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Women's Grand Prix Sevens Series Season: Competition overview
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Top 16
Division A
Emerging Nations

Women's FIRA 7s Tournament - Top 16 2008

The tournament was held in Limoges, France.
It was used as european final qualifier for the 2009 Women's Rugby World Cup 7s.
It was played by the Top 10 teams and by 6 teams qualified from the Women's FIRA Sevens Tournament - Division A, used as pre-qualifier round.

Teams variations
Retired from tournament:Ireland Women 7s

Group phase
Poule A
1Russia Women 7s93300761066Qualified to quarter finals
2France Women 7s732011031786
3Portugal Women 7s531024347-4Qualified for Bowl
4Czech Republic Women 7s330035153-148

Group phase
14/06/2008France Women 7s - Portugal Women 7s22-0
14/06/2008Russia Women 7s - Czech Republic Women 7s39-0
14/06/2008France Women 7s - Czech Republic Women 7s71-0
14/06/2008Russia Women 7s - Portugal Women 7s20-0
14/06/2008Portugal Women 7s - Czech Republic Women 7s43-5
14/06/2008Russia Women 7s - France Women 7s17-10

Poule B
1England Women 7s933001270127Qualified to quarter finals
2Germany Women 7s73201784830
3Sweden Women 7s531024680-34Qualified for Bowl
4Andorra Women 7s3300314137-123

Group phase
14/06/2008England Women 7s - Germany Women 7s31-0
14/06/2008Sweden Women 7s - Andorra Women 7s36-7
14/06/2008England Women 7s - Andorra Women 7s56-0
14/06/2008Germany Women 7s - Sweden Women 7s33-10
14/06/2008Germany Women 7s - Andorra Women 7s45-7
14/06/2008England Women 7s - Sweden Women 7s40-0

Poule C
1Spain Women 7s933001142490Qualified to quarter finals
2Netherlands Women 7s732011062878
3Romania Women 7s531023971-32Qualified for Bowl
4Israel Women 7s330030136-136

Group phase
14/06/2008Spain Women 7s - Romania Women 7s36-5
14/06/2008Netherlands Women 7s - Israel Women 7s52-0
14/06/2008Spain Women 7s - Israel Women 7s50-0
14/06/2008Netherlands Women 7s - Romania Women 7s35-0
14/06/2008Romania Women 7s - Israel Women 7s34-0
14/06/2008Spain Women 7s - Netherlands Women 7s28-19

Poule D
1Italy Women 7s933001105105Qualified to quarter finals
2Wales Women 7s73201763838
3Finland Women 7s531021793-76Qualified for Bowl
4Moldova Women 7s330031582-67

Group phase
14/06/2008Wales Women 7s - Finland Women 7s40-0
14/06/2008Italy Women 7s - Moldova Women 7s34-0
14/06/2008Wales Women 7s - Moldova Women 7s31-10
14/06/2008Italy Women 7s - Finland Women 7s48-0
14/06/2008Finland Women 7s - Moldova Women 7s17-5
14/06/2008Italy Women 7s - Wales Women 7s28-5

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
England Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 29-7England Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 10-0
France Women 7sEngland Women 7s
Spain Women 7s6/15/2008 - 52-0
6/15/2008 - 14-5
Spain Women 7s
Wales Women 7sEngland Women 7s
Netherlands Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 5-0Netherlands Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 21-12
Italy Women 7s
Russia Women 7sNetherlands Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 20-5
Russia Women 7s
Germany Women 7s
3rd place final
Russia Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 10-5Russia Women 7s
Spain Women 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
France Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 35-7France Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 14-5
Wales Women 7sFrance Women 7s
Italy Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 29-0
Italy Women 7s
Germany Women 7s
7th place final
Wales Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 20-0Wales Women 7s
Germany Women 7s

Bowl quarter finalsBowl semifinalsBowl final
Sweden Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 34-0Sweden Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 22-5
Czech Republic Women 7sSweden Women 7s
Moldova Women 7s6/15/2008 - 15-7
6/15/2008 - 12-0
Moldova Women 7s
Romania Women 7sSweden Women 7s
Portugal Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 17-0Portugal Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 19-7
Andorra Women 7s
Finland Women 7sPortugal Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 21-0
Finland Women 7s
Israel Women 7s
11th place final
Moldova Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 10-7Moldova Women 7s
Finland Women 7s

Shield semifinalsShield final
Andorra Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 34-0Andorra Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 10-5
Israel Women 7sAndorra Women 7s
Romania Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 19-14
Romania Women 7s
Czech Republic Women 7s
15th place final
Israel Women 7s
6/15/2008 - 12-7Israel Women 7s
Czech Republic Women 7s