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United States - Rugby Super League Season: Competition overview
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Rugby Super League

Rugby Super League 2010

Final results

Regular season
Red Conference
1San Francisco Golden Gate24660033011321760Qualified to quarter finals
2Denver Barbarians2065011781057350
3Chicago Griffins166402104124-2021
4Old Puget Sound Beach1263031831632032
5Chicago Lions86204143206-6321
6Old Mission Beach A.C.4610591215-12411
7Dallas Harlequins06006107210-10321

Regular season
13/03/2010Chicago Griffins - Dallas Harlequins35-13
13/03/2010Old Puget Sound Beach - Old Mission Beach A.C.50-21
14/03/2010Denver Barbarians - San Francisco Golden Gate17-31
20/03/2010Chicago Lions - Chicago Griffins7-12
20/03/2010Dallas Harlequins - Old Puget Sound Beach19-22
20/03/2010Old Mission Beach A.C. - Denver Barbarians0-47
27/03/2010Denver Barbarians - Dallas Harlequins27-5
27/03/2010Old Puget Sound Beach - Chicago Lions34-12
27/03/2010San Francisco Golden Gate - Chicago Griffins58-12
10/04/2010Chicago Griffins - Old Puget Sound Beach22-20
10/04/2010Chicago Lions - Denver Barbarians22-34
10/04/2010San Francisco Golden Gate - Old Mission Beach A.C.57-5
17/04/2010Dallas Harlequins - San Francisco Golden Gate22-59
17/04/2010Denver Barbarians - Chicago Griffins26-23
17/04/2010Old Mission Beach A.C. - Chicago Lions36-40
24/04/2010Chicago Griffins - Old Mission Beach A.C.Home team
walk over
24/04/2010Dallas Harlequins - Chicago Lions27-38
24/04/2010San Francisco Golden Gate - Old Puget Sound Beach62-33
01/05/2010Chicago Lions - San Francisco Golden Gate24-63
01/05/2010Old Mission Beach A.C. - Dallas Harlequins29-21
01/05/2010Old Puget Sound Beach - Denver Barbarians24-27

Blue Conference
1New York Athletic Club22651021811210650Qualified to quarter finals
2Life Running Eagles2265102048811640
4New York Old Blue126303131135-430
5Potomac Athletic Club86204137210-7320
7Boston Irish Wolfhounds0600672156-8402

Regular season
13/03/2010New York Athletic Club - Boston Irish Wolfhounds32-0
13/03/2010New York Old Blue - Boston0-20
20/03/2010Boston - New York Athletic Club16-32
20/03/2010Charlotte - Boston Irish Wolfhounds34-21
20/03/2010Life Running Eagles - Potomac Athletic Club53-13
27/03/2010Boston Irish Wolfhounds - Boston20-25
27/03/2010Charlotte - Life Running Eagles13-46
27/03/2010Potomac Athletic Club - New York Old Blue12-30
03/04/2010Potomac Athletic Club - Charlotte53-33
10/04/2010Boston Irish Wolfhounds - New York Old Blue16-18
10/04/2010Life Running Eagles - Boston25-20
10/04/2010New York Athletic Club - Potomac Athletic Club36-20
17/04/2010Boston - Charlotte38-0
17/04/2010Boston Irish Wolfhounds - Life Running Eagles7-23
17/04/2010New York Old Blue - New York Athletic Club32-50
24/04/2010Charlotte - New York Athletic Club17-41
24/04/2010Life Running Eagles - New York Old Blue30-8
24/04/2010Potomac Athletic Club - Boston Irish Wolfhounds24-8
01/05/2010Boston - Potomac Athletic Club50-15
01/05/2010New York Athletic Club - Life Running Eagles27-27
01/05/2010New York Old Blue - Charlotte43-7