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Scotland - Women's National Championship Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premiership
Women's National League 1

Women's Premiership 2019

Teams variations
Relegated to Women's National League 1 2019:Annan Women - Stewartry Women
Retired from competitions.:Murrayfield Wanderers Women
Promoted from Women's National League 1 2018:Ayr Women

Final results

Regular season
1Watsonians Women50101000708101607100Qualified to semifinals
2Hillhead/Jordanhill Women401080249616832880
3Corstorphine Women27105143233071650
4Stirling County Women2310406293334-4161
5Cartha Queens Park Women1010118185467-28231Qualified for 5th place final
6Ayr Women610109102730-62820

Regular season
25/08/2019Ayr Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women0-103
25/08/2019Cartha Queens Park Women - Stirling County Women27-29
25/08/2019Corstorphine Women - Watsonians Women8-61
01/09/2019Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Corstorphine Women34-20
01/09/2019Stirling County Women - Ayr Women76-7
01/09/2019Watsonians Women - Cartha Queens Park Women53-14
08/09/2019Ayr Women - Corstorphine Women29-80
08/09/2019Cartha Queens Park Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women10-46
08/09/2019Stirling County Women - Watsonians Women24-52
15/09/2019Corstorphine Women - Cartha Queens Park Women55-19
15/09/2019Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Stirling County Women53-17
15/09/2019Watsonians Women - Ayr Women142-0
22/09/2019Ayr Women - Cartha Queens Park Women41-17
22/09/2019Stirling County Women - Corstorphine Women24-38
22/09/2019Watsonians Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women38-17
06/10/2019Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Ayr Women56-10
06/10/2019Stirling County Women - Cartha Queens Park Women36-24
13/10/2019Ayr Women - Stirling County Women0-53
13/10/2019Cartha Queens Park Women - Watsonians Women12-75
13/10/2019Corstorphine Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women19-34
19/10/2019Corstorphine Women - Ayr Women62-0
20/10/2019Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Cartha Queens Park Women100-0
20/10/2019Watsonians Women - Stirling County Women75-7
03/11/2019Ayr Women - Watsonians Women0-96
03/11/2019Cartha Queens Park Women - Corstorphine Women17-17
03/11/2019Stirling County Women - Hillhead/Jordanhill Women10-34
08/11/2019Cartha Queens Park Women - Ayr Women45-15
10/11/2019Corstorphine Women - Stirling County Women24-17
10/11/2019Hillhead/Jordanhill Women - Watsonians Women19-44
17/11/2019Watsonians Women - Corstorphine Women72-0

Ayr Women
12/15/2019 - 41-12Ayr Women
Heriot's FP Women