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United States - Rugby Super League Season: Competition overview
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Rugby Super League

Rugby Super League 1997

Final results

Regular season
Eastern Conference
1New York Old Blue106501175967931Qualified to final
3Life Running Eagles864021481133531
4Dallas Harlequins864021661551121
5Potomac Athletic Club56213140159-1931
6Kansas City Blues36114121181-6021
7Chicago Lions06006131219-8814

Regular season
01/03/1997Dallas Harlequins - Chicago Lions29-25
08/03/1997Kansas City Blues - Washington15-20
15/03/1997Chicago Lions - Kansas City Blues33-40
15/03/1997Life Running Eagles - Potomac Athletic Club31-10
15/03/1997Washington - Dallas Harlequins22-25
22/03/1997Life Running Eagles - Kansas City Blues32-20
22/03/1997New York Old Blue - Washington14-20
22/03/1997Potomac Athletic Club - Chicago Lions30-24
29/03/1997Chicago Lions - New York Old Blue13-43
29/03/1997Dallas Harlequins - Life Running Eagles17-31
29/03/1997Kansas City Blues - Potomac Athletic Club31-31
05/04/1997Life Running Eagles - Washington20-35
05/04/1997New York Old Blue - Kansas City Blues27-0
05/04/1997Potomac Athletic Club - Dallas Harlequins25-27
12/04/1997New York Old Blue - Life Running Eagles22-19
12/04/1997Washington - Potomac Athletic Club14-30
19/04/1997Kansas City Blues - Dallas Harlequins15-38
19/04/1997Potomac Athletic Club - New York Old Blue14-32
19/04/1997Washington - Chicago Lions62-27
03/05/1997Chicago Lions - Life Running Eagles9-15
03/05/1997Dallas Harlequins - New York Old Blue30-37

Western Conference
1Gentlemen of Aspen1266002415818340Qualified to final
2Belmont Shore1065012378814941
3Golden Gate663031581411721
4San Francisco Old Blues66303178181-331
5Old Mission Beach A.C.46204144162-1821
6Denver Barbarians46204195243-4820
7Old Puget Sound Beach0600689369-28010

Regular season
08/03/1997Golden Gate - Old Mission Beach A.C.29-13
08/03/1997Old Puget Sound Beach - Denver Barbarians32-56
08/03/1997San Francisco Old Blues - Belmont Shore12-32
15/03/1997Belmont Shore - Gentlemen of Aspen16-22
15/03/1997Denver Barbarians - Old Mission Beach A.C.46-58
15/03/1997Old Puget Sound Beach - Golden Gate7-51
29/03/1997Belmont Shore - Old Puget Sound Beach80-14
29/03/1997Golden Gate - Gentlemen of Aspen14-39
29/03/1997San Francisco Old Blues - Denver Barbarians39-27
05/04/1997Old Mission Beach A.C. - Belmont Shore11-18
05/04/1997San Francisco Old Blues - Old Puget Sound Beach65-17
12/04/1997Belmont Shore - Golden Gate30-10
12/04/1997Gentlemen of Aspen - Old Puget Sound Beach75-0
12/04/1997Gentlemen of Aspen - Denver Barbarians31-22
12/04/1997San Francisco Old Blues - Old Mission Beach A.C.32-17
19/04/1997Denver Barbarians - Golden Gate25-22
19/04/1997Gentlemen of Aspen - San Francisco Old Blues56-3
19/04/1997Old Puget Sound Beach - Old Mission Beach A.C.19-42
26/04/1997Golden Gate - San Francisco Old Blues32-27
03/05/1997Denver Barbarians - Belmont Shore19-61
03/05/1997Old Mission Beach A.C. - Gentlemen of Aspen3-18