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New Zealand - Women's NPC Season: Competition overview
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Farah Palmer Cup

Farah Palmer Cup 2019

Final results

Regular season
1Canterbury Women3066002736720660Qualified to semifinals
2Auckland Women2565012071545350
3Wellington Women206402200217-1740
4Counties Manukau Women1963031921652752
5Bay of Plenty Women136204135175-4041
6Waikato Women66105114211-9711
7Manawatu Women36006102234-13221Relegated

Regular season
31/08/2019Bay of Plenty Women - Counties Manukau Women24-37
31/08/2019Canterbury Women - Wellington Women57-19
31/08/2019Waikato Women - Auckland Women23-41
06/09/2019Counties Manukau Women - Manawatu Women43-14
07/09/2019Wellington Women - Bay of Plenty Women32-29
08/09/2019Auckland Women - Canterbury Women12-45
14/09/2019Bay of Plenty Women - Auckland Women19-28
14/09/2019Manawatu Women - Waikato Women12-15
15/09/2019Wellington Women - Counties Manukau Women38-36
21/09/2019Canterbury Women - Manawatu Women54-7
21/09/2019Waikato Women - Bay of Plenty Women21-26
22/09/2019Auckland Women - Wellington Women38-10
28/09/2019Counties Manukau Women - Canterbury Women17-32
28/09/2019Wellington Women - Waikato Women59-31
29/09/2019Manawatu Women - Auckland Women26-50
05/10/2019Auckland Women - Counties Manukau Women38-31
05/10/2019Bay of Plenty Women - Manawatu Women30-17
06/10/2019Waikato Women - Canterbury Women5-45
12/10/2019Counties Manukau Women - Waikato Women28-19
12/10/2019Manawatu Women - Wellington Women26-42
13/10/2019Canterbury Women - Bay of Plenty Women40-7

1Otago Women2555002795322650Qualified to semifinals
2Hawke's Bay Women2154012588017850
3Northland Women155302122166-4430Qualified to quarter finals
4North Harbour Women10520386187-10111
5Tasman Women7510495192-9721
6Taranaki Women0500560222-16200

Regular season
07/09/2019Hawke's Bay Women - Northland Women64-31
07/09/2019Tasman Women - North Harbour Women10-22
08/09/2019Otago Women - Taranaki Women57-5
14/09/2019North Harbour Women - Hawke's Bay Women10-39
14/09/2019Northland Women - Otago Women7-40
14/09/2019Taranaki Women - Tasman Women22-36
20/09/2019Hawke's Bay Women - Taranaki Women74-0
21/09/2019Otago Women - Tasman Women58-15
22/09/2019Northland Women - North Harbour Women27-21
27/09/2019Tasman Women - Hawke's Bay Women5-55
28/09/2019Taranaki Women - Northland Women12-22
29/09/2019Otago Women - North Harbour Women90-0
04/10/2019North Harbour Women - Taranaki Women33-21
05/10/2019Hawke's Bay Women - Otago Women26-34
05/10/2019Northland Women - Tasman Women35-29

Final phase
Canterbury Women
10/20/2019 - 31-22Canterbury Women
10/26/2019 - 30-20
Counties Manukau WomenCanterbury Women
Auckland Women
10/19/2019 - 43-24
Auckland Women
Wellington Women

Championship final phase
Quarter finalsSemifinalsFinal
Otago Women
10/19/2019 - 64-10
Otago Women
North Harbour Women10/27/2019 - 24-20
10/12/2019 - 19-25
Tasman Women
Tasman WomenOtago Women
Hawke's Bay Women
10/19/2019 - 46-31
Northland WomenHawke's Bay Women
10/13/2019 - 32-14
Northland Women
Taranaki Women