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United States - Women's Premier League Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League

Women's Premier League 2010

The final phase was played in Mesa (AZ).

Final results

Regular season
Eastern Conference
1New York R.C. Women30660027410017460Qualified to semifinals
2Minnesota Valkyries1663031871582940
3Keystone Women106204101173-7211Qualified for 5th place semifinals
4ORSU Women66105105236-13111

Regular season
12/09/2010Keystone Women - ORSU Women41-3
12/09/2010Minnesota Valkyries - New York R.C. Women12-32
19/09/2010New York R.C. Women - Keystone Women46-17
19/09/2010ORSU Women - Minnesota Valkyries41-0
02/10/2010Minnesota Valkyries - Keystone Women33-0
03/10/2010ORSU Women - New York R.C. Women18-22
09/10/2010ORSU Women - Keystone Women7-15
10/10/2010New York R.C. Women - Minnesota Valkyries48-26
24/10/2010Keystone Women - New York R.C. Women10-60
24/10/2010Minnesota Valkyries - ORSU Women92-19
31/10/2010Keystone Women - Minnesota Valkyries18-24
31/10/2010New York R.C. Women - ORSU Women66-17

Western Conference
1Berkeley All Blues2264021981326651Qualified to semifinals
2Beantown RFC2264021791126751
3Twin Cities Amazons2164021531282541Qualified for 5th place semifinals
4D.C. Furies2600672230-15811

Regular season
11/09/2010Berkeley All Blues - Twin Cities Amazons36-29
12/09/2010Beantown RFC - D.C. Furies31-8
19/09/2010Beantown RFC - Berkeley All Blues30-32
19/09/2010D.C. Furies - Twin Cities Amazons7-22
03/10/2010D.C. Furies - Berkeley All Blues15-22
03/10/2010Twin Cities Amazons - Beantown RFC32-21
10/10/2010Berkeley All Blues - Twin Cities Amazons10-19
10/10/2010D.C. Furies - Beantown RFC12-34
23/10/2010Berkeley All Blues - Beantown RFC23-29
24/10/2010Twin Cities Amazons - D.C. Furies46-20
30/10/2010Berkeley All Blues - D.C. Furies75-10
31/10/2010Beantown RFC - Twin Cities Amazons34-5

Final phase
New York R.C. Women
11/5/2010 - 24-13New York R.C. Women
11/7/2010 - 33-8
Berkeley All BluesNew York R.C. Women
Beantown RFC
11/5/2010 - 41-38
Beantown RFC
Minnesota Valkyries
3rd place final
Berkeley All Blues
11/7/2010 - 57-27Berkeley All Blues
Minnesota Valkyries
5th place semifinals5th place final
Minnesota Valkyries
11/5/2010 - 54-29Minnesota Valkyries
11/7/2010 - 36-8
ORSU WomenMinnesota Valkyries
D.C. Furies
11/5/2010 - 27-10
D.C. Furies
Keystone Women
7th place final
Keystone Women
11/7/2010 - 34-10Keystone Women
ORSU Women