japan
17/08/2017 Ireland - France


Group phase
Poule A
1New Zealand Women1533002131719630Qualified to semifinals
2Canada Women93201118487010To repechage
3Wales Women531025174-2310
4Hong Kong Women0300315258-24300Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
09/08/2017Canada Women - Hong Kong Women98-0
09/08/2017New Zealand Women - Wales Women44-12
13/08/2017Canada Women - Wales Women15-0
13/08/2017New Zealand Women - Hong Kong Women121-0
17/08/2017New Zealand Women - Canada Women48-5
17/08/2017Wales Women - Hong Kong Women39-15

Poule B
1England Women1533001594411530Qualified to semifinals
2United States Women11320193593430To repechage
3Spain Women4310227107-8000
4Italy Women0300333102-6900Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
09/08/2017England Women - Spain Women56-5
09/08/2017United States Women - Italy Women24-12
13/08/2017England Women - Italy Women56-13
13/08/2017United States Women - Spain Women43-0
17/08/2017England Women - United States Women47-26
17/08/2017Italy Women - Spain Women8-22

Poule C
1France Women1433001411912220Qualified to semifinals
2Ireland Women832014852-400To repechage
3Australia Women631024682-3611
4Japan Women0300343125-8200Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Group phase
09/08/2017France Women - Japan Women72-14
09/08/2017Ireland Women - Australia Women19-17
13/08/2017France Women - Australia Women48-0
13/08/2017Ireland Women - Japan Women24-14
17/08/2017Australia Women - Japan Women29-15
17/08/2017Ireland Women - France Women5-21

1United States Women11320193593430Qualified to semifinals
2Canada Women93201118487010Qualified for 5th place semifinals
3Ireland Women832014852-400
4Australia Women631024682-3611
5Wales Women531025174-2310
6Spain Women4310227107-8000Qualified for 9th place semifinals

Final phase
New Zealand Women
8/22/2017 - 45-12New Zealand Women
8/26/2017 - 41-32
United States WomenNew Zealand Women
England Women
8/22/2017 - 20-3
England Women
France Women
3rd place final
France Women
8/26/2017 - 31-23France Women
United States Women
5th place semifinals5th place final
Canada Women
8/22/2017 - 52-0Canada Women
8/26/2017 - 43-12
Wales WomenCanada Women
Ireland Women
8/22/2017 - 24-36
Australia Women
Australia Women
7th place final
Ireland Women
8/26/2017 - 17-27Wales Women
Wales Women
9th place semifinals9th place final
Italy Women
8/22/2017 - 22-0Italy Women
8/26/2017 - 20-15
Japan WomenItaly Women
Spain Women
8/22/2017 - 31-7
Spain Women
Hong Kong Women
11th place final
Japan Women
8/26/2017 - 44-5Japan Women
Hong Kong Women