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Women's Central American and Caribbean Games Season: Competition overview
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Central American and Caribbean Games
Women's Central American and Caribbean Games

Women's Central American and Caribbean Games 2018

Final results

Regular season
1Colombia Women 7s1454101192495Qualified to final
2Venezuela Women 7s135401923458
3Mexico Women 7s1153021115160Qualified for 3th place final
4French Guyana Women 7s105212845133
5Jamaica Women 7s7510444117-73Qualified for 5th place final
6Guatemala Women 7s550055178-173

Regular season
01/08/2018Colombia Women 7s - Jamaica Women 7s30-0
01/08/2018Mexico Women 7s - Venezuela Women 7s0-17
01/08/2018French Guyana Women 7s - Guatemala Women 7s38-0
01/08/2018Mexico Women 7s - Jamaica Women 7s32-5
01/08/2018Venezuela Women 7s - French Guyana Women 7s17-0
01/08/2018Colombia Women 7s - Guatemala Women 7s41-0
01/08/2018French Guyana Women 7s - Jamaica Women 7s36-5
01/08/2018Venezuela Women 7s - Guatemala Women 7s27-5
01/08/2018Colombia Women 7s - Mexico Women 7s24-7
02/08/2018Guatemala Women 7s - Mexico Women 7s0-48
02/08/2018French Guyana Women 7s - Colombia Women 7s5-5
02/08/2018Jamaica Women 7s - Venezuela Women 7s10-19
02/08/2018French Guyana Women 7s - Mexico Women 7s5-24
02/08/2018Colombia Women 7s - Venezuela Women 7s19-12
02/08/2018Jamaica Women 7s - Guatemala Women 7s24-0