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Women's European 7s Conference Season: Competition overview
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Women's Grand Prix Sevens Series
Leg 1 (Marcoussis)
Leg 2 (Kharkiv)
Women's European Trophy 7s
Leg 1 (Esztergom)
Leg 2 (Lisbon)
Women's European 7s Conference

Women's European 7s Conference 2019

The tournament was held in Zagreb, Croatia.

Teams variations
Relegated from Women's European Trophy 7s 2018:Austria Women 7s - Latvia Women 7s
Promoted to Women's European Trophy 7s 2019:Georgia Women 7s - Turkey Women 7s

Group phase
Poule A
1Moldova Women 7s83210116179900Qualified to quarter finals
2Austria Women 7s7320175482710
3Malta Women 7s6311176413510To repechage
4Slovenia Women 7s3300310171-16130Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
15/06/2019Austria Women 7s - Slovenia Women 7s46-5
15/06/2019Moldova Women 7s - Malta Women 7s12-12
15/06/2019Austria Women 7s - Malta Women 7s29-5
15/06/2019Moldova Women 7s - Slovenia Women 7s66-5
15/06/2019Austria Women 7s - Moldova Women 7s0-38
15/06/2019Malta Women 7s - Slovenia Women 7s59-0

Poule B
1Denmark Women 7s933009609600Qualified to quarter finals
2Latvia Women 7s7320172363610
3Lithuania Women 7s531021553-3820To repechage
4Slovakia Women 7s33003094-9430Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
15/06/2019Latvia Women 7s - Lithuania Women 7s29-5
15/06/2019Denmark Women 7s - Slovakia Women 7s41-0
15/06/2019Latvia Women 7s - Slovakia Women 7s43-0
15/06/2019Denmark Women 7s - Lithuania Women 7s24-0
15/06/2019Latvia Women 7s - Denmark Women 7s0-31
15/06/2019Slovakia Women 7s - Lithuania Women 7s0-10

Poule C
1Andorra Women 7s9330087107700Qualified to quarter finals
2Croatia Women 7s7320143311210
3Bulgaria Women 7s531021253-4111To repechage
4Luxembourg Women 7s330031260-4821Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
15/06/2019Bulgaria Women 7s - Andorra Women 7s0-41
15/06/2019Croatia Women 7s - Luxembourg Women 7s26-7
15/06/2019Bulgaria Women 7s - Luxembourg Women 7s5-0
15/06/2019Croatia Women 7s - Andorra Women 7s5-17
15/06/2019Andorra Women 7s - Luxembourg Women 7s29-5
15/06/2019Croatia Women 7s - Bulgaria Women 7s12-7

1Malta Women 7s6311176413510Qualified to quarter finals
2Lithuania Women 7s531021553-3820
3Bulgaria Women 7s531021253-4111Qualified for Challenge

Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Moldova Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 38-0Moldova Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 15-0
Lithuania Women 7sMoldova Women 7s
Latvia Women 7s6/16/2019 - 26-12
6/16/2019 - 24-0
Latvia Women 7s
Croatia Women 7sMoldova Women 7s
Denmark Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 36-0Denmark Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 22-0
Malta Women 7s
Andorra Women 7sDenmark Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 0-5
Austria Women 7s
Austria Women 7s
3rd place final
Latvia Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 10-15Austria Women 7s
Austria Women 7s

5th place
5th place semifinals5th place final
Lithuania Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 0-12Croatia Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 0-21
Croatia Women 7sAndorra Women 7s
Malta Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 0-17
Andorra Women 7s
Andorra Women 7s
7th place final
Lithuania Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 10-20Malta Women 7s
Malta Women 7s

Challenge semifinalsChallenge final
Bulgaria Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 41-0Bulgaria Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 7-12
Slovenia Women 7sLuxembourg Women 7s
Luxembourg Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 31-0
Luxembourg Women 7s
Slovakia Women 7s
11th place final
Slovenia Women 7s
6/16/2019 - 0-45Slovakia Women 7s
Slovakia Women 7s