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Women's FIRA 7s Tournament Season: Competition overview
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Division B
Emerging Nations

Women's FIRA 7s Tournament - Emerging Nations 2010

The tournament was held in Zanka, Hungary.

Final results

Group phase
Poule A
1Hungary Women 7s124400902070Qualified to final
2Poland Women 7s104301663135
3Czech Republic Women 7s84202523814Qualified for 3th place final
4Austria Women 7s641032970-41
5Finland A Women 7s440041088-78Qualified to 5th place final

Group phase
04/04/2010Hungary Women 7s - Finland A Women 7s21-5
04/04/2010Czech Republic Women 7s - Austria Women 7s19-0
04/04/2010Poland Women 7s - Finland A Women 7s27-0
04/04/2010Hungary Women 7s - Austria Women 7s29-5
04/04/2010Hungary Women 7s - Poland Women 7s14-10
04/04/2010Czech Republic Women 7s - Finland A Women 7s26-0
04/04/2010Poland Women 7s - Austria Women 7s17-10
04/04/2010Hungary Women 7s - Czech Republic Women 7s26-0
04/04/2010Poland Women 7s - Czech Republic Women 7s12-7
04/04/2010Austria Women 7s - Finland A Women 7s14-5

Poule B
1Mladost Zagreb Women 7s1244001072087Qualified to 5th place final
2Denmark Women 7s104301765125Qualified for 7th place final
3Luxembourg Women 7s8420258508
4Slovenia Women 7s641035184-33Qualified for 9th place final
5Europe VII Women 7s44004592-87

Group phase
04/04/2010Mladost Zagreb Women 7s - Europe VII Women 7s7-5
04/04/2010Denmark Women 7s - Luxembourg Women 7s10-7
04/04/2010Mladost Zagreb Women 7s - Slovenia Women 7s21-5
04/04/2010Denmark Women 7s - Europe VII Women 7s12-0
04/04/2010Luxembourg Women 7s - Slovenia Women 7s19-5
04/04/2010Mladost Zagreb Women 7s - Denmark Women 7s44-10
04/04/2010Luxembourg Women 7s - Europe VII Women 7s32-0
04/04/2010Denmark Women 7s - Slovenia Women 7s44-0
04/04/2010Mladost Zagreb Women 7s - Luxembourg Women 7s35-0
04/04/2010Slovenia Women 7s - Europe VII Women 7s41-0