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Women's European Trophy 7s Season: Competition overview
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Women's Grand Prix Sevens Series
Leg 1 (Marcoussis)
Leg 2 (Kharkiv)
Women's European Trophy 7s
Leg 1 (Esztergom)
Leg 2 (Lisbon)
Women's European 7s Conference

Women's European Trophy 7s - Leg 1 (Esztergom) 2019

Group phase
Poule A
1Germany Women 7s9330010359800Qualified to quarter finals
2Czech Republic Women 7s7320157431410
3Turkey Women 7s531023151-2020To repechage
4Switzerland Women 7s3300310102-9221Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
08/06/2019Germany Women 7s - Turkey Women 7s17-5
08/06/2019Czech Republic Women 7s - Switzerland Women 7s33-0
08/06/2019Germany Women 7s - Switzerland Women 7s55-0
08/06/2019Czech Republic Women 7s - Turkey Women 7s24-12
08/06/2019Germany Women 7s - Czech Republic Women 7s31-0
08/06/2019Switzerland Women 7s - Turkey Women 7s10-14

Poule B
1Portugal Women 7s933001121210000Qualified to quarter finals
2Finland Women 7s732013151-2010
3Georgia Women 7s531023155-2411To repechage
4Hungary Women 7s330031773-5630Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
08/06/2019Portugal Women 7s - Georgia Women 7s38-0
08/06/2019Hungary Women 7s - Finland Women 7s5-14
08/06/2019Portugal Women 7s - Finland Women 7s41-5
08/06/2019Hungary Women 7s - Georgia Women 7s5-26
08/06/2019Finland Women 7s - Georgia Women 7s12-5
08/06/2019Portugal Women 7s - Hungary Women 7s33-7

Poule C
1Sweden Women 7s93300101109100Qualified to quarter finals
2Norway Women 7s732013151-2010
3Romania Women 7s5310256411511To repechage
4Israel Women 7s33003591-8621Qualified for Challenge

Group phase
08/06/2019Sweden Women 7s - Israel Women 7s50-0
08/06/2019Romania Women 7s - Norway Women 7s17-19
08/06/2019Sweden Women 7s - Norway Women 7s29-0
08/06/2019Romania Women 7s - Israel Women 7s29-0
08/06/2019Sweden Women 7s - Romania Women 7s22-10
08/06/2019Norway Women 7s - Israel Women 7s12-5

1Romania Women 7s5310256411511Qualified to quarter finals
2Turkey Women 7s531023151-2020
3Georgia Women 7s531023155-2411Qualified for Challenge

5th place
5th place semifinals5th place final
Turkey Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 0-12Norway Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 5-29
Norway Women 7sSweden Women 7s
Portugal Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 0-12
Sweden Women 7s
Sweden Women 7s
7th place final
Turkey Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 7-38Portugal Women 7s
Portugal Women 7s

Challenge semifinalsChallenge final
Georgia Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 7-5Georgia Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 7-21
Switzerland Women 7sHungary Women 7s
Hungary Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 14-10
Hungary Women 7s
Israel Women 7s
11th place final
Switzerland Women 7s
6/9/2019 - 12-7Switzerland Women 7s
Israel Women 7s