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United States - Rugby Super League Season: Competition overview
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Rugby Super League

Rugby Super League 2011

Final results

Regular season
Red Conference
1San Francisco Golden Gate3066003359424160Qualified to semifinals
2Old Puget Sound Beach2064021951583731
3Utah Warriors1763031991574241
4Denver Barbarians1462042591966351
5Dallas Harlequins0600679460-38100

Regular season
12/03/2011Dallas Harlequins - San Francisco Golden Gate12-71
12/03/2011Denver Barbarians - Utah Warriors21-38
19/03/2011Old Puget Sound Beach - Denver Barbarians31-29
19/03/2011Utah Warriors - Dallas Harlequins78-15
26/03/2011Dallas Harlequins - Old Puget Sound Beach13-69
26/03/2011San Francisco Golden Gate - Utah Warriors32-8
02/04/2011Dallas Harlequins - Denver Barbarians22-63
02/04/2011Old Puget Sound Beach - San Francisco Golden Gate14-34
09/04/2011San Francisco Golden Gate - Denver Barbarians52-24
09/04/2011Utah Warriors - Old Puget Sound Beach17-18
16/04/2011Denver Barbarians - Dallas Harlequins84-10
16/04/2011Utah Warriors - San Francisco Golden Gate26-49
23/04/2011Denver Barbarians - Old Puget Sound Beach33-41
30/04/2011Old Puget Sound Beach - Utah Warriors22-32
30/04/2011San Francisco Golden Gate - Dallas Harlequins95-7

Blue Conference
1Life Running Eagles286600192989440Qualified to semifinals
3New York Athletic Club1763031561282841
4Chicago Lions146303115147-3211
5Chicago Griffins126204130135-522
6New York Old Blue2600699206-10702

Regular season
19/03/2011Life Running Eagles - Boston30-18
19/03/2011New York Athletic Club - Chicago Griffins22-21
19/03/2011New York Old Blue - Chicago Lions22-24
26/03/2011Boston - New York Old Blue34-8
26/03/2011Chicago Griffins - Chicago Lions3-21
26/03/2011Life Running Eagles - New York Athletic Club20-10
02/04/2011Chicago Griffins - Life Running Eagles16-25
02/04/2011Chicago Lions - Boston22-24
02/04/2011New York Athletic Club - New York Old Blue41-25
09/04/2011Chicago Griffins - New York Old Blue22-16
09/04/2011Life Running Eagles - Chicago Lions47-17
09/04/2011New York Athletic Club - Boston24-35
16/04/2011Boston - Chicago Griffins32-27
16/04/2011Chicago Lions - New York Athletic Club12-10
16/04/2011New York Old Blue - Life Running Eagles13-34
30/04/2011Boston - Life Running Eagles27-36
30/04/2011Chicago Lions - Chicago Griffins19-41
30/04/2011New York Old Blue - New York Athletic Club15-51