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Honneur 1934/35

56 teams were divided into 8 poules of 7 teams. The two best teams of each poule qualified for round of 16.
The winners of the poules of 7 qualified also for promotion/relegation playoff against teams from Excellence.
It is not known the way used to select teams for relegation playoff against teams from Promotion.

Final results
Deuxiéme Division championship:Stade poitevin
Promoted to Excellence 1935/36:Carcassonne - Lons-le-Saunier - RC Chalon - Stade poitevin - Tyrosse
Relegated to Lower Leagues 1935/36:Arcachon - Carpentras - Céret - Clermont UC - Dunkerque Malo - FC Saint-Claude

First phase
Poule A
1Carcassonne17651090387Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2Castres15641132266Qualified for round of 16
3Saint-Jean-de-Luz OR146321432122
?FC Carmaux0000000
?Stade ruthénois0000000
7FC Toulouse86024331-28

First phase
02/12/1934Castres - Saint-Jean-de-Luz OR3-0
02/12/1934FC Toulouse - Céret0-0
02/12/1934Stade ruthénois - FC Carmaux6-5
16/12/1934Céret - Castres0-0
16/12/1934FC Carmaux - FC Toulouse6-0
23/12/1934Saint-Jean-de-Luz OR - Carcassonne3-3
30/12/1934Carcassonne - Céret28-0
30/12/1934Castres - FC Carmaux14-5
30/12/1934FC Toulouse - Stade ruthénois0-0
06/01/1935FC Carmaux - Carcassonne0-9
13/01/1935Céret - Saint-Jean-de-Luz OR6-8
27/01/1935Castres - FC Toulouse10-3
27/01/1935Saint-Jean-de-Luz OR - FC Carmaux18-6
03/02/1935FC Toulouse - Carcassonne0-4
03/02/1935Stade ruthénois - Castres0-5
10/02/1935FC Carmaux - CéretHome team
walk over
17/02/1935Carcassonne - Castres18-0
17/02/1935Céret - Stade ruthénois???
17/02/1935Saint-Jean-de-Luz OR - FC Toulouse11-0
24/02/1935Carcassonne - Stade ruthénois28-0
03/03/1935Stade ruthénois - Saint-Jean-de-Luz OR3-3

Poule B
1Tyrosse18660060654Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2FC Lourdes146402522626Qualified for round of 16
3SA Mauléon1363122734-7
?AS Eymetoise0000000
?Stade hendayais0000000
?Stade niortais0000000

First phase
02/12/1934Arcachon - SA Mauléon4-6
02/12/1934AS Eymetoise - Stade niortais???
02/12/1934Stade hendayais - Tyrosse0-9
16/12/1934SA Mauléon - Stade hendayais8-0
16/12/1934Stade niortais - Arcachon3-0
16/12/1934Tyrosse - FC Lourdes7-0
30/12/1934Arcachon - AS Eymetoise0-3
30/12/1934FC Lourdes - SA Mauléon13-3
06/01/1935Stade hendayais - Stade niortais7-0
13/01/1935AS Eymetoise - Stade hendayais???
13/01/1935Stade niortais - FC Lourdes3-5
27/01/1935Stade hendayais - Arcachon6-0
27/01/1935Tyrosse - Stade niortais13-3
10/02/1935Arcachon - FC Lourdes8-6
10/02/1935AS Eymetoise - TyrosseUnknown
away team
17/02/1935FC Lourdes - Stade hendayais12-5
17/02/1935SA Mauléon - AS Eymetoise4-0
17/02/1935Tyrosse - Arcachon17-0
24/02/1935FC Lourdes - AS Eymetoise16-0
24/02/1935SA Mauléon - Tyrosse3-14
03/03/1935Stade niortais - SA Mauléon3-3

Poule C
1Stade poitevin18660066363Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2ASPTT16650145639Qualified for round of 16
5Stade Clermont1162131728-11
6Police de Paris1062042025-5
7Dunkerque Malo6600622120-98

First phase
02/12/1934ASPTT - Police de Paris3-0
02/12/1934Elbeuf - Stade poitevin3-11
02/12/1934Stade Clermont - Dunkerque Malo8-6
16/12/1934Dunkerque Malo - Limoges3-11
16/12/1934Police de Paris - Stade Clermont0-3
23/12/1934ASPTT - Elbeuf25-0
30/12/1934Limoges - Police de Paris0-3
30/12/1934Stade Clermont - Stade poitevin0-3
13/01/1935Police de Paris - Dunkerque Malo12-5
13/01/1935Stade poitevin - Limoges6-0
20/01/1935Elbeuf - Stade Clermont13-3
27/01/1935Dunkerque Malo - Stade poitevin0-40
27/01/1935Limoges - Elbeuf11-5
27/01/1935Stade Clermont - ASPTT0-3
10/02/1935ASPTT - Limoges14-3
10/02/1935Elbeuf - Dunkerque Malo49-8
17/02/1935Dunkerque Malo - ASPTTUnknown
away team
17/02/1935Police de Paris - Elbeuf5-11
03/03/1935Limoges - Stade Clermont3-3
03/03/1935Stade poitevin - Police de Paris3-0
17/03/1935Stade poitevin - ASPTT3-0

Poule D
1Aurillac176510451431Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2AS Roanne146402381523Qualified for round of 16
4SC Montluçon1162131424-10
5US Cognac1061231218-6

First phase
02/12/1934Montauban - Marmande18-3
02/12/1934SC Montluçon - Vierzon5-0
02/12/1934US Cognac - AS Roanne3-6
16/12/1934Marmande - Aurillac0-6
16/12/1934Vierzon - US Cognac3-3
23/12/1934AS Roanne - Montauban10-0
30/12/1934Aurillac - AS Roanne6-5
30/12/1934Montauban - Vierzon11-0
30/12/1934US Cognac - SC Montluçon3-0
20/01/1935SC Montluçon - Montauban3-3
20/01/1935Vierzon - Aurillac3-12
27/01/1935Marmande - Vierzon3-0
03/02/1935AS Roanne - Marmande8-0
10/02/1935US Cognac - Aurillac3-3
17/02/1935Aurillac - Montauban9-3
17/02/1935Marmande - US Cognac3-0
24/02/1935SC Montluçon - Marmande6-0
03/03/1935AS Roanne - SC Montluçon9-0
03/03/1935Montauban - US Cognac3-0
10/03/1935Aurillac - SC Montluçon9-0
17/03/1935Vierzon - AS Roanne6-0

Poule E
1Lons-le-Saunier18660049643Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2Saint Marcellin Sport156411462818Qualified for round of 16
3Villefranche sur Saône126303463016
4Stade Dijonnais1162131422-8
5SO Chambéry1162131428-14
6Stade Chateaurenard961141441-27
7FC Saint-Claude861053058-28

First phase
02/12/1934FC Saint-Claude - Lons-le-Saunier3-11
02/12/1934SO Chambéry - Stade Dijonnais0-0
02/12/1934Villefranche sur Saône - Saint Marcellin Sport13-15
16/12/1934Lons-le-Saunier - Villefranche sur Saône6-0
16/12/1934Saint Marcellin Sport - Stade Chateaurenard0-0
16/12/1934Stade Dijonnais - FC Saint-Claude3-0
30/12/1934FC Saint-Claude - SO Chambéry3-5
30/12/1934Stade Chateaurenard - Lons-le-Saunier3-9
30/12/1934Villefranche sur Saône - Stade Dijonnais3-0
13/01/1935Lons-le-Saunier - Saint Marcellin Sport9-0
27/01/1935Saint Marcellin Sport - Stade Dijonnais16-3
27/01/1935Stade Chateaurenard - SO Chambéry8-3
10/02/1935SO Chambéry - Saint Marcellin Sport0-3
10/02/1935Stade Dijonnais - Lons-le-SaunierUnknown
away team
17/02/1935Lons-le-Saunier - SO Chambéry14-0
17/02/1935Saint Marcellin Sport - FC Saint-Claude12-3
17/02/1935Stade Chateaurenard - Villefranche sur Saône0-3
03/03/1935Stade Dijonnais - Stade Chateaurenard8-3
10/03/1935FC Saint-Claude - Stade Chateaurenard18-0
10/03/1935SO Chambéry - Villefranche sur Saône6-0
17/03/1935Villefranche sur Saône - FC Saint-Claude27-3

Poule F
1FC Yonnais156411392316Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2SC Angoulême14632125178Qualified for round of 16
3US Bergerac13631238371
4Saint-Girons SC126303771958
5SC Decazeville1162131735-18
6US Rionnaise106123440-36
7SC Royannais961141443-29

First phase
02/12/1934FC Yonnais - US Rionnaise6-0
02/12/1934Saint-Girons SC - SC Royannais23-3
02/12/1934SC Decazeville - US Bergerac6-5
16/12/1934SC Royannais - SC Angoulême0-3
16/12/1934US Bergerac - Saint-Girons SC3-0
16/12/1934US Rionnaise - SC DecazevilleUnknown
away team
30/12/1934Saint-Girons SC - US Rionnaise34-0
30/12/1934SC Angoulême - US Bergerac13-5
30/12/1934SC Decazeville - FC Yonnais3-8
13/01/1935FC Yonnais - Saint-Girons SC7-4
13/01/1935US Bergerac - SC Royannais9-3
13/01/1935US Rionnaise - SC Angoulême4-0
27/01/1935SC Royannais - US Rionnaise0-0
03/02/1935Saint-Girons SC - SC Decazeville11-0
10/02/1935FC Yonnais - SC Royannais3-0
10/02/1935SC Decazeville - SC Angoulême3-3
10/02/1935US Rionnaise - US Bergerac0-0
17/02/1935SC Angoulême - Saint-Girons SC6-5
17/02/1935SC Royannais - SC Decazeville8-5
17/02/1935US Bergerac - FC Yonnais16-15
03/03/1935SC Angoulême - FC Yonnais0-0

Poule G
1Valence sportif166501271116Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2RC Chalon166501831370Qualified for round of 16
5Lancey Sport1062041523-8
7White Devils760151141-30

First phase
02/12/1934Carpentras - Bressane4-6
02/12/1934RC Chalon - Lancey Sport3-0
02/12/1934Valence sportif - White Devils7-0
16/12/1934Lancey Sport - Valence sportif0-3
16/12/1934White Devils - Nice3-6
23/12/1934Bressane - RC Chalon0-3
30/12/1934Nice - Lancey Sport5-0
30/12/1934Valence sportif - Bressane3-0
13/01/1935Carpentras - Valence sportif0-3
20/01/1935RC Chalon - Carpentras44-3
27/01/1935Nice - Carpentras36-3
27/01/1935White Devils - Bressane5-5
03/02/1935Lancey Sport - White Devils6-0
10/02/1935Bressane - Lancey Sport12-3
10/02/1935Carpentras - White Devils6-0
10/02/1935RC Chalon - Nice19-3
17/02/1935Nice - Valence sportif8-7
17/02/1935White Devils - RC Chalon3-11
24/02/1935Lancey Sport - Carpentras6-0
03/03/1935Bressane - Nice3-21
03/03/1935Valence sportif - RC Chalon4-3

Poule H
1SO Avignon156411402515Qualified for round of 16 and for playoff
2FC Lyon15641131265Qualified for round of 16
4Le Creusot12622224204
5US Romans11613220119
7Clermont UC861051960-41

First phase
02/12/1934Oyonnax - SO Avignon0-0
02/12/1934US Romans - FC Lyon0-0
09/12/1934Clermont UC - Le Creusot8-0
16/12/1934FC Lyon - Oyonnax11-6
16/12/1934Le Creusot - Montluçon0-0
16/12/1934SO Avignon - Clermont UC15-3
23/12/1934Clermont UC - FC Lyon3-6
30/12/1934Montluçon - SO Avignon6-10
30/12/1934Oyonnax - US Romans0-0
13/01/1935SO Avignon - Le Creusot12-8
20/01/1935Clermont UC - Oyonnax5-6
27/01/1935Montluçon - US Romans8-3
03/02/1935Le Creusot - FC Lyon13-0
03/02/1935US Romans - Clermont UC17-0
17/02/1935Le Creusot - Oyonnax3-0
17/02/1935Montluçon - Clermont UC16-0
17/02/1935SO Avignon - US Romans3-0
03/03/1935FC Lyon - Montluçon6-4
03/03/1935US Romans - Le Creusot0-0
10/03/1935FC Lyon - SO Avignon8-0
10/03/1935Oyonnax - Montluçon0-0

Final phase
Round of 16Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Stade poitevin
3/24/1935 - 7-4Stade poitevin
4/7/1935 - 5-3
FC YonnaisStade poitevin
Tyrosse4/28/1935 - 11-10
3/24/1935 - 13-3
CastresStade poitevin
RC Chalon5/12/1935 - 6-3
3/31/1935 - 12-5RC Chalon
4/7/1935 - 15-3
Saint Marcellin SportRC Chalon
3/24/1935 - 7-4
Saint Marcellin Sport
SO AvignonStade poitevin
Valence sportif
3/24/1935 - 5-0Valence sportif
4/21/1935 - 15-6
AS RoanneValence sportif
FC Lyon4/28/1935 - 6-3
3/31/1935 - ???
FC Lyon
SC AngoulêmeValence sportif
3/24/1935 - 10-6SC Angoulême
4/7/1935 - 16-0
FC LourdesSC Angoulême
3/24/1935 - 7-0
FC Lourdes