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United States - Women's Premier League Season: Competition overview
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Women's Premier League

Women's Premier League 2012

The final phase was played in Fort Myers (FL).

Final results

Regular season
Red Conference
1Glendale Raptors Women2365011611194221Qualified to semifinals
2Berkeley All Blues196402136934321
3San Diego Surfers1262041331062722Qualified for 5th place semifinals
4New York R.C. Women6610589201-11211

Regular season
08/09/2012Berkeley All Blues - San Diego Surfers20-17
09/09/2012Glendale Raptors Women - New York R.C. Women29-22
15/09/2012San Diego Surfers - Glendale Raptors Women20-21
16/09/2012New York R.C. Women - Berkeley All Blues25-5
29/09/2012Glendale Raptors Women - Berkeley All Blues27-32
30/09/2012New York R.C. Women - San Diego Surfers19-45
06/10/2012Berkeley All Blues - New York R.C. Women48-0
06/10/2012Glendale Raptors Women - San Diego Surfers24-13
20/10/2012San Diego Surfers - Berkeley All Blues7-17
21/10/2012New York R.C. Women - Glendale Raptors Women18-43
27/10/2012Berkeley All Blues - Glendale Raptors Women14-17
28/10/2012San Diego Surfers - New York R.C. Women31-5

Blue Conference
1Twin Cities Amazons3066003925234060Qualified to semifinals
2Beantown RFC2164022079810950
3D.C. Furies76105118272-15421Qualified for 5th place semifinals
4Keystone Women5610560355-29510

Regular season
08/09/2012D.C. Furies - Keystone Women82-0
08/09/2012Twin Cities Amazons - Beantown RFC38-14
16/09/2012Beantown RFC - D.C. Furies57-0
16/09/2012Keystone Women - Twin Cities Amazons12-75
29/09/2012Keystone Women - Beantown RFC0-47
30/09/2012D.C. Furies - Twin Cities Amazons0-65
07/10/2012D.C. Furies - Beantown RFC7-34
07/10/2012Twin Cities Amazons - Keystone Women93-0
20/10/2012Keystone Women - D.C. Furies31-29
21/10/2012Beantown RFC - Twin Cities Amazons26-36
28/10/2012Beantown RFC - Keystone Women29-17
28/10/2012Twin Cities Amazons - D.C. Furies85-0

Final phase
Berkeley All Blues
11/9/2012 - 46-26Berkeley All Blues
11/11/2012 - 39-5
Twin Cities AmazonsBerkeley All Blues
Glendale Raptors Women
11/9/2012 - 21-15
Glendale Raptors Women
Beantown RFC
3rd place final
Beantown RFC
11/11/2012 - 34-19Beantown RFC
Twin Cities Amazons
5th place semifinals5th place final
San Diego Surfers
11/9/2012 - 47-0San Diego Surfers
11/11/2012 - 22-7
Keystone WomenSan Diego Surfers
New York R.C. Women
11/9/2012 - 22-17
New York R.C. Women
D.C. Furies
7th place final
D.C. Furies
11/11/2012 - 46-18D.C. Furies
Keystone Women