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Women's Grand Prix Sevens Series Season: Competition overview
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Women's Grand Prix Sevens Series
Leg 1 (Brive)
Leg 2 (Marbella)
Division A
Division B

Women's Grand Prix Sevens Series - Leg 1 (Brive) 2013

Group phase
Poule A
1England Women 7s15550014815133Qualified to semifinals
2Russia Women 7s135401901773
3Netherlands Women 7s1153021035548Qualified for Plate
4Germany Women 7s7510440102-62
5Portugal Women 7s7510427103-76Qualified for Bowl
6Wales Women 7s7510434150-116

Group phase
01/06/2013Netherlands Women 7s - Wales Women 7s31-0
01/06/2013Russia Women 7s - Portugal Women 7s19-3
01/06/2013England Women 7s - Germany Women 7s34-0
01/06/2013Wales Women 7s - Portugal Women 7s17-12
01/06/2013Netherlands Women 7s - Germany Women 7s29-7
01/06/2013England Women 7s - Russia Women 7s7-5
01/06/2013Germany Women 7s - Wales Women 7s26-17
01/06/2013England Women 7s - Portugal Women 7s34-0
01/06/2013Russia Women 7s - Netherlands Women 7s17-7
01/06/2013Portugal Women 7s - Germany Women 7s12-7
01/06/2013Russia Women 7s - Wales Women 7s39-0
01/06/2013England Women 7s - Netherlands Women 7s31-10
02/06/2013Russia Women 7s - Germany Women 7s10-0
02/06/2013Netherlands Women 7s - Portugal Women 7s26-0
02/06/2013England Women 7s - Wales Women 7s42-0

Poule B
1France Women 7s15550014810138Qualified to semifinals
2Spain Women 7s135401993960
3Ireland Women 7s115302854837Qualified for Plate
4Italy Women 7s952035896-38
5Ukraine Women 7s751044484-40Qualified for Bowl
6Scotland Women 7s5500510167-157

Group phase
01/06/2013Ukraine Women 7s - Scotland Women 7s27-0
01/06/2013France Women 7s - Italy Women 7s24-0
01/06/2013Spain Women 7s - Ireland Women 7s14-10
01/06/2013Italy Women 7s - Scotland Women 7s38-5
01/06/2013Ireland Women 7s - Ukraine Women 7s17-7
01/06/2013France Women 7s - Spain Women 7s24-0
01/06/2013Ireland Women 7s - Scotland Women 7s24-0
01/06/2013Spain Women 7s - Italy Women 7s33-0
01/06/2013France Women 7s - Ukraine Women 7s45-0
01/06/2013Ireland Women 7s - Italy Women 7s29-10
01/06/2013France Women 7s - Scotland Women 7s38-5
01/06/2013Spain Women 7s - Ukraine Women 7s12-5
02/06/2013France Women 7s - Ireland Women 7s17-5
02/06/2013Italy Women 7s - Ukraine Women 7s10-5
02/06/2013Spain Women 7s - Scotland Women 7s40-0

England Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 26-0England Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 30-7
Spain Women 7sEngland Women 7s
Russia Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 12-10
Russia Women 7s
France Women 7s
3rd place final
Spain Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 35-5Spain Women 7s
France Women 7s

Plate SemifinalsPlate Final
Ireland Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 33-14Ireland Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 12-7
Germany Women 7sIreland Women 7s
Netherlands Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 29-0
Netherlands Women 7s
Italy Women 7s
7th place final
Italy Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 24-0Italy Women 7s
Germany Women 7s

Bowl semifinalsBowl final
Portugal Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 26-5Portugal Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 17-7
Scotland Women 7sPortugal Women 7s
Wales Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 36-0
Wales Women 7s
Ukraine Women 7s
11th place final
Ukraine Women 7s
6/2/2013 - 19-0Ukraine Women 7s
Scotland Women 7s