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Women's South American Games Season: Competition overview
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South American Games
Women's South American Games

Women's South American Games 2018

The tournament was held in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Regular season
1Brazil Women 7s18660026517248Winner
2Argentina Women 7s16650119234158
3Paraguay Women 7s13631213512312
4Colombia Women 7s13631212611511
5Peru Women 7s10620484100-16
6Uruguay Women 7s8610558183-125
7Bolivia Women 7s6600610298-288

Regular season
27/05/2018Argentina Women 7s - Paraguay Women 7s38-0
27/05/2018Brazil Women 7s - Colombia Women 7s34-0
27/05/2018Peru Women 7s - Bolivia Women 7s34-0
27/05/2018Bolivia Women 7s - Uruguay Women 7s0-41
27/05/2018Colombia Women 7s - Peru Women 7s15-14
27/05/2018Paraguay Women 7s - Brazil Women 7s12-42
27/05/2018Argentina Women 7s - Uruguay Women 7s38-0
28/05/2018Argentina Women 7s - Bolivia Women 7s53-0
28/05/2018Paraguay Women 7s - Colombia Women 7s19-19
28/05/2018Brazil Women 7s - Uruguay Women 7s47-0
28/05/2018Colombia Women 7s - Bolivia Women 7s47-5
28/05/2018Paraguay Women 7s - Uruguay Women 7s29-7
28/05/2018Argentina Women 7s - Peru Women 7s20-0
28/05/2018Brazil Women 7s - Peru Women 7s43-0
29/05/2018Uruguay Women 7s - Peru Women 7s5-24
29/05/2018Bolivia Women 7s - Brazil Women 7s0-65
29/05/2018Colombia Women 7s - Argentina Women 7s0-38
29/05/2018Paraguay Women 7s - Bolivia Women 7s58-5
29/05/2018Peru Women 7s - Paraguay Women 7s12-17
29/05/2018Uruguay Women 7s - Colombia Women 7s5-45
29/05/2018Brazil Women 7s - Argentina Women 7s34-5